Pure Terror Screampark- 2022 Review


Pure Terror Screampark (Monroe, NY) is one of the most impressive, large-scale “scare park” style attractions this season and one of the top-tier shows we have ever seen. Featuring TEN unique interconnected “haunted houses,” each attraction is the size, level, and scope of a single attraction at other locations. The entire “Screampark” has been once again completely upgraded this season and embraces animatronics, props, and scene design as the core focus of its scares. Not an “actor-driven” show, those featured performers do a great job of mixing in with lifelike animatronics that is far more “interactive” than many would expect.

Portions of the attraction have been rebuilt, and there is such a high level of detail and unabashed “big budget” design infused in every scene. It is almost hard to define the most impressive aspect of each attraction. There is simply so much to “see” to interact with, animatronics that we have never seen before in other haunts and new scenes/set designs that make each visit a new experience. While practically as close to perfect as one can imagine, with some more interactive acting, other sound effects/soundtrack in some areas, and an emphasis on guest control/pacing midway through the linear attraction, Pure Terror Screampark can quite possibly be the ultimate walk-through/hybrid outdoor haunted attraction not only on the East Coast but in the country. Pure Terror Screampark spares NO EXPENSE in design, implementing the most interactive, modern special effects/props that are lifelike and set designs of the highest quality.

From a design and thematic perspective, there is an INTENSE level of careful detail placed into each of the numerous haunted attractions linked throughout this scream park. Each hallway, corridor, and scene is designed to startle and feature some of the most immersive/interactive animatronics (some that will grab and even TOUCH guests!), atmospheric sound, and scares from ABOVE and behind each guest. The sheer detail of each scene is enough to shock even the most jaded haunt fan, and this season we found ourselves often looking above at the hanging bodies, possessed demons, and psychotic clowns that seemed to reach from the beyond to generate fear. Sound, lighting, and animatronic special effects are utilized so effectively that the “scare performers” featured blend in with what is “not real” and provide for an almost perfect experience that covers numerous horror genres ranging from fear of clowns to movie-authentic tributes to horror icons (with a particular focus on “Jason Voorhees” this season). In an action-packed experience, it is almost impossible to count how many diverse scenes, unique features, and the smallest of details featured in each specific attraction that breathe life and genuinely transform each environment.

Pure Terror Screampark spares no expense in terms of set design and use of impressive technological animatronics. Stylistically the entire attraction relies heavily on scenery and environment to create scares. Massive budget-intensive scenes transform the entire wooded area from a trip through “Ancient Rome” to a visit with horror legends such as “Freddy Kruger” each theme is diverse yet heavily detailed (and many are designed to disturb, such as Satanic Masses, hanging bodies, larger than life facades, brand new artwork, and themes around every corner, etc.). Pure Terror Screampark goes overboard each season in its build design and is a Halloween fan’s dream, especially for those who enjoy the budget-heavy intensity and level of detail, and careful thought into each room. Pure Terror Screampark can be a perfect experience if it can address its somewhat lack of quality scare acting. While the animatronics props and scenes are lifelike, most human interactions don’t go beyond simple jump scares. Not all attractions have to be theatrical or performance-heavy, but there is so much potential for quality acting that can augment the first-class set design and overall environment featured at Pure Terror Screampark.


Pure Terror Screampark is a “scare park” in that multiple, diverse attractions are featured during the roughly hour journey and features ten interconnected haunted attractions completed in succession. Following the attractions, an expansive midway is available with a gift shop, numerous photo opportunities featuring props that are MASSIVE in scope, and carnival-style food.

The Crypt

“As you travel deeper and deeper into the skeleton-riddled crypt, you will come face to face with bloodthirsty vampires that will be coming at you from places you sometimes won’t be able to even see with your own two eyes. Stay alert, or these vampires will make you their next victim.”

“The Crypt” is disturbing and built to create a sense of cautious paranoia. Entry into the mausoleum quickly reveals endless catacombs of horrors that are the starting attraction at Pure Terror Screampark. Each scene conveys a sense of fear, skeletons, rotting bodies, and enhanced special effects that create an appealing yet horrific haunted attraction. The attraction uses periods of darkness, strobe lights, and various other fog/special effects to create a surreal, terrifying atmosphere, and as usual, sets the tone for the entire attraction. Lifelike “dead” animatronics reach out and grasp for guests, and the use of “sound” and intense lighting creates an atmosphere of fear.

“The Crypt” is an interactive yet controlled attraction that relies on quality props and atmosphere to create effective scares. Periods of darkness, a sense of isolation, and a downright creepy atmosphere allow the hordes of the “undead “scare-actors to terrify and disturb each guest.” “The Crypt” starts the attraction on a high note, quickly establishing to each guest that this is a professional, quality attraction focused on scaring right from the start. “The Crypt” also brings to the forefront the quality and level of interactive animatronics and props, unlike those seen at other attractions (animatronics WILL reach out and grab and pop out of the most disturbing places, and demons will fly from above to torment!)

Camp Killmore

“These once active campgrounds were filled with excited camp goers who fell victim to a crazed killer who leaves his lifeless victims tucked away in their bunk beds. As you venture inside the campgrounds, you will come across an abandoned camp bus, a cabin, and a boat house where the killer still roams. He goes by the name JASON!”

“Camp Killmore” is a lengthy, movie-authentic tribute to the “Friday the 13th” franchise, featuring an authentic “campsite” including a boat dock, camp bunk, and tents that features the ominous presence of “Jason Voorhees” that is focused on the slaughter of helpless campers. Featuring NUMEROUS massive, hulking “Jason’s that blend in perfectly with the “real” killer who surprises and jumps out in the most surprising of locations. An authentic “campsite,” the level of detail is impressive and brings to life the iconic movie franchise placing the guests in live action scenes. By and large one of the “finale” attractions a rest period in between could have prevented some line back-up issues which does hurt the “immersive” nature of an adventure style attraction. However, despite a minor hiccup this is such an amazing recreation of an iconic horror “franchise” it feels as close as possible to being a visitor to “Crystal Lake” during Jason’s various rampages. Dripping with authenticity, this looks, sounds, and feels like a campground of horror!

Nightmare Factory

“Your worst nightmares are about to come to life in this old boiler factory. It is believed that a deranged serial killer imprisons his victims in tanks and then burns them alive inside the boilers in this old factory. Locals say that he goes by the name FREDDY.”

“Freddy” has escaped the “Legends of Horror” attraction and now has a residence in his “boiler room” and a factory of the undead. A movie-quality layer brought to life, the gritty metallic dungeon is a pit of hell and the perfect location for “Freddy” to taunt guests. Containment units are stored for unsuspecting house victims, and “Nightmare Factory” is an industrial nightmare.

Psycho Circus

“Are you ready to visit the Psycho Circus? These killer clowns are patently awaiting your arrival as you make your way through spinning tunnels and long, vibrant hallways. This circus experience will leave you feeling disoriented and frightened. These clowns love to clown around!”

Pure Terror Screampark has the BEST clown/circus-themed haunted attraction of those we have ever visited. We still wish we could see all the crazy, innovative clown animatronics and props that move, torment, and perform some of the unique special effects we have ever seen. For example, one animatronic “magician” pulls a rabbit out of the hat but then turns himself into a demonic evil rabbit, and the fluidity of motion is genuinely realistic. 3D artwork, actors that do a great job at “mixing in” with the props/special effects, crazy sound, misdirection, and an intense feeling of chaos and paranoia are a horrific joy to experience.

“Circus” or “carnival” themed haunted attractions are commonplace in the industry, and at times this concept is slightly overdone and has lost its effectiveness. At some point, every haunted attraction feature is “clowns,” and the theme is generic. However, Pure Terror Screampark’s “Psycho Circus” attraction takes this tired, generic concept and injects a sense of insanity and intensity that sometimes creates genuine fear. “Psycho Circus” has evolved into a genuinely insane fun-house-style attraction. Traditional fun-house style concepts, such as slanted rooms, rooms of misdirection, and trick rooms, create an interactive house of the insane. Insane “clown” animatronics reach out from walls, grab at guests and mix in with the crazed, chaotic “performers” brought to life in this attraction.

Clowns are not of the general sort; these scare actors are genuinely psychotic, brutalizing each other and working tirelessly on stalking each guest. Clowns carry a variety of weapons, such as hammers and “tasers,” and create a sense of pure chaos that adds a new level of horror to a generic concept. Pure Terror Screampark is again masterful at creating an authentic “atmosphere” or backdrop to create unique scenes. The sounds of the circus permeate the air, and props look precisely like their “living” counterparts. At times we thought we were looking at a special statute, only to be suddenly chased by these freakish clowns that genuinely take pride in creating fun yet intense scares. A twisted soundtrack adds to a level of disorientation and creates an almost nightmarish experience.

Pure Terror Scream Park presents an authentic, genuinely twisted trip through a carnival of insanity, nonstop intensity, and pure evil displayed at this violent visit to the “greatest show on earth.” “Psycho Circus” is a lengthy funhouse filled with classical components of a funhouse, such as slanted rooms, mazes, vortex tunnels, and 3D imagery that creates a chaotic atmosphere. As expected, “clowns” are the stars of the show, and terror clowns are of the violent type. 

Clown “props” yield a variety of disturbing weapons, and those that squirt water and taunt guests appear to come to life out of nowhere, and a sense of controlled insanity fills the big top of this dark carnival. 

Bedlam State Asylum

“The Bedlam State Asylum was built to house the criminally insane on Pure Terror property in 1942. This was abandoned, and the eerie mental hospital was known for its experimental treatments on patients. Many visitors have reported hearing unusual noises, such as doors randomly slamming shut and a shaking sensation coming from the floors below. Patients and nurses who never made it out continue lurking in the “Bedlam State Asylum halls.” Will you be the next patient to never make it out?”

Asylum attractions are not exactly innovative. We always feel specific themes are played out and initially felt that was going to be the case with this new attraction at Pure Terror Screampark. However, as soon as we entered this custom-built “hospital” of horrors, the level of detail, innovation, and downright crazy props/animatronics and scenes that came to life left us in complete shock. Some of the most medically disturbing, demented props, scenes, and animatronics are featured in this maze-like attraction that challenges those brave enough to escape. Pure Terror Screampark has raised the bar in attraction design by building an entire mini asylum that rivals even the REAL asylums we have visited previously. Imagine an “asylum” of your nightmares, and this is brought to life at Pure Terror Screampark. Sites, sound, and interactive rooms that feel like an abandoned, evil hospital bring to life this theme in a manner that freshens the genre, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and focuses on the twisted “fear” underlying this theme.

Resurrection Cemetery

“This haunted cemetery was built around an infamous waterfall which is said to leave you cursed if you walk underneath it after the sun sets. Overgrown weeds, grass, and vines have taken over the tombs, and the undead remains are trapped in the cemetery. Don’t take your eyes off the coffins; you have been warned.”

“Resurrection Cemetery” emphasizes the first-class set design and heavy use of animatronics featured at Pure Terror Screampark. An interactive, traditional yet technology-infused experience; the undead come to life, coffins seem to pop open and shut at will, and each scene feels like a nightmare (it is easy to be distracted looking above at the massive set designs only to be hit with a jump or startle scare). An extension of the “Crypt” attraction, the other hanging bodies, Satanic worship, and dark imagery featured on this oddly engaging yet disturbing trail make the “cemetery” one that breathes sinister fear. With a few more “performers,” this attraction can shine and be one of the most “terrifying” at Pure Terror Screampark!

Woods of the Dead

“As you go through the woods, you will discover caves and old cabins that were once filled with life. Along the lonely path, you will be watched by creatures who lurk in the dark, waiting to make you their next victim in the trees.”

“Woods of the Dead” is a classic werewolf movie at Pure Terror Screampark. Bloodthirsty creatures, animatronics that “eat” the flesh from victims, and a foreboding sense of darkness build throughout this new attraction featured at the haunt. Adding additional horror themes, “Woods of the Dead” is a solid new addition that, with a few more performers, can stand out as “unique” in the industry.     

Terror in the Dark

“All 5 of your senses will be tested in this completely blacked-out attraction. As you try to feel your way around the dark halls, you will come a scary close to many different terrifying monsters who are waiting to make their presence known in the pitch-black. They will see you before you see them.”

“Terror in the Dark” is a “pitch-black” style maze that effectively features moments where guests cannot “feel” their way to escape. Items block passageways; claustrophobia is combined with startle scares, and guests can quickly feel trapped in this lengthy effective maze. Darkness” created a chaotic atmosphere and added to the overall “package” presented at the attraction, and their focus is on isolation and sensory deprivation as tools of “fear,” as well as added new sound effects and sensory attacks that create constant paranoia and diversion. 


“The church bells ring faintly throughout the night at this hundred-year-old cathedral. The once pure nuns and priests have turned evil from the spirits that continue to haunt this old cathedral site. These twisted nuns will make you a sinner before your visit ends.”

Featuring an incredible new entryway and demonically evil facade, “Desecration” has received extensive scenic and theme upgrades this season. Partially inspired in part by New Line Cinema’s “The Nun,” “Desecration” is, for the second season, genuinely one of the most “atmospheric” disturbing haunted attractions we have ever visited. Pure Terror Screampark has built an almost picturesque, haunting abandoned “Abbey” possessed by a demonic presence and an ominous sense of dread permeating each corridor’s walls. “Desecration” is carefully constructed to be authentic in its design, taking guests to an entirely different universe and designed to build a continuous sense of pure, unadulterated terror. As we cautiously explored the haunting abbey, suddenly, the “spirit” and attitude of the scare actors began to develop an ominous tone. We would continuously hear whispers to leave, almost taunting us as demonic symbols, overturned “real” church pews (obtained from a closed church) build anticipation to a meeting with a Satanic priest, presiding over a hauntingly realistic sacrifice scene. 

“Desecration” is a transformative experience, demonstrating the best in scenic and attraction design to create an entirely different, immersive adventure that displaces one’s reality. “Desecration” is perhaps best described as an adventure, boasting the finest scare actors, set upon a backdrop of scenes rich in authentic sound and lighting that influences the tonal development creating a one-of-a-kind, genuinely terrifying haunted attraction, one that can be taken to a new level of additional scare actors were featured. However, “Desecration” does feature perhaps the “best” acting of all the houses at this attraction. Creepy nuns and satanic imagery (there are some crazy scenes such as an evil nun “spanking” demon school children) create an effective sense of fear, moments of disturbing excitement, and terror!

Legends of Horror

“All of your favorite horror legends await your arrival in this one-of-a-kind attraction. This attraction is home to a demonic girl named Regan, a ghost-like killer who loves to ring the telephone of his future victims, another crazed killer who loves Halloween and one of the most legendary Texas killers.”

“Legends of Horror” is a tribute to iconic horror cinema from the Universal Horror age right up to today’s modern horror films such as “Scream” While several of the iconic movie characters have moved “elsewhere” on the property, new movie legends take center stage. “The Exorcist” clearly is the “star” this season, with numerous scenes, soundtracks, and themes inspired by the iconic movie that is brought to life in disturbing reality. “Annabelle” and “Michael Myers” also return as well as one of the most gruesome vial representations/tributes to “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” which places each guest in the middle of the insanity. Authenticity from period-specific props to soundtracks straight from each series, “Legends of Horror” is a masterful tribute to horror cinema.

“Legends of Horror” continues to be our favorite haunt featured at Pure Terror Screampark, an absolute masterpiece that is a tribute to modern and vintage cinematic horror. Iconic horror villains vividly come to life in scenes ripped from several classic movies. No other haunted attraction, perhaps outside of Universal Studios, has paid close attention to the “details” associated with each horror movie and creates the illusion of walking into a “living, breathing” movie. “Legends of Horror” takes its theme seriously, recreating the scenes and sets of horror movies to minor details. Every scene shows deep reverence and respect for these iconic franchises and is as close to a “Hall of Fame” for horror icons as one can ever dream of. “Legends of Horror’s” scenes do each movie character justice, are pure joy for any horror fan, and are one of the best indoor walk-through attractions featured at any haunt this season. Any fan of horror will appreciate the movie-quality scenes brought to life.

The Final Word

Pure Terror Screampark prides itself on presenting a quality show that focuses on “scaring” each guest using world-class set design and interactive animatronics to create a high level of immersion in each attraction. You will be hard-pressed to find many attractions that can compare with the production quality of Pure Terror Screampark. While we have visited many large and small haunted attractions, very few pay attention to “detail” on a level presented by Pure Terror Screampark. Each attraction is about “atmosphere,” presenting an exciting, memorable experience catering to the diverse interests of Halloween fans of all backgrounds. While not the most “actor” driven show, Pure Terror Screampark relies heavily on first-class animatronics, immersive set designs, and quality audio that goes beyond one’s typical expectations of most haunted attractions and targets the diversity of scares and horrors of the season.


  • Scene Design
  • Themes and Quality of Immersive Sets
  • Diversity of Attraction
  • Big Budget/Larger than Life Show!

Room for Improvement

  • Address line/pacing issues near end of attraction
  • Add additional interactive actors
  • Enhance sound in some areas

Location: 1010 NY-17M, Monroe, NY 10950

Website: https://pureterror.com/