Brighton Asylum 2023 Review

Brighton Asylum: A Masterpiece of Horror Entertainment

Just outside New York City, Passaic, New Jersey’s, Brighton Asylum has transformed an industrial complex into a nightmarish realm that defies imagination. A genuine “industrial Screampark” with so many entertainment options, larger-than-life photo opportunities, merchandise, additional games, escape rooms, and so much more. Creating such a festival/spectacle site in a location as gritty and industrial as this is a feat in itself and one that has been heavily invested in. With numerous off-season events, Brighton Asylum continues to push an innovative envelope and is always a must-see show.

This immersive tribute to the world of horror has evolved to continuously feature first-in-class set and scene design, use of sound, sight, misdirection, and themes that go beyond the norms of traditional haunted attractions. Brighton Asylum is world-class in design, with no expenses spared. With an obsessive attention to detail and a commitment to innovation, Brighton Asylum offers an unrivaled experience that leaves visitors breathless and terrified. One may be hard-pressed to find a more intensely detailed haunted attraction. Every room, corridor, scene, and set design has the finest detail, creative horrific art, and nightmarish use of technology/props and sound to create scenes that emulate nightmares. The quality and the passion for first-class design, horrific representations of violence, asylum insanity, interactive rooms, and just an immersive atmosphere is one that most haunts can never achieve. Yet, Brighton Asylum continues to push for perfection. The actors are fantastic; some are funny, others scary/demented, each with first-in-class make-up and costuming fueled by a passion for their performances.

An Interactive Spectacle: At Brighton Asylum, the horror is not passive; it’s an interactive experience that draws visitors into its macabre world. From navigating tiny spaces to moving lifeless bodies and escaping from shifting “padded” rooms, guests are immersed in a chilling narrative brought to life by interactive props, world-class sound, lighting, and special effects. Talented and glammed up with “big budget” flair, performers play a pivotal role in making the experience spine-tingling. They embrace dark humor and occasionally disturb, adding depth to an attraction that thrives on atmosphere and thematic excellence.

Unique set design is a hallmark of Brighton Asylum. The attraction for example melds a “satanic cult” into the bowels of a subway system WITH a moving subway car, black mass and more. This unique, street-gang-level take on the Satantic evil and cult worship is oddly unlike anything else we have EVER experienced in a haunted attraction.

Continuous Innovation: While many haunted attractions make incremental changes, Brighton Asylum goes all out each season, constantly pushing the boundaries of fear. Recent improvements include an enhanced “subway” scene and adding a new “biocontainment area” to the asylum. Few other haunted attractions invest the same resources, passion, and creativity to create a “movie-quality” experience that transcends typical expectations. Operational challenges have only fueled their innovation, resulting in ever-evolving, high-quality experiences within their three core attractions.

A Complete Entertainment Venue: Brighton Asylum has expanded beyond its core attractions, offering various entertainment options within its industrial setting. A retail store, numerous photo opportunities, a horror walk-through museum featuring screen-used props and costumes from famous sci-fi and horror films, indoor and outdoor axe throwing, five-minute escape rooms, and a redesigned waiting line with a more significant “outdoor” presence all contribute to the immersive atmosphere.

Breathtaking Production Values: The design team at Brighton Asylum has elevated scene creation to new heights. Each corridor and room become a nightmarish tableau within the vast industrial complex. Special effects, intricate room designs, professional lighting, and immersive sound effects transport visitors to a world of unparalleled horror. Obsessive attention to detail is evident in every corner, from the disturbing “crayon” drawings on walls to lifelike gory props that shock the senses. One can just pause and look at the scenes in front of them in jaw-dropping awe, as every single set is so immersed in horror, with no detail, lighting, or sound out of place. The photogenic nature of this attraction is almost a “museum” of terror in the sense that what you see in the marketing materials/promos is EXACTLY the horror you will encounter in the asylum.

Diverse and Interactive Attractions: Brighton Asylum offers three core attractions: “SubCULTure,” “Brighton Asylum,” and “The Bleeding Grounds.” Each is a unique, interactive experience, from a demonic post-apocalyptic subway cult to a hallway bursting with containment units and a gore-filled Victorian-era nightmare. The diversity in performance and themes keeps visitors engaged and on edge. Actors do a fantastic job at engaging each guest, and the rooms themselves will potentially move (such as a padded room). Lifelike dolls grab out in such an interactive, surprise-filled, terrific journey that continues to exceed expectations.

A Celebration of Horror and Innovation: Brighton Asylum is a celebration of horror and a showcase of innovation. It consistently outdoes itself, with each season bringing significant changes and improvements. This season’s most notable upgrade is in the “SubCULTure” attraction, where enhanced sound effects and interactive rooms enhance immersion. Each attraction offers a distinct experience, from theatrical performances in “The Bleeding Grounds” to aggressive characters in “SubCULTure.”

A Unique and Unforgettable Experience: Unlike many haunted attractions that disappoint after building hype, Brighton Asylum lives up to its reputation as one of the finest-designed haunted attractions ever. It captivates visitors with meticulously crafted scenes and surreal nightmares. Every visit is a journey into the unknown, where the boundaries of fear are pushed to the limit. Brighton Asylum is a tribute to horror and the push for perfection in the haunted attraction industry; it is so detailed, filled with gore and intricate features around every corner, that it deserves nothing but the highest regard and respect for creative artwork and thematic/environmental design. Quality, engaging scare acting, costume/make-up designs, and more are created to the highest level of excellence and a passion for constant haunting excellence.

Don’t miss your chance to experience this unparalleled spectacle of horror. Get your tickets now at Brighton Asylum’s official website and prepare for a night you’ll never forget.

Location: 2 Brighton Ave #20, Passaic, NJ 07055