Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Hayride and Attractions 2023 Review

Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Hayride and Attractions is evolving to become one of the premier Halloween events in the entire country, a pinnacle of amusement-horror performance entertainment. Over the years, this haunted monster of a show has set benchmarks in industry excellence and continually evolved to exceed its own unparalleled standards. Regulars, prepare to see some teasers for a larger show next season. However, pay close attention to the massive upgrades associated with iconic attractions such as Sector 13 and the infamous Pitch. This season, the park boasts numerous enhancements across its core attractions. It showcases a palpable evolution that resonates throughout the infamous mountain, with character-driven solid performances that have always been a hallmark of this horror empire. It may be hard to ever visit another scare-park or similar style attraction after you visit this grand experience, it really cannot be understated how impressive the entire scope and execution of this show truly is.  

While the excitement for 2024 is building the massive scenic overall of Sector 13, structural/thematic improvements to the already terrifying Pitch Black attractions are evident. While the Haunted Hayride attraction remains one of the most immersive, larger-than-life spectacles, it feels like it could use more energy and a more defined, fresh ending. However, this is just a minor opinion as it is nearly impossible to find any flaws or undersell the insane level of scope, size, quality of set/animatronic design, performance quality, and diversity that truly is a spectacle unlike any other. What also needs to be expressed is the sheer scope of the entire “scare-park” attraction. From entering the gates to one’s departure, it is non-stop “Halloween.” Furthermore, meticulous detail is put into all costumes, character designs, and makeup. You will not see a generic mask or costume; every performer is designed with the best makeup, and character design again exceeds what would be expected for such a large-scale experience.


A Legacy of Excellence

Having visited this attraction countless times since its inception, we’ve seen its growth and evolution firsthand. The spirit and direction of Reaper’s Revenge are evident in its commitment to innovation and excellence. Once again, the scare-park style attraction continues to focus on excellence in mastering the design of each attraction. No detail is too little, and the transformative nature of each experience defines a journey into one’s nightmares. Reaper’s Revenge is the almost perfect balance of themes, scares, and diversity of attraction designs that still, despite its massive scope, embraces quality acting and character-driven horror performances.

Reaper’s Revenge, in many ways, made its name one of the finest “actor-driven” shows, and at one point before the massive animatronic monsters and more giant, world-consuming scenes, the actors were the stars. Despite the massive growth, the performances remain as strong as ever, and their scenes/lines and sets are utilized professionally. Professionalism and operations have always been a hallmark of success at Reapers Revenge, and this continues. A strong emphasis on quality, attention to detail, and respect for the customer goes beyond many other haunted attractions. Little tolerance for customers who disrupt shows is allowed; quite bluntly, customers are warned not to “ruin” the show, and it is this level of respect for those who either are scared or in awe of the “spectacle” and at least know their money is respected.


The Attractions

Reaper’s Revenge offers a sequence of five meticulously designed attractions: “Haunted Hayride,” “The Lost Carnival,” “Delirium,” “Sector 13,” and “Pitch Black.” Beyond these, the park also provides an expansive commerce area with a newer projection screen stage, bonfire, photo opportunities, games, food, and merchandise.

Haunted Hayride

The journey at Reaper’s Revenge begins with the “Haunted Hayride.” A larger-than-life spectacle attraction that transforms an entire dense forest into a 360-degree experience of scenes that defy imagination at times, the hayride still is by far one of the best of its kinds. This attraction, the heart of Reaper’s Revenge, has been meticulously enhanced since its inception, with scenes such as the hauntingly serene “Pumpkin Forest,” revamped take on “Thriller,”, larger than life sacrifice/monster scene, innovative take on a classic “Ring” scene, “Freddy’s Boiler Room/Toxic Scene,” and twisted “Alice in Wonderland” becoming staples each executed to near perfection with new refinements added. With intricate scenes, massive props, animatronics, and special effects, every visit feels new, is still an experience that is more “show” than intense fear but adds depth to this overall larger than life experience offered at Reapers Revenge.

The magnitude of this attraction’s detailed set designs, horrific animatronic monsters, and demons is staggering, emphasizing “perfecting” each scene. Snow falls during the fan favorite Alice in Wonderland Scene, the booming sound and of “Rob Zombie’s “House of 1000 Corpses” drives the madness of a hillbilly/cannibalistic family (who are downright aggressive), and a stop at a “security shed” scene (featuring excellent acting/banter with an office and special effects inside that still cause gasps despite being familiar) remains an all-time favorite. Performances remain strong, and the set design is second to none. While a familiar experience, the level of detail and set design is rarely matched in the industry. 

The abrupt ending is the only major “complaint” or point of contention. While we understand the logistics of altering the “finale” of the hayride, a longstanding scene, it feels like the hayride just ends…. leading to a teaser for the brand new 2024 haunted house. In this case, “something” may be better than “nothing” in a finale as the attraction moves forward in future seasons. Despite this minor comment (and to be honest we have always been somewhat critical of the finale scene), there is perhaps NO other hayride experience like what you will be immersed in like Reaper’s Revenge, and for those that have never experienced this show, it will change your mind on what a haunted house or hayride can and should be. Furthermore, on a second visit, some key spots seemed to be missing actors and there was a noticeable lack of intensity by those in some key scenes.

The Lost Carnival

The Lost Carnival segment is a testament to atmospheric brilliance. Every detail immerses visitors into the haunting world of a forsaken carnival, its authenticity unparalleled. Dripping with authenticity, a barrage of talented actors, and the combination of visual set designs, sound, and sites that transform the entire forest into a truly abandoned “carnival,” this attraction continues to be a hallmark of joyous fear, a vision of a nightmarish freakshow filled with clowns, broken down rides, barkers, and sense of immersion that takes one out of their comfort levels.

Lost Carnival continues to thrill and is unlike any other walk-through, a horrific adventure that has also received some “perfection” orientated updates and theme improvements.  Scare actors are INSANE, they come out of every direction, the sites, the art design, the unique animatronics, dolls, and the entire atmosphere of a truly haunted evil carnival, featuring an unnerving trip “behind the curtain” and into the tunnel of love…creates a sense of being completely exhausted after this attraction is completed. Lost Carnival STILL maintains its dominance as the most “authentic” horror experience at Reaper’s Revenge with realism combined with insanity unlike any other attraction you can imagine; it looks REAL it FEELS REAL…perhaps the nightmare is REAL!


Delirium is hitting its stride as a funhouse-style, multidimensional, mind-bending experience that compliments and adds to the diversity of scares offered by Reaper’s Revenge. Delirium, still the “newest” attraction at Reaper’s Revenge, has consistently improved since its first season four years ago. More entertaining, embracing a twisted funhouse appeal, than intense “scary,” the 3D artwork and psychedelic special effects this season have been greatly enhanced.

There are more trick objects, props, CGI special effects, and mind-bending scare-actors that challenge the senses and create a sense of wicked paranoia. Gone from being just an artistically impressive attraction, Delirium is non-stop action. Psychedelically impressive, it adds another dimension of fear, jump scares, and quality to Reaper’s Revenge. Delirium continues to grow in depth, quality, and interactive nature each season. While we wish they would cut down on the wait time after the attraction (it hurts immersion), this “interactive” 3D funhouse has really evolved into something special. 

Pitch Black

“Pitch Black” is designed from the ground up to scare, terrify, and break down the bravest of souls. Skipped by many visitors, it intimidates from the outside and never lets down its intensity once inside. Periods of absolute darkness, tight spaces, loud distracting sounds, flashes of light, and an assault on the senses create fear often generated by the mind. What has really become impressive is the recent focus on building a thematic story, with new scenes and sets that bring to “life” this “factory of fear.” Added rooms such as a “waiting room” and halls of trapped souls locked forever in the factory add a layer of immersion that mixes perfectly with the sensory assault. Quality acting, new scenes and an overall more robust haunting experience injects a new life into this core, original attraction, and we hope the attraction finds a balance between sensory attack and story.

Sector 13

Sector 13 is a post-apocalyptic nightmare, a twisted dungeon of steel and hell, with more actors and interactive scenes than ever. New animatronics, special effects, and enhanced lighting add new scares to this longstanding dungeon of doom. Sector 13 feels almost as if it is an ENTIRELY new attraction. Still intense as ever, the attraction is a dungeon of mutated freaks, doctors, and experiments that convey aggression and a twisted sense of fear.

Depraved, infected patients roam the desolate hallways of what was once a bathroom, experimental tubes bust with the horrific creations of evil doctors, and the entire metallic design, with pyrotechnics, lasers, strobe lights, and a constant theme of aggression continues to make Sector 13 stand as a unique dungeon of pure horror. Not enough praise can be heaped upon the changes, all-around enhancements, and creativity that infuse new life into this unique dungeon of horrific aggression and terror. We do miss some of the more iconic rooms (such as being placed on a doctors table) and some of the newer scenes feel similar to other similar attractions, but overall, the refresh, the more twisted comedy approach and less psychological creepiness makes Sector 13 feel fresh and new.

Final Word

Reaper’s Revenge remains one of the industry titans, consistently raising the bar in horror entertainment. This year over 90-minute journey is a masterclass in immersive horror, with vivid scenes that seem plucked from the darkest corners of one’s mind. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a first-time visitor, this season promises an unparalleled experience. While the hayride, for example, may feel familiar for Reaper’s Revenge veterans, improvements and changes made to attractions such as Sector 13 and Pitch Black are a must-see (and we cannot stress how “perfected” the entire adventure has become). The next phase in these attractions’ already incredible reign is the looming, anticipated arrival of the new “haunted house” attraction that will significantly enhance this already unfathomable destination of fear. We cannot possibly predict what level of epic grandeur awaits this massive scare-park, just suppose Reaper’s Revenge can continue its trajectory, maintain quality acting/performances, and focus on perfection while growing. In that case, it may be hard-pressed to predict the level of industry innovation cultivated by “America’s Best Haunted Attraction.”

From almost all aspects of the show’s development Reaper’s Revenge is reaching a point where it goes “beyond” what a haunted attraction is generally considered. It exceeds what most would even consider “amusement” park quality shows are so refined in their execution, details, and performances of every single actor and staff member; it is reaching a class of excellence that is hard to fathom. Very few mainstream attractions can reach this level of performance, operational, and atmospheric excellence, and the level of investment placed into every show aspect each season is staggering. With 2024’s new haunted “house” attraction on the horizon, this juggernaut of horror experiences continues to exceed expectations. What you will see, and experience is leagues ahead of the “typical” haunted attraction experience. This is the empire of horror, a refined machine of an experience that is a must-see for years to come. Is it always the “scariest” well no its more of a spectacle, and at times depending on the actors your experience may be less intense. HOWEVER, it may be near impossible to find an overall Halloween/horror experience so well built, massive in scope, and length that reaches the level of Reaper’s Revenge anywhere in the country.

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