Support Local Haunts: Scranton Haunted Reviews Throwback!

Northeast, PA (NEPA) is home to a variety of Halloween events, and numerous long-standing, beloved haunted attractions.  Within a short journey, fans of horror can experience a wide array of first-class Halloween entertainment, each attraction diverse by design and each a quality experience worth your money. While some legendary attractions such as Ransom’s Dracula’s Forest have sadly closed their gates for good and others such as Wilkes Barre’s Gravestone Manor  have returned this season!

Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Hayride and Attractions (Scranton, PA) – Test Your Fate! Reaper’s Revenge is quite possibly the premier haunted attraction/ scare park in the country. Featuring FIVE haunted attractions; “Haunted Hayride”, “Delirium,” “The Lost Carnival”, “Sector 13” and “Pitch Black”, Reaper’s Revenge is a destination attraction, one of the finest in the country. Venture into Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Attractions in Scranton, PA, a 65-acre haunt featuring five terrifying attractions and more than 90 minutes of scare time!

Massacre Mansion Haunted Attraction (Greenfield Township, PA)-Imagine a chance to enter a “funhouse” from a long-lost carnival or amusement park generations ago brought back to life and infused with some minor modern “haunt” tricks yet immersed in the spirit of classical haunted attraction fun. Massacre Mansion (Carbondale, PA) is a genuine throwback haunted park featuring “Pumpkin’s Wrath”, “Massacre Mansion”, and “Harvest of Souls Haunted Hayride.” (Massacre Mansion is on Facebook)

Hell’s Nightmares Haunted Attraction (Dallas, PA) – One of the newest haunted attractions in Northeast, PA, and Hell’s Nightmares is an action-packed “old-school” style gritty haunted hayride. Fast-paced, each actor pours out an incredible amount of passion and energy into each performance. From clowns that will climb and jump over guests to actors that bring to life scenes inspired by horror cinema, Hell’s Nightmares demonstrates clear and discernable love for the season and understands what it means to inject fear into a developing, exciting show! (Hell’s Nightmares is on Facebook)

Horror Hall (West Nanticoke, PA) – Horror Hall is a legendary “fun-house” style haunted attraction, a one-of-a-kind event that has withstood the test of time. Numerous scenes of unique horror await, from the “room of saws” to “prison Block HH” in a journey through insanity. A yearly tradition, Horror Hall, has added several brand new scenes and sets this season with major operational upgrades. the fun-house approach, embracing various scenes and innovative sets that are unlike those found in larger attractions, embrace and celebrate the spirit of the Halloween season!  (Horror Hall is on Facebook)

Circle of Screams (Dickson City, PA) Circle of Screams is a long-running beloved haunted attraction that changes its themes and performances each season! Featuring TWO haunted attractions this season “Griffin Asylum” and “CarnEVIL of Horrors”; “Griffin Asylum” -A hospital for the insane, deranged and victims of genetic mutations performed by Dr. Anthony Griffin. This attraction features crawlspaces, cages, and various rooms, tunnels/hallways leading to the estate/woods where even more things that go bump in the night reside. The price you pay for trespassing onto this asylum may just be the ultimate sacrifice…..your soul. “CarnEVIL of Horrors”-Who doesn’t love a good sideshow/clown cavalcade? Make your way through the maze of Carnival terrors where the clowns aren’t the only thing trying to get to you. Between the pounding rhythm of the soundtrack set specifically for this attraction, every noise you hear is a distraction from what lurks in the rooms ahead of you, the unsuspecting wanderer!

Hellstead Manor (Halstead, PA) – Hellstead Manor (and “The Wretched Woods”) has improved its entire show year after-year, creating a dark, theatrical yet realistic “haunted mansion” experience that relies heavily on psychological fear, and a disturbing story of gruesome “history” to build constant tension and genuine apprehension of the unknown! Hellstead Manor is excited to announce our 7th year of operation. Many new and exciting changes to make you have frightmares for years to come. Feeling brave? Venture the halls of the manor to our new attraction, “The Cannibillies”. Where you and your friends try to escape being the next meal for these blood thirsty cannibal hillbillies.

Gravestone Manor (Wilkes-Barre, PA) – Gravestone Manor is a theatrical presentation, where the audience joins the cast – traveling through an elaborate set. More akin to a play than a traditional haunted house, there are still plenty of scares. As a matter of fact, Gravestone Manor is not intended for children under 8 years of age. The attraction is designed, constructed, and staffed entirely by volunteers who donate their time in support of the United Way of Wyoming Valley. This year will mark our 22nd season.