Devils Last Laugh 2023 Review

The Devil’s Last Laugh is a second-year haunted attraction that once again defies expectations and presents a first-class, quality experience. It brings to life a high-quality, professional show that focuses on creating genuine scares boasts production values that surpass even more established shows, and employs a simple yet incredibly effective storyline to build suspense. Designed as a modern take on a classic haunted house with an asylum theme, it embraces mature scares and themes, including violence, serial killers, and disturbing scenes that are at times shockingly gruesome, amplified by fantastic energy/set design and creativity.

Upon entering the newly redesigned “asylum,” we had an enjoyable yet peculiar interaction with a “security” guard/inmate character who signed us into our visit to the “Walcksville Asylum.” Following a rather amusing but slightly underwhelming introductory video introducing the story of “Mr. Pickles” and providing visitors with a basic story outline, we were granted access to the custom-designed asylum to commence our journey. We found ourselves in a 1950s-era waiting room, surrounded by eerie “plague doctors” and the asylum’s twisted secretary, creating a creatively disturbing atmosphere.

For a second-year haunted attraction, priced at just $15.00, the Devil’s Last Laugh impresses with its exceptional set and scene design, clear professionalism, and top-notch acting. It strikes the perfect balance between classic funhouse-style haunting and a modern approach. The attention to detail is commendable, with interactive scenes that are genuinely unsettling and entirely new sets that outshine other attractions in the industry. It offers nonstop fun and action, featuring scenes of serial killers, mutilation, and dark humor within the vintage asylum theme.

At times, the attraction is blatantly campy, incorporating 1950s-era art design into the asylum’s atmosphere. Every element seems carefully crafted to create real moments of shock, surprise, and genuine excitement. From start to finish, Devil’s Last Laugh almost taunts its guests, lulling them into a false sense of security before rapidly escalating the fear factor, leaving visitors craving more.

The quality of this attraction and its style make it feel like an old-school attraction built with today’s latest technology and scare tactics. Even the seemingly unimpressive main character, “Mr. Pickles,” proves to be a violent and fitting addition to this unique universe created by this first-class haunted attraction. The actors’ makeup and costume design are professionally done, and the use of sound effects, video/CGI, and animatronic props creates rooms and corridors filled with horrifying entertainment and a clear passion for the genre. The level of craftsmanship and professional set and scene design poured into the improvements made in just one season is incredible, all for just fifteen dollars—a true steal.

Devil’s Last Laugh has also greatly improved its outside environment for its second season, offering a small but distinctive circus midway and various food and merchandise options.

In its second season, the Devil’s Last Laugh has made astonishing progress, growing immensely in just one year, from the quality of scenes to sound and basic haunt design. The creation of small spaces that facilitate interactions, build a sense of realism, and keep the audience engaged in the show is particularly notable. Some of the more disturbing rooms and scenes include a macabre “hall of fame” for serial killers, an inmate glaring at a TV with the words “Netflix and Kill,” numerous scenes of violent murder and bloodshed by “Mr. Pickles,” rooms where we had to crawl through mice-infested corridors, and a creepy inmate who made his toy bear “fly.” The asylum is a brief whirlwind adventure that requires crawling, ducking, and interacting with the actors and scenes to escape its intense grasp.

The performers are fully committed to their roles, consistently generating scares and staying in character throughout the experience. We also appreciate their decision to embrace dark humor, mature themes, and the art of inducing fear rather than catering to a family-friendly audience. Serial killers, twisted births, violated patients, evil doctors, and the devil himself reside in this funhouse-style attraction that is well on its way to becoming a premier haunted attraction for those seeking a genuinely frightening experience. While it can be crazy and manic at times, it’s an interactive and grim show that has exceeded developmental expectations and is a must-visit this season.

Mr. Pickles himself serves as an apt mascot for this all-too-brief but an exciting experience that we eagerly anticipate seeing grow and thrive. We only wish the attraction were longer, but we do acknowledge that small group sizes may lead to longer wait times. Nevertheless, the experience and the feeling of being alone in this insane world make it all worthwhile. Keep an eye out for a possible new attraction in 2024 as you enter and exit.

Location: 3975 Long Run Road, Lehighton, PA, United States, Pennsylvania