13th Hour Rising, Trail of Terror and The Last Ride Haunted Hayride- Special Feature

On a cold, dark journey on the roads of New York’s Northern Tier, we had the haunting pleasure of visiting numerous haunted attractions that are close and embracing the “spirit” of Halloween, harkening back to the days of our youth. On this journey, we stopped at THREE haunted attractions, each custom-built, each unique in style, and some that featured some of the most aggressive/passionate performances one could ever imagine in a haunted attraction. These are not “transworld” haunts; the scenes, sets, and designs are all gritty, they are realistic, and they feel genuinely alive with the passion for haunting. Within just a few miles, those looking for a terrifying, old-school horror experience can experience numerous authentic attractions and defy expectations. Some of the most intense “real” scares can be felt by attractions in this area’s deep, dark, cold woods.

13th Hour Rising Haunted Hayride

13th Hour Rising Haunted Hayride is a primary “hayride” focused show with a shocking level of intense special effects, customized designs and unique scenes that tribute famous movies and tell creative, unique stories. Starting with a short classic haunted house-style attraction called “The Passage,” this attraction features various scares and themes of horror that one would imagine are seasonal. Relatively brief, the quality of scenes and level of “closeness” generated by the design of this old-school style haunt provides numerous sites of fear. However, “The Passage” is a “warm-up” for the hayride attraction.

“The 13th Hour Rising Haunted Hayride” is filled with nonstop action, shockingly larger-than-life animatronics, props, and pyrotechnic displays that leave little to no “downtime.” The performances of scare actors are also intense and passionate, as they work the entire lengthy wagon to generate scares. A semi-hands-on attraction, the performers do a great job of bringing a theatrical approach to each scene to life. Scenes vary by design and theme, with some being more “dark” than others, such as a disturbing “tribute” to the movie “The Purge” and others on the horror-fantasy side with giant demons, even dragons that rise above the darkness. The “Haunted Hayride” is an elaborate display of horror with a barrage of actors and numerous themes that create a lengthy journey filled with surprises. One of the more impressive “hayride” attractions, 13th Hour Rising is a professional, quality horror amusement experience that we hope continues to build upon its exciting hayride. Featuring entertainment year-round, you will be hard-pressed to find a more quality attraction that takes great pride in its detailed, lengthy show. Not enough praise can be heaped upon the sheer entertainment, diversity, and set design quality featured at the 13th Hour Rising Haunted Hayride!

Website: http://13thhourrisinghayride.com/

Location: 84 Merrit Road, Fulton, NY 13069

The Trail of Terror

The Trail of Terror is unabashed old-school horror that celebrates everything “right” about a local haunted attraction. Crazed chainsaw yielding maniacs, unique set designs that bring the “supernatural” to life, and a funhouse-style haunted house that is pure intensity. Simple in its marketing, you will not see significant character designs or themes featured in more prominent attractions. However, you will experience moments of legitimate fear and terror along a lengthy outdoor “trail” where you will be trapped, blinded, and chased by maniacs around every corner. The “haunted house” attraction is a true joy, scenes are so unique, actors are not only intense, but they work beyond one’s expectations, from dragging their bodies to hanging from above to generate fear. We cannot praise enough how well designed this classic haunted attraction is, with an indoor “funhouse” of horrors that features everything from mirror mazes, to moments where we felt actually afraid and lost.

Furthermore, on the outdoor trail there is something sinister and unnerving about being tracked down and chased by maniacs in the dark dense forest, filled with unrelenting terror and disorienting fear. Again old school, in-your-face, and scary, The Trail of Terror is non stop action and intensity to the max! We were trapped, had to crawl, and saw others beg for mercy in this funhouse-style-classic haunted house throwback that breathes fear.

Website: https://thetrailofterror.net/

Location: 475 Clifford Rd, Fulton, NY 13069

The Last Ride Haunted House & Hayride

The Last Ride Haunted House & Hayride is brutal and one of the most hands/on, mature and gritty attractions we have ever visited. No significant set designs and somewhat simple make-up, but what is presented are scenes of aggression, horror, and actors that fly that will grab guests, pin them to the sides of wagons, and drag the helpless in an all-out assault that is fun from start to finish. Shockingly deceiving by design, the “hayride” attraction features off-color clowns (telling guests to stick candy up their asses), a version of “leatherface” that yields what may be the LONGEST chainsaw we have ever seen (which, of course, touches each guest), and the “creeper” from Jeepers Creepers that flies through the air. Multiple surprises and what seems to be an endless number of horrific characters roam the woods, and the “hayride” is a mature, borderline extreme experience that still feels and looks very much like an “old school” haunted attraction. Named “Haunted House,” it is also a unique, gruesome attraction, from bathrooms soaked in blood to hallways that lead to a confrontation with “Freddy Krueger” psychotic clowns, surprise doors, traps, and performers that love to scare give life to this again decidedly vintage style haunted house. For those looking to experience that feeling of fear from years past, this is one hayride that is not afraid of offending or being physical in its creation of fear. A shocking experience, the intensity of the performance art and the off-color nature of this attraction is a departure from the norm and was a fantastic way to cap off a night filled with vintage scares and pure terror.

Website: http://thelastridepalermo.com/

Location: 291 Johnson Rd. Parish, NY 13131

While these intense, realistic and scare-focused haunts, nestled in the darkness of upper New York, may not get massive “industry” attention, these are all POPULAR local attractions that horror fans of all persuasions would thoroughly be impressed with. It is near impossible to rank the best as each is so diverse, at times crazy and intense, that we recommend the true horror and haunt fans make this journey out to an area that is a goldmine in haunted/horror entertainment!