Field of Screams Extreme Blackout 2020 Review

One night a year, Field of Screams (FOS), Mountville, PA, becomes a genuinely unhinged "scream-park" of insanity that goes from "scary" to absolutely "terrifying," embracing its moniker of "Extreme Blackout." First launched in 2015, the "Extreme Blackout" event has had its strong seasons and weak seasons, and in 2020 it returned to its horrific glory as a mainstream representation of an "extreme" haunted attraction focused on fear.

Shocktoberfest 2020 Review and Exclusive Content

Shocktoberfest, Sinking Spring, PA, continues to be one of the most intense, unique, and genuinely terrifying haunted attractions that have become an annual visit. A "scream park" style destination attraction, Shocktoberfest features numerous "attractions" that embrace the diversity of the Halloween season and give guests their money's worth in terms of pure horror-inspired entertainment. Shocktoberfest's attractions are unique, and each offers a memorable experience that combines to create a diverse package that is nonstop action and horror infused entertainment.

Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions: FREAKY-Review and Special Feature!

Numerous modern horror movies all fall within the same creative confines and rarely seem to venture out of a strict set of cliché's or norms. Movies with "body swaps," "time loops," unexpected "twists," and "surprise" endings are impressed upon the viewer as radical and often forgotten within mere moments of watching a film. Endless movies and television shows try to shock the viewer by being "different" and, often, come off as flat or, worse pathetic attempts at capturing one's interest. Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions, newest release "Freaky," defies initial trepidation. It is one of the most refreshing, innovative horror movies in recent memory