Shocktoberfest 2020 Review and Exclusive Content

Shocktoberfest, Sinking Spring, PA, continues to be one of the most intense, unique, and genuinely terrifying haunted attractions that have become an annual visit. A "scream park" style destination attraction, Shocktoberfest features numerous "attractions" that embrace the diversity of the Halloween season and give guests their money's worth in terms of pure horror-inspired entertainment. Shocktoberfest's attractions are unique, and each offers a memorable experience that combines to create a diverse package that is nonstop action and horror infused entertainment.

Elysburg Haunted House- 2020 Season Review! Celebrating 44 Years of Terror!

Closing out its 44th Season of Fear, the legendary Elysburg Haunted House (Elysburg, PA) is a must-visit "old school haunted house" experience for those who love the spirit of Halloween. Despite serving as a "charity haunt" and not having the most massive construction/marketing/performance budget, the Elysburg Haunted House is a regional tradition and one of the most legitimately terrifying attractions anyone can visit