Remembering the “Freak and Funhouse” A Most Unusual Haunted Attraction!

Serial killers, Nintendo Wii, chickens, Krampus, gas chambers and friendly neighborhood house gave rise to the strange and macabre “haunt” known as The Freak and Funhouse! We are honored to provide recently unearthed NEW images of this now defunct, legendary attraction that defied all conventional notions of the “haunt industry

Introducing “Into the Black”! A Solo Experience in Hellacious Psychological Fear!

Can you handle a haunted attraction where you ALONE must confront the demonic? Are you prepared to face your innermost psychological fears? Into the Black (Los Angeles, California) is a grim, diabolical, and genuinely sinister haunted attraction (a demonic infested Victorian themed haunted attraction) that is focused on one primary goal “creating terror.”