Slaughterland Screampark 2023 Review

Slaughterland Screampark, situated just outside downtown Binghamton, NY, is rapidly becoming one of the most enhanced scare-park attractions. With further refinement and a dedicated focus on perfecting its shows, it has the potential to emerge as a top-tier haunted destination. The park boasts five distinct attractions, each showcasing an increasing level of detail, intense acting, and a rich diversity that pleasantly surprised us during our visit. Given the park’s vast expanse, the trails and core attractions are notably superior in infrastructure and design compared to other scare parks of similar magnitude.


Dark Magic

Kicking off the journey is Dark Magic, and the least said about this endless walk in the dark with a few random scenes that don’t seem to make any sense the better. It is, by and large, a series of endless maze-style planks with darkness. Very little happens, and it never seems to end, which is annoying. If the rest of the scare-park had not been done as well, and this was an indication of what would be “next,” we would have absolutely despised our visit. While some voodoo scenes are fascinating, this still is, by and large, an attraction that needs a revamp or removal. The days of endless dark mazes with little action or theme

Cirque De Mort

With a dark carnival theme, the path to this twisted fun-house-style attraction features a shockingly detailed and disturbing take on the “doll” scene with the creepy forest filled with demented dolls and twisted performers. The “circus” itself is also rather intense, with some quality barkers, scare acting, and unique scenes that we did not expect, such as the “wax museum” and “funhouse” where the clowns try to “rob” and assault rather than act “funny.” This is an INTENSE experience, meant to disorientate and vastly different than what is expected in a carnival-themed attraction. Creepy, detailed, and action-packed, Cirque De Mort is a dark take on the tried-and-true amusement-themed attractions. The level of “evil” interjected into a funhouse that is vial, dirty, and, at times, violent creates a level of fear that breathes new life into a traditional haunted attraction concept.

Wendigo Forest

This unique outdoor trail introduces visitors to mythical creatures, hints of demonic witchcraft, and atmospheric ambiance. It departs from the typical haunted scare park themes, offering a journey filled with mythical beings and otherworldly rituals.

Frightmares 3D

This attraction impresses right from its entrance, with a facade that pops in 3D. Inside, a loud metal soundtrack and funhouse style effectively unsettle visitors. Scare actors blend seamlessly into the 3D maze, using a combination of illusions and sounds to disorient. While it may not be the most detailed 3D attraction or newest, its creative execution adds a spectacle to the scare-park.

The Bloodshed

New for 2023, this is clearly the hallmark of the show, a unique detailed grindhouse of terror, with creepy characters, twisted farmers, pictures of helpless victims, and scenes of massacre and butchery that really shine.

A “big” budget attraction that caps off the entire visit, Bloodshed is intense. If it was a bit darker lighting-wise, it really would up the “scare factor” of the experience, and the entire attraction just feels like an authentic, Texas-chainsaw-style horror trip.

The actors’ performances are weird and creepy, with little focus on joking around and a significant focus on scares. A grand finale to the attraction that correctly hits all the beats of what it takes to scare, from chainsaws to disturbing imagery, Bloodshed is a memorable finale to Slaughterland and embraces its namesake. Not enough praise can be heaped upon the final “two” attractions at Slaughterland, with the circus theme and “Bloodshed” being brutal, detailed with actors with extremely professional make-up/costume design, and violent scenes. The Bloodshed is so disturbing that it does what many haunted attractions struggle to do: create a memorable “finale.”

Final Word

Slaughterland Screampark is on an upward trajectory. With its solid foundation, effective marketing, and commitment to enhancing its attractions, it’s poised to become a premier haunted destination. The park’s expansive size offers both challenges and opportunities for growth.

Operational improvements, like better pacing and group management, can further elevate the visitor experience. During our visit, we found that separating from larger groups led to a more immersive experience, with more interactive and aggressive actors. Overall, Slaughterland has made significant strides quickly, offering a diverse, extensive, and occasionally terrifying “Screampark” experience.

Website: Slaughterland Screampark

Location: 666 Barrier Rd, Binghamton, NY 13905