The Electroshock Spotlight: Robert Dunfield Co-Owner and Co-Founder Fear Factory (Salt Lake City, Utah)!

Fear Factory is one of the top Halloween attractions in the world, made up of six buildings, up to six stories high, with two underground passages, and is a massive, haunted attraction in Salt Lake City, Utah. The FIRST major haunted attraction to open successfully during the COVID-19 pandemic, Fear Factory has helped lead the industry during unprecedented times. In this special edition of the “Electroshock Spotlight,” we had the honor of interviewing Fear Factory’s Co-Founder and Co-Owner, Mr. Robert Dunfield!

Introducing “Into the Black”! A Solo Experience in Hellacious Psychological Fear!

Can you handle a haunted attraction where you ALONE must confront the demonic? Are you prepared to face your innermost psychological fears? Into the Black (Los Angeles, California) is a grim, diabolical, and genuinely sinister haunted attraction (a demonic infested Victorian themed haunted attraction) that is focused on one primary goal “creating terror.”

A Special Season Preview of “FEAR FACTORY” Salt Lake City, Utah’s MOST TERRIFYING Haunted Attraction!

The Fear Factory (Salt Lake City, Utah), was the first “haunted attraction” to open this past spring for a “special event” during the pandemic and has been one of the leaders in sharing its COVID-19 safety plan across the industry. Taking the lead during challenging times is not easy, and The Fear Factory, has displayed innovative courage, and commitment to the larger industry by developing and sharing a plan that maximizes the safety of guests and staff.