All Elite Wrestling REVOLUTION Results

March 7, 2021, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) presented the second annual REVOLUTION event, live on pay-per-view! Thunder Rosa & Riho vs. Dr. Britt Baker & ? Rebel was replaced after receiving a doctor’s note…from Dr. Britt Baker. Taking her plac... Read More...

A Visit to The Haunted Hallows!

The Haunted Hallows was a theatrical “character-driven” haunt that blended horror with dark comedy. Bringing to life a “village” of the damned, the bizarre, sometimes off-color and always entertaining characters of this attraction added a sense of unorthodox fear to an industry often plagued by “the same.” While the hallows has for now closed, we would like to share some history of this unique attraction.

Remembering the “Freak and Funhouse” A Most Unusual Haunted Attraction!

Serial killers, Nintendo Wii, chickens, Krampus, gas chambers and friendly neighborhood house gave rise to the strange and macabre “haunt” known as The Freak and Funhouse! We are honored to provide recently unearthed NEW images of this now defunct, legendary attraction that defied all conventional notions of the “haunt industry