Field of Terror 2023 Review


East Windsor New Jersey’s Field of Terror is a haunting experience that harks back to the vintage, gritty, old-school style scare parks of yesteryears. With five distinct attractions, each designed to terrorize people, the park offers an eerie and unsettling atmosphere. Some people go to haunted attractions for fun, others for a seasonal laugh or to be in awe of expensive scenes and larger-than-life animatronics. Others want to be scared, and after seeing so many attractions over the years, achieving that lofty goal of creating fear is a challenge.

The Field of Terror in East Windsor, NJ, is terrifying; it is a gritty, old-school style haunted scare-park that sometimes feels like a grindhouse 70s-era horror film brought to life. Embracing a style of show that many may fondly remember from the 80’s-90s that emphasizes light, sound, and sensory-based scares that target one’s psyche, this is a unique scare-park focused on fear. This particular old-school haunt is a scary park where you can enjoy seasonal favorites and be scared, truly scared, and disturbed.


Kornfield of Carnage

This isn’t your typical stroll through a cornfield. As you navigate the maze-like paths, you’ll encounter eerily realistic sets designed to look like abandoned shacks. The plank base in the center is a chilling reminder of the horrors that await, with a blood-faced killer lurking in the shadows. Abandoned farm tools, which seem to have been repurposed for torture, add to the unsettling atmosphere. As you progress, you’ll need to dodge raccoons strung overhead and push past obstacles designed to instill pure, unadulterated fear. Periods of darkness play tricks on your mind, making you question whether you saw that spirit or if it was just your imagination. It’s a masterful blend of physical and psychological horror. The standout attraction and one that defied expectations. It’s an exercise in atmospheric horror. The silence, length, and feeling of being lost amidst the towering cornstalks make it genuinely creepy. The maze is punctuated with shacks bathed in cold reds and yellows, showcasing gruesome scenes reminiscent of a deranged serial killer’s handiwork or the aftermath of a twisted farm family’s deeds. The mazes within the haunt are gritty and ooze pure, unadulterated horror.

The Karnival

Step right up if you dare. While carnivals are often associated with fun and games, the Field of Terror’s version is anything but. Custom-designed rooms filled with psychedelic terror, giant twins wielding chainsaws, blaring metal music, and disorienting lights set the stage. And, of course, no carnival would be complete without its clowns, though these are far from the jolly jesters you might remember from childhood. Metal music, unique props, and crazy scare actors from massive “twins” yielding chainsaws to endless barkers that torment this is gritty, authentic, and visceral.

Haunted Hayride to TerrorTown

As you’re pulled along, scenes of horror unfold around you. The journey takes you through a town where every resident seems to have a sinister secret, and every turn holds a new surprise. The combination of moving through the scenes while being a part of them adds a unique layer of immersion to the experience.

The vintage sets, though gruesome, are reminiscent of a bygone era, and the peculiar choice of Christmas light-like decorations adds a strange twist…. The hayride is lengthy, and while it lacks any grandiose scenes, the passionate performances of the actors make up for it. However, it might be fair to say that the hayride is probably the weakest link in the chain of attractions. However, it ends with an intense walk-through conclusion that sets the tone for the blinding horror and combination of sensory terror that is embraced by the other core attractions.

Timmery Manor

Venture into this classical haunted house set amidst a cornfield, and you’ll quickly realize its inhabitants are not of this world. The scenery is eerily authentic, with rooms like a greenhouse, a cemetery, and bedrooms telling tales of a serial killer family. The actors here are not just performers but part of the experience, blurring the lines between fiction and reality with aggressive interactions. A very hands-on experience, the classical haunted house is brought to disturbing life with demented actors and awe-inspiring scenes, set designs, and sounds that are awe-inspiring and, at times, terrifying. Actors are the most aggressive in this attraction; we were abducted by “knifepoint” and witnessed other guests forced from their group, isolated, and gleefully tormented. Another fantastic attraction, the level of detail, creativity, and aggression, is much appreciated on a classic, vintage “haunted house” lost in the cornfield.

Final Word

Drawing inspiration from horror films designed to unsettle, and the sensory-based scares of the 80s and 90s style haunts, this scare-park is a unique blend of old-school terror and modern-day thrills. For many, haunted attractions serve as a seasonal amusement, an opportunity to laugh, marvel at expensive scenes, or be in awe of larger-than-life animatronics. But the Field of Terror offers something different. It’s designed for those who genuinely want to be scared, who seek that elusive feeling of fear after having experienced countless other attractions. Actors are creepy, they work to disturb, they use their atmosphere to the max effort and we enjoyed every second.

Finally, the namesake Field of Terror attraction is a deep dive into psychological horror. Here, it’s not just about what you see but also about what you feel. Periods of darkness, fleeting apparitions, and an ambiance that plays tricks on your psyche make this journey as much a test of your mental fortitude as it is a physical one.

In conclusion, the Field of Terror in East Windsor, NJ, is a homage to the golden age of horror. Its five meticulously crafted attractions, each offering a distinct brand of terror, stand as a testament to what can be achieved when passion meets creativity. Whether you’re a horror aficionado or just looking for a unique experience, the Field of Terror promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of vintage horror.