Lehigh Valley Screampark 2023 Review


Lehigh Valley Screampark, located in Orefield, PA, is a relatively new “scare-park” attraction that has rapidly evolved into a burgeoning destination for Halloween enthusiasts seeking professional-quality horror experiences. With four distinct attractions and an expansive midway area offering various commerce options, it’s truly remarkable to witness this attraction’s rapid growth and improvement in its relatively short history.

Furthermore, over the past two years, not only have they built upon a solid foundation design wise, BUT have some of the most engaging, fantastic “character-driven” actors of any scare-park and attraction. Ranging from downright scary to devilishly funny, each play their roles, modify their lines based on reactions etc. yet do a fantastic job at demonstrating a sense of realism. The performances this season are EXTREMELY strong and high point.

Lehigh Valley Screampark provides an ideal setting for a thrilling Halloween night, catering to a diverse range of scare-seekers and setting the stage for what could potentially become a world-class “scream park” experience. Featuring three core, distinct, and well-designed haunted attractions, along with an extensive midway offering food options and a DJ (though we hope for more horror-themed music rather than techno), pizza, and even craft beer, this attraction fully embraces the essence of a high-quality “scream-park” experience. The impressive artistic and creative direction is already evident. With further refinement in operations planning and timing, this attraction is well on its way to significantly impacting the industry. It continuously grows and enhances its quality yearly with excellent operations, performers, and an immersive environment. With fantastic branding, a first-class entertainment venue, PROFESSIONAL operations, and haunts that are phenomenal in quality, Lehigh Valley Screampark CONTINUES to impress and grow exponentially!

The Attractions

Hollow of Horror Hayride

The “Hollow of Horror Hayride” is the starting point, a classic haunted hayride attraction exploring various Halloween and horror-inspired themes. Thematically, this attraction taps into most guests’ core fears and phobias, featuring scenes such as a cemetery, a biohazard containment area, a hillbilly refuge, a swamp, and an abandoned town complete with its ghoulish sheriff. The actors in this attraction are particularly impressive, and each scene benefits from remarkable sound and special effects, elevating the show’s overall quality. While some scenes lean more towards humor and occasionally extend without enough action, the quality and professionalism of the designs shine through for a relatively new haunted “scare-park” attraction.

Performances have become more refined, and instances of awkward pauses or trepidation that occurred in the past have become rare. Creative jump scares and the inclusion of chainsaws add fresh surprises to traditional haunted attraction elements. “Hollow of Horror Hayride” is an excellent introduction to the extensive journey through Lehigh Valley Screampark. We hope for more horror-themed scenes, a slightly longer experience, and reduced wait times during awkward moments. Focusing more on the fear aspect, in which they excel in their other attractions, would be a welcome addition.

Psycho Path

“Psycho Path” has seen significant improvements this season, with blinding lights, incredible sound, scenic design, and acting. It’s a phenomenal outdoor/indoor hybrid corn maze and walk-through that guides guests through various horror scenes. From entering a lifelike crypt or tomb to escaping a dark clown maze, this trail is an ominous and compelling stylistic attraction that isolates each guest among the cornstalks. The interactive scenes, actor performances, and overall design of the attraction receive well-deserved praise. “Psycho Path” adds depth and scares to the “scream park” in a professionally executed manner. Numerous additions from last year, new mazes, pathways, interactive sets and again quality acting makes this “new” attraction shine. We cannot stress how interactive, how lengthy and downright intense this attraction has quickly evolved to become!


Operation Biopurge is a post-apocalyptic war/science fiction/mutant-themed walk-through attraction that blends elements of a bio-infestation war with moments reminiscent of a B-movie coming to life. With an increased number of scare performers compared to the previous year, some of whom engage in dark humor and twisted banter while displaying their grotesque “infections,” this attraction features unique set designs and props/animatronics. Biopurge i n many ways has “grown up” with less downtime, less banter and more action.

It includes a “mad doctor” and his “scientific experiment” inspired by Frankenstein, thematic rooms that fit the militant theme, and a decontamination experience that aligns perfectly with the theme. The outdoor maze challenge, enhanced sound and lighting effects, and top-notch performers have significantly improved Biopurge, giving it a more serious and intense feel than in previous years. Getting lost in the maze itself at times is a horrifying experience and the environment, the execution of the theme are all phenomenal.


Lehigh Valley Screampark boasts one of the finest “haunted house” style attractions we’ve ever experienced. From the opening scene in the “welcoming” living room to the increasingly twisted and violent sequences as guests progress, this two-story haunted house captures the essence of a gritty 1970s-era grindhouse-style horror.

With intricate details in every corner, including victims of torture bound to the walls, an outhouse, bathrooms, a kitchen, and bedrooms, Condemned provides a sense of paranoia and authenticity that’s rarely achieved. It’s a profound, terrifying, progressively sinister experience akin to a genuine representation of a gritty 1970s-era grindhouse-style haunted house. Condemned is a “no-nonsense” house of horrors that leaves visitors genuinely unnerved and disturbed. It stands as one of the finest indoor attractions of the season. It “feels” real, its acted as a horrific house of pure terror, it challenges guests to face a variety

Final Word

Lehigh Valley Screampark offers a wide range of horror entertainment, with five high-quality haunted attractions have undergone significant upgrades and improvements for the 2023 season. The entire “scare-park” experience is well-organized, with each attraction showing continued growth and development.

The sound quality, set design, acting and enhanced scare factor at Lehigh Screampark is among the best of any attraction, making it a must-see destination on the East Coast. Dark humor, theatrics, and sheer terror can all be experienced when visiting this evolving attraction. It’s impressive to witness such commitment to excellence in a developing, new haunted scare park, and the noticeable improvements in just a few seasons bode well for its future success in the industry.

Website: https://lehighvalleyscreampark.com/

Location: 2951 Betz Court, Orefield, PA, United States, Pennsylvania