Shocktoberfest 2023 Review


Nestled in a semi-urban/eerie setting of Sinking Springs, Pennsylvania, Shocktoberfest has earned its reputation as one of the premier haunted entertainment destinations in the state, celebrating over three decades of spine-tingling scares. This “scream-park” offers a diverse array of attractions and special events that immerse visitors in a world of fear and suspense. With four core haunted attractions, Shocktoberfest crafts an unsettling atmosphere against the backdrop of a public park, promising an unforgettable experience for thrill-seekers.

While it has continued heavily embraced a zombie theme, Shocktoberfest offers a more diverse range of experiences, ensuring that each attraction stands on its own merits with an extensive midway, music and entertainment options. Among these, “Prison of the Dead” and “Unknown 3.0” shine as crowd favorites. This is one attraction, that while familiar has always embraced a sense of gritty terror, a lack of feeling “safe” and that one is placed in a twisted environment that allows freedom yet builds a foreboding sense of real fear. The urban like setting, the atmosphere itself and the nature of each attraction infuse a disturbing sense of reality that cannot be easily replicated with fancy “tradeshow” bought props/scenes.

The very environment of Shocktoberfest contributes to the sense of danger that permeates the entire property. While there’s room for improvement in some areas, “Prison of the Dead” and “Unknown 3.0” deliver unforgettable indoor walkthrough experiences that leave visitors trembling with fear.


Unknown 3.0

“Unknown 3.0” stands as a testament to the evolution of haunted attractions. Longer, more intense, and meticulously detailed, this classical haunted attraction aims to exploit the deepest fears and phobias of its guests. With new rooms, periods of absolute darkness, and cutting-edge special effects, “Unknown 3.0” immerses visitors in a world of terror.

Each room is a masterpiece of design, and the absence of light heightens every creak and groan, every unsettling smell. Shocktoberfest’s commitment to a top-tier sound system ensures that every noise, every scent, resonates with its audience. The attraction lures visitors into a terrifying “science experiment gone wrong,” where sensory scares are amplified in the dark. The tension escalates as each room unfolds, whether it’s the ominous “carnival/clown” scene with the faint scent of cotton candy or the nerve-wracking “snake room” filled with hissing serpents. The level of immersion in “Unknown 3.0” is unparalleled, with scenes springing to life and actors engaging guests in a hands-on experience. The spine-tingling conclusion, marked by gore and chainsaw-driven violence, continues to emphasize how an “old-school” custom designed yet modern attraction can be masterfully effective. “Unknown 3.0” is an adrenaline-pumping, sensory-immersive journey through madness and fear.

Prison of the Dead

While many haunted attractions claim to provide immersive experiences, “Prison of the Dead” takes this commitment to another level. Shocktoberfest has meticulously built a model abandoned prison from the ground up, creating an environment that rivals real detention facilities in design and atmosphere. Every detail, from the rattling prison cells to the eerie 1940s-era soundtrack, contributes to an awe-inspiring and often terrifying experience. The attraction’s dedication to recreating “urban decay” transports visitors to a specific period, adding authenticity to the structure. Beyond the exceptional design, the actors in “Prison of the Dead” excel in storytelling, going beyond zombie-like moans to deliver captivating performances.

The attraction’s use of darkness and candlelight adds depth to each scene, further enhancing the immersive experience. As visitors climb rotting, rusted stairs while being pursued by hulking prison guards, they’ll find themselves fully immersed in a world that conceals its secrets expertly. From the moment the old “prison bus” unloads its passengers to the sewer/outdoor escape finale, anticipation and fear build relentlessly. “Prison of the Dead” is an incredibly realistic, terrifying, and immersive experience, and it continuously expands and evolves. The way actors interact with their environment is nothing short of genius, with performers reaching out from brick walls and blocking escape routes, creating constant disorientation. Psychological fear is built into every corner, making each moment feel like a desperate escape from undead prisoners, guards, and deranged staff. “Prison of the Dead” stands as a testament to innovation in the haunted attraction industry. While not much has changed, little needs to be improved upon, this entire fortress of fear is masterful in its sinister design.

Zombie Safari Haunted Hayride

Shocktoberfest’s “Zombie Safari Haunted Hayride” takes visitors on a journey inspired by a zombified Jurassic Park. While the attraction boasts larger-than-life sets, pyrotechnics, and mostly believable zombies, it could benefit from some upgrades and a more cohesive storyline. Some of the scenes themselves lack a sense of freshness, and without the barrage of constant actors that assault the wagon, it feels as if the hayride can use a new infusion of excitement, and freshness. The “theme” perhaps has been exhausted and their should be more time for scenes to play out, diversity in character design etc.

However, the core scenes remain impressive, with moments like an actor being devoured by a giant worm, a “sawmill” with an actor that is rather disturbing and a visit to a mutated “greenhouse” leaving a lasting impact. The overall theme of desolation, a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and relentless hordes of mutated zombies is effectively conveyed through the attraction’s thematic design, but at times disjointed as parts of the original storyline have been lost to time. With improvements in pacing, sound design, and a stronger focus on storytelling, the “Zombie Safari Haunted Hayride” could easily become one of the best in the industry, and should embrace diversity.

Ground Assault

“Ground Assault” offers a thrilling laser tag-style game that adds an extra layer of excitement to the Shocktoberfest experience. Teams are divided, and “zombies” roam the grounds, providing an interactive challenge for guests. This team-based combat adds an intriguing dimension to the visit, combining fun and adrenaline in one engaging attraction.

Midway Massacre-Scare Zone

“Midway Massacre” transports visitors to a carnival-style attraction filled with clowns, barkers, and other eerie characters. While relatively short, the carnival freaks and clowns do an exceptional job of keeping visitors on edge. This year, the attraction has been integrated with others, creating a larger walkthrough area featuring carnival sets and clowns. This diversity adds to the overall quality and variety offered by Shocktoberfest.

The Final Word

Shocktoberfest in 2023 lives up to its reputation as a genuinely scary, gritty and urban “scream-park” that defies the norms of haunted attractions by embracing an “old-school” classic approach to scares. “Unknown 3.0” taps into core phobias, fostering a constant sense of paranoia and impending dread. “Prison of the Dead” is an astonishingly realistic and terrifying journey through an abandoned prison, offering exceptional scare performances. The commitment and passion of the actors shine through, intensifying the overall experience.  While some enhancements to the hayride are hoped for, “Unknown 3.0” and “Prison of the Dead” alone justify the price of admission. The variety and quality of each attraction offer exceptional value to visitors. Shocktoberfest stands out as a must-see attraction that fearlessly embraces unique themes while catering to a broad spectrum of horror enthusiasts.

Location: 94 Park Ave, Sinking Spring, PA 19608

Website: Shocktoberfest