Scream Mountain 2023 Review

Scream Mountain (Schwenksville, PA) is part of the larger “Spring Mountain Adventures” ski resort and entertainment venue. For a “ski resort” haunted attraction, we were absolutely surprised by the shocking “fear-focus” of the haunted attractions themselves. We anticipated a quality show but NEVER expected the level of “seriousness” brutality, mature themes/style and scare-focused style of haunting displayed by the actors and scenes at Scream Mountain, with a shocking level of hands-on, in-your-face terror.

Beginning the journey is the Haunted Chairlift/Woods Walk-Through. Despite not always competing in scale with some industry juggernauts, it compensates with raw, visceral authenticity. As visitors are led through the woods and down the mountain, the environment feels like a page ripped from a “Rob Zombie” horror script. Lit ominously, the scenes manifest horror—victims being gruesomely submerged in acid, electrifying sparks flying, and actors who are unapologetically touchy, upping the ante of fear. The mature intensity of this attraction is jarring, especially given the noticeable presence of teens.

The hayride opens with a VIOLENT/aggressive visit to a barber shop, witnessing the demonic barber assault a helpless victim, followed by endless scenes and actors that jump from scenes onto a vast moving wagon. Scenes, such as an “old-west” style robbery, where a sheriff “guns down” the escaped convict, a tethered FLYING chainsaw maniac, clowns that taunt, touch, and a barrage of other intense scare-actors seem to take great pride in creating a SERIOUS, scare-focused show. Sets themselves, while sometimes more minor in nature, are well-detailed and interactive in some cases with gusts of air, and again, this lengthy hayride experience is custom-designed but intense. We witnessed a helpless victim “trapped” inside a coffin, then violently thrown in an attempt of escape, other actors that tormented guests with very mature style scare-performances, hands-on performances, holding/throwing body parts, etc. in pure insanity and a crazy psychedelic “mental” institution featuring characters that have NO problem getting up close and personal with guests.

We still cannot get over the crazy “tethered” flying chainsaw psycho! This Hayride attraction does not feature the latest trade-world bought props or scenes, but it brings to life an actor-driven solid show, with just the right quality scene/set design and characters created that are downright brutal in their performances and style. Scream Mountain’s Hayride is a gem. Scream Mountain is undoubtedly aggressive; it’s custom-designed and gritty and is NOT what I expected. Their dedication to “scaring” guests and being over-the-top in many cases with gore, violence, and aggression is to be commended. While they excel in many areas, there’s room for improvements, like more explicit guidelines for their haunt’s “touch” nature and a streamlined queuing system that makes sense, especially with distinct areas/lines for VIP entries. Nevertheless, Scream Mountain is shockingly brutal, intense and scary experience that left us wanting more!


Location: 757 Spring Mountain Road in Spring Mount, PA.