Hotel of Horror 2023 Review


The Hotel of Horror and its chilling counterpart, Altered Nightmares, are not just attractions; they’re a descent into a realm of unrelenting terror. Basking in terror, be prepared to be disturbed, unnerved, and sometimes feel a sense of dread permeating the entire Hotel. This is real; this is mature and a glorious submersion into hell. This season’s show is disturbing from start to finish, and not enough praise can be given to the quality performers who bring to life the “art of horror” in such a twistedly grand fashion that will disturb even the most hardened guest. The entire “Lake House Hotel” property is aesthetically “terrifying,” each room/corridor and hallway is submerged in an atmosphere of darkness, chaos, and brutality.

A sense of permeating evil and the ominous feeling of being “stalked” permeates this mature, adult-themed haunted attraction. Some creepiest performers exist and dwell within this Hotel…and not enough positive praise can be heaped upon the scared actors/actresses this season. It is the prevailing dominance of a sinister spirit that is inspired such a fantastic show again that is scary, that isolates and torments the mind, focusing on fear over “entertainment” doing so with moments of sheer insanity…

Horrifying characters straight from the depths of hell are brought to startling life in each attraction. The undead satanic worshippers, psychopaths locked in padded rooms, witches, and so many other talented performers believe in what they are doing, use the scenes as a stage, engage in “character-specific” banter with guests, crawl, hang from ceilings and work tirelessly to create memorable moments.

Every single season, this attraction continues to allow its performers, creative design, and authentic atmosphere of terror to breathe life into this body of work that we feel will only continue to be one of the finest you can visit. The surreal nature of this attraction allows guests to become immersed in the design, intertwining classical haunted house tropes with disturbing, creepy acting and scenes that are real and designed to disturb. Suppose you are easily offended or looking for a family-friendly scare….. In that case, this haunt is undoubtedly not for you, as the demonic and the darkness have bathed the infamous “Lake House Hotel.”

Hotel of Horror is dripping, bathed in a sinister darkness and terror that is ripped right out of the iconic 1970s style horror films, psychological terror that is serious, mature, is not afraid of crossing the boundaries, and embraces an energy that has returned to its “roots” at gleefully basking in fear. Allowing some of the most demented (in a good way) “scare performers” ever to apply their demonic craft is genuinely a creepy/ at times, alarming visit with an atmosphere that cannot be purchased, built, or bought at the latest trade show. While last year, the Hotel of Horror added a new 1950s-era tribute to sci-fi movies, aliens, it felt a bit lighter in terms of mood and less dark in theme. This year, a sinister evil has returned, bringing to life a grindhouse, old-school era REAL adventure of pure horror that is relentless in its desire to scare.

This is a unique attraction in that the performances create a certain mood, and when they embrace this prevailing sense of evil, the show becomes absolutely terrifying. Being lost in this very “real” atmosphere, disorientated by the demented sites, the visuals and audio immersion just build constant paranoia and anticipation. Again, what shines most in many cases is the disturbing interactions you will have with the cast. Inhuman noises, general creepiness, Satanic worship, sacrifice, and even, oddly enough, demented clowns inhabit this terrifying, long-standing attraction that generates genuine fear and does not back down from its desire to scare.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill haunted houses. They’re meticulously crafted experiences designed to ensnare the senses with disturbing imagery and unparalleled acting. The 2023 season, in particular, promises an even more harrowing journey. Every nook and cranny of the Lake House Hotel property oozes malevolence with an atmosphere of dread. The unexpected addition of aliens to this macabre tableau offers a fresh layer of horror, seamlessly blending the terror of the unknown with the familiar. However, the true essence of this horror experience lies in the performers’ hands, whose dedication to their sinister craft is nothing short of mesmerizing.


Hotel of Horror stands as a testament to genuine, unadulterated terror. It’s not just an attraction but a vivid nightmare, meticulously crafted to unsettle and terrify. Every element, shadow, and whisper is designed to evoke fear, making it a haunting experience. Hotel of Horror focuses more on the grittier, darker aspects of haunted attractions with character designs that convey a sense of violence set upon the backdrop of scenes that feature the most intricate nightmarish details.

Hotel of Horror is more than just an attraction; it’s a psychological expedition into the heart of terror. While the 1950s alien invasion theme offers a touch of retro horror, the real nightmares are birthed from the Hotel’s more malevolent denizens and their wicked games. The performers here transcend traditional acting, emerging as true horror maestros, using every inch of the setting to craft moments that will haunt visitors long after they’ve left.

Altered Nightmares takes a more arcane approach to horror. It delves deep into the mystical, from the throes of demonic possessions to the eerie stillness of dark séances. The twisted carnival, with its malevolent clowns, and the sinister Christmas scenes, with their corrupted versions of beloved characters, add complexity and intrigue to the experience. A brief but memorable experience, the nightmares cultivated by this second attraction create a fantastic conclusion.

The Storied Past of Lake House Hotel

Sitting silently in historic Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, stands the once grand but now infamous Lake House Hotel. This structure, which now houses the spine-chilling attractions of Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares, boasts a rich tapestry of history spanning over two centuries.

The Hotel’s origins trace back to the late 1700s, starting as a humble stagecoach stop. While only its foundation remains today, it forms the bedrock upon which the grand Victorian mansion was later built. The original stagecoach’s demise paved the way for The Saylorsburg Hotel and Inn for Travelers, a vision brought to life by Charles Saylor in 1847. Over the subsequent five decades, the Hotel underwent significant expansions and transformations.

Between 1882 and 1888, the advent of the railroad heralded a new era for the Saylorsburg Hotel. Major renovations, including adding a third story and a complete exterior makeover, celebrated the exquisite Victorian Era architecture. This majestic mansion, preserved in its glory, is enveloped by the grand hotel addition built between 1894 and 1900.

The Hotel has witnessed its fair share of historical events. During the Civil War, it hosted the entire Monroe County Battalion. It also witnessed numerous births and deaths, serving as a residence and a makeshift infirmary. Tragically, many injured men from local mines and railway construction met their end on the Hotel’s front porch, awaiting their families.

In 1918, the Spanish Influenza’s dark shadow reached the Pocono Mountains, causing widespread illness and death. The local county hospital, ill-equipped to handle the crisis, led to the establishment of temporary hospitals in nearby resorts. A decade later, in October 1929, the Hotel saw another wave of despair. As the New York Stock Exchange crashed, devastated investors sought refuge in the Lake House, fleeing from their losses. Many spent their last earthly night within its walls, leading Saylorsburg to earn the grim moniker “The Place to Hang Yourself.”

The Hotel’s basement has its own tales. In the 1940s and 1950s, it housed the Vickie Lee Blouse Company, where women toiled on vintage textile equipment, often under hazardous conditions. Later, it transformed into a barbershop, then a marine-themed bar. However, a tragic robbery attempt in 1985 led to its closure. The building found new life in 1990 as an Antique Co-Op, and by 1992, it embraced its haunted legacy, hosting its first haunted house attraction.

Final Word

Hotel of Horror is the perfect haunt for those looking to “grow up” in the industry. This is a severe and mature-themed attraction that combines classical/traditional haunting with such a dark, sinister, evil twist that we cannot praise the approach of these attractions enough. As one cautiously explores each room, sick and wicked imagery dominates the scenes and creates such an uneasy feeling that it is best described as a never-ending nightmare. Atmospheric sound, periods of complete darkness, and blinding lights give way to scenes of graphic horror and characters that are all very real in their vision and execution. With an even stronger emphasis on quality acting this season, the entire attraction was executed flawlessly. The imagery created by some of the horrific creatures brought to life in the Hotel will forever be etched in memory.

The Hotel of Horror is not a mere fleeting escapade for the faint-hearted or the casually curious. It is an expedition into the profound depths of terror, meticulously curated for those who yearn for a genuine, mature, and, at times, demonic horror immersion. The 2023 season, in particular, accentuates the more sinister, adult-themed facets, delivering an unfiltered and sophisticated experience.

The performers are the heartbeat of this macabre masterpiece. Their eerie sounds, unsettling interactions, and unwavering dedication to their dark craft ensure the terror isn’t just perceived—it’s palpably felt. Every nuance, from the sacrilegious artifacts to the haunting echoes of lost children, is intricately woven to intensify the ambiance of pervasive dread. The Hotel of Horror isn’t just about fleeting scares; it’s a deep exploration into the shadowy recesses of the human soul, challenging boundaries and unsettling even the most seasoned horror aficionados.

Hotel of Horror beckons for those who desire more than superficial chills, for those who thirst for an experience that resonates and lingers with imagery that becomes etched in one’s psyche. Its fusion of historical darkness, unmatched performances, detailed design, and unwavering commitment to authentic horror promises an odyssey that will etch itself into the memories of its visitors, haunting them long after they’ve departed its ominous brief but striking stay.. sinister, evil and alive the Hotel of Horror once again has returned to its level of mature, adult themed horrific excellence that defies conventional haunted attractions.

Visit: 5105 Cherry Valley Rd, Saylorsburg, PA 18353