Horror Hall 2023 Review


In the quiet town of West Nanticoke, PA lies a haunting gem, the Horror Hall. Despite operating on a this 39-year-old community-based haunted attraction has reached a shocking level of new life and excellence, with brand new set designs (such as a Hollywood quality séance room, containment featuring mutated creatures and numerous enhanced sets with floors, walls and props that MOVE, sound effects, blinding lights and nonstop scare performances!) 

Every single aspect of this long-standing iconic Northeast PA attraction feels revamped, and the attention to “improvement” while adding in new modern scenes allows for the shockingly talented volunteer performers to apply their craft. Sure, in many ways this is still an “old-school” style haunted attraction, some of actor’s resort to “jump” scares, and the line system still causes some back-ups, the level of passion, drastically impressive new rooms and the efforts placed into restoration of existing scenes is not short of extraordinary.  This season, the legendary Northeast PA attraction has embarked on a rejuvenating journey, masterfully blending innovative techniques with the timeless art of haunting that has resonated with generations.

Horror Hall isn’t just another haunted house; it’s an emblem of community spirit and tradition. While many might dismiss it as just another local charity haunt, its quality and immersive experience rival those of big-budget attractions. The design, reminiscent of the nostalgic boardwalk-style funhouses, serves as a robust foundation for what can be described as a haunting masterpiece. This season, Horror Hall has outdone itself, introducing intricately designed rooms and enhancing fan-favorites like the eerie “mental ward/asylum” wing and the spine-chilling “hospital of horrors.” Even the classics, such as the murky “swamp” and the notorious “Hall of Saws,” have been reimagined, infusing fresh energy into this iconic attraction.

Always a pioneer, Horror Hall embraced interactive scenes long before they became a staple in the industry. The attraction boasts features like rooms that seem to collapse around you, rickety bridges, and the much-talked-about “room of saws.” The ambiance is further heightened with the strategic use of theatrical fog, a meticulously curated soundtrack that sends shivers down your spine, and blinding lights that throw you off balance, creating a labyrinthine maze that sets the stage for heart-stopping scares. New scenes are so well constructed with interactive special effects, atmospheric sound, lighting, and surprises that they exceed sets in more significant “mainstream” haunted attractions.

A “séance” room is chilling with detailed sets that move, quality acting, a floor itself that moves, gone is the dull “laser/dot room” replaced with a containment unit/hazmat scene that is ripped right out of a sci-fi horror movie, and all of the additional rooms/scenes have received extensive tweaks, upgrades and general enhancements that amp up the quality of the entire show. The acting itself is EXTREMELY impressive, especially compared to the prior season, with volunteers that act out their roles with unique custom costumes, quality make-up designs, and commentary/acting that goes beyond the traditional “yelling” or short jump scares by and large, and we found everyone to be in their proper places and generally ready to scare. We even noticed a distinct improvement in make-up and costume design amongst the volunteer staff, and each room was themed adequately with characters that “fit” their respective scenes/roles.

The one area that still slightly negatively impacts the otherwise incredible show is the pacing of the groups. We have always disliked their style of lines, and this season, for some reason, actors created “forced” bottlenecks where three groups were forced together to complete the last portion of the attraction. These scenes, including a shockingly realistic asylum sequence, creepy “Silent Hill” inspired Doll Hallway, and the actor performances are so well executed that smaller groups will allow for a more immersive experience that allows for those to truly appreciate the quality of the design and also the performances at Horror Hall. So many attractions never “change” each season, yet Horror Hall continues to try to innovate and reinvent itself, adding new energy to classic scenes while removing tired sets that had run their course. As it approaches its unheard-of 40th season, we cannot wait to see what is next for Horror Hall!

Final Word

Horror Hall is an iconic Northeast, PA, funhouse-style attraction that has not only withstood the test of time but is one of the most unique and an attraction that is a throwback to the boardwalk-style funhouses of the 1980s and 90s. Horror Hall is a generational gem featuring numerous themes, hallways of darkness, Halloween-inspired soundtracks, brand-new detailed scenes, special effects, rooms that EXCEED so-called “big budget” shows, and just an atmosphere of seasonal fun. Horror Hall is a generational gem featuring numerous themes, hallways of darkness, Halloween-inspired soundtracks, and just an atmosphere of seasonal fun.

Horror Hall’s unwavering commitment to innovation, coupled with its reverence for tradition, is truly commendable. As whispers of its 40th season begin to circulate, the air is thick with anticipation. Horror Hall is a living tribute to the boardwalk-style funhouses of the 1980s and 90s, it offers a rich tapestry of themes, shadowy corridors, Halloween-inspired melodies, and an ambiance that captures the essence of the spooky season. This iconic funhouse, with its rich history and dedication to the craft, promises an experience that lingers long after the visit. As it gears up for another season, one can only wonder what spine-chilling tales await.

Location: 11 E Poplar St, Nanticoke, PA 18634

Website: http://www.horrrorhall.com