Celebrating 31 Years of “Harvesting Fear” History of Field of Screams: A Visual Journey

Field of Screams (Mountville, PA), is celebrating 31 years of Harvesting Fears!” The attraction known worldwide for its intense scares, innovative designs, and Hollywood-quality special effects. Having received numerous awards and mainstream recognition, Field of Screams is one of the premier haunted attractions and amusement destinations in the world. Electroshock Entertainment strives to “preserve” and “promote” the history of the haunted attraction/immersive entertainment industry and we proudly have partnered with Field of Screams to take you on a journey through time to look back (and to the present) at the history of this industry-defining scream park!!

Experience the “Chill” Haunted Hayride Scene “Then and Now!”

Encounter the undead at“Cemetery” Haunted Hayride Scene “Then and Now!”

A Psychedelic Nightmare Once Existed at the “3D Asylum”

The Chaotic ” Psycho Circus” Scene has been a long-time favorite stop in the “Haunted Hayride”

Fans have always enjoyed the “interactive” torture and riotous executions along the “Haunted Hayride!”