Waldorf Estate of Fear 2023 Review

Waldorf Estate of Fear features three core haunted attractions this season: “Terror in the Corn,” “Infection,” and “Haunting at the Waldorf Hotel,” along with escape rooms and a small midway area. As a more regional haunted attraction, the Waldorf Estate of Fear relies heavily on classical scare tactics and emphasizes quality acting over large-budget animatronics and special effects. It takes a more authentic approach to scaring, allowing each of its two attractions to engage visitors and showcase the talents of its actors and actresses.

Regional haunted attractions prioritizing creativity and a passion for the Halloween season are a rarity, and the Waldorf Estate of Fear establishes itself as an authentic experience catering to various interests and backgrounds. Our annual visit to this attraction was thoroughly enjoyable, driven by a love for the performance art associated with the Halloween season and iconic Horror cinema. While “Infection” may benefit from some enhancements, and the costume designs of certain horror characters could receive upgrades (costume design), this remains an enjoyable and authentic haunted attraction that offers something for everyone with a focus on quality.

Terror in the Corn

“Terror in the Corn” pays tribute to horror movies, with the upfront scare actor explaining that it brings “horror movies to life.” We’ve always appreciated attractions that incorporate cornfields, as they evoke a traditional sense that embraces the Halloween season. What was once the “hayride” attraction has transformed into a unique walk-through event that breathes life into iconic movie scenes and characters. Each scene immerses visitors, beginning with movie-quality effects-infused, impressive recreation of Freddy Kruger’s basement dungeon. From a visit to “Camp Crystal Lake” to one of the creepiest “Children of the Corn-inspired scenes ever (where actors seem to “glide” past guests, creating an unreal scare), the acting, themes, and size of each set stand out amidst the dense corn. We thoroughly enjoyed all the scenes paying homage to iconic movies, especially the “Pet Cemetery,” a movie-quality recreation of Beetlejuice’s model train home, and the faithful recreation of the “dinner scene” from 1974’s “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

The tribute to “Stephen King’s It” was incredibly authentic to its source material, featuring fantastic character-driven acting. Quality acting by all performers was a strong point, and some scenes were insane. For instance, following “Georgie” into a sewer led us to the den of “It,” where “Freddy Krueger” slashed a helpless “Nancy,” “Jason” stalked campers at “Crystal Lake,” and a hulking “Leatherface” danced with his chainsaw in his treacherous den. We left thoroughly impressed; “Terror in the Corn” is a solid outdoor walk-through attraction that relies heavily on the performances of each scare actor. It offers an enjoyable tribute to the icons of horror cinema, and we appreciated the atmosphere of being lost in the corn, even with the “Children of the Corn!” With slightly enhanced costume design for each “killer” and continued focus on perfecting each scene’s environment, this attraction could become a favorite of horror fans.


“Infection” is a unique scavenger hunt-style walk-through with zombies and various rooms and themes that oddly reflect more of a “hillbilly” theme. While it’s fun and not exactly scary, fans of zombies will likely enjoy it. It’s a challenging theme to pull off. The junkyard setting boasts some creative set designs, featuring numerous crushed cars, abandoned shacks, RVs, etc., and the few zombies lurking about do an excellent job of embodying the theme. However, it feels somewhat dull and flat for what it aims to achieve and is not quite in the same league as the other attractions featured. Nonetheless, it’s an enjoyable additional attraction.

Haunting at the Waldorf Hotel

The “Waldorf Hotel” is an authentic, classical haunted house, one of the most interactive, story-driven attractions that utilizes fantastic actors, diverse scenes, and a constant build-up to a surprising finale. The attraction occurs in an old hotel, with numerous floors housing unique scenes typically expected in haunted attractions. What sets this attraction apart is the performance quality of the scare actors and actresses, who build tension and deliver genuine scares in an attraction that shouldn’t be underestimated. A creepy “bellhop” violently attacks a helpless bartender, a “maid” ensures the hotel’s grounds are “clean,” and a psychotic, massive “cook” with multiple personalities grapples with inner demons, deciding whether to serve his “master” or allow guests to “escape.” This attraction features some of the most entertaining “acting” of any haunted attraction. This hotel has genuine, creepy character acting and scenes/imagery.

A near-pitch-black room/basement filled with a creepy clown made our skin crawl. We witnessed a violent fight between two murderous killers in the attic, and we had to escape through a “burning” portion of the hotel. The quality of acting and the “realness” of the building itself bring to life a phenomenal, unique attraction. Performers such as the librarian, the bellhop, and the cook are so talented that they create scenes within the context of this enjoyable experience. The characters you encounter are strange, unusual, and masterful at creating a cohesive, engaging story within the haunt. “Waldorf Hotel” is designed to build tension and terror from scene to scene, increasing the stakes from start to a spectacular finish.

The entire experience is well-refined, carefully planned, and action-packed. Each room reveals new secrets and actor performances shine as dark humor is intertwined with a disturbing level of creepiness. INTENSE inhabitants stalk and threaten, making it a classical, vintage haunted attraction that is interactive and designed to scare visitors. The “Waldorf Hotel” doesn’t rely on cutting-edge special effects or massive animatronics; instead, it relies on a creepy, disturbing atmosphere, a “realness” that is custom-designed, and rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways that build tension, create misdirection, and allow the “actors” to breathe life into the entire attraction.

Final Word

Waldorf Estate of Fear is not your typical haunted attraction; it’s unique in its design and its love for iconic horror brands. It’s a genuine experience driven by quality (sometimes insane) scare-acting and custom-built to embrace and celebrate the season. The quality of performances in this relatively regional attraction cannot be stressed enough. From the diseased “bellhop” to movie-quality renditions of iconic horror villains such as Leatherface, Jason, and Freddy, there is a distinct passion for performance and a commitment to creating fear. This is sometimes forgotten by larger-scale, big-budget attractions. While “Infection” may not have been our interest, its haunting style adds creativity and depth to the experience. We highly recommend visiting this unique attraction, as very few offer such a sense of reality juxtaposed with nonstop action and horror entertainment!

Location: 6325 Interchange Rd, Lehighton, PA 18235

Website: https://www.waldorfestateoffear.com/