Hellstead Manor- 2020 Season Review!

Hellstead Manor (and “The Wretched Woods”) has improved its entire show from previous seasons, focusing on realism, creating a dark, gritty experience that relies heavily on psychological fear to build constant tension and genuine apprehension the unknown. For the most part, realism and actors did a great job of using their environments to scare augmented the already impressively designed scenes and outdoor sets featured by this attraction. A lengthy journey, Hellstead Manor has abandoned its more "theatrical" storyline and, in its place, is realistic yet surreal and focused on scaring and disturbing each visitor brave enough to visit!

13th Hour Haunted House- 2020 Season Review!

13th Hour masterfully combines "traditional" scares with interactive animatronics and a sense of realism that creates a story of being trapped in a house of horrors, at the mercy of the demented “Hayden Family!”

Brighton Asylum- 2020 Season Review!

The acclaimed Brighton Asylum (Passaic, NJ) is set upon the backdrop of New York City as an immersive tribute to "horror," a major destination attraction that is one of the most impressively designed in the country. Celebrating its tenth year while many haunts make minor upgrades or tweaks to their attractions, Brighton Asylum goes all out in its effort to create new, upgraded show every season.

Headless Horseman Haunted Attractions- 2020 Season Review!

The ominous, dark forest of Ulster Park, NY, is the perfect backdrop and home to Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Attractions, an iconic, longstanding event that we cannot express enough is of the most exceptional quality. Embracing diversity in attraction design while maintaining an almost mystical spirit, this is one attraction that has earned its right to be heralded as one of the very best in the country.

Hotel of Horror and the Infamous History of the “Lake House Hotel”- 2020 Season Review!

Hotel of Horror is a genuine, realistic nightmare that has evolved and exists solely with the intent to disturb and scare. Make no mistake, even during a year plagued by a pandemic, this attraction is relentless be design, tenacious by its history, and resolute in the "spirit" of fear which transcends the floorboards of the abandoned "Lake House Hotel."