Massacre Mansion- 2022 Review

Imagine a chance to enter a “funhouse” from a long-lost carnival or amusement park generations ago brought back to life and infused with some minor modern “haunt” tricks yet immersed in the spirit of classical haunted attraction fun. Massacre Mansion (Carbondale, PA) is a genuine throwback haunted park featuring Pumpkin’s Wrath, Massacre Mansion, and Harvest of Souls Haunted Hayride. Each is vintage in design, with Massacre Mansion’s “funhouse” itself being the “stand out” experience unlike ANY haunted attraction left in the country. Massacre Mansion (featuring three haunted attractions) is a “gem” for those seeking out an old-school classic haunted house that is a modern throwback to the 1970s-1980s. Over the past several years, what started as a small charity-based haunt has steadily grown into an innovative funhouse style attraction with two other draws, an authentic experience that is quite possibly one of the last of its style. While best described as a classical “throwback” haunt in nature, the design team has continuously yet cautiously upgraded the attraction to include modern scares that blend perfectly within the context of the classical nature of the haunt.

What can be improved are some slight modernizations that can help this business potentially grow and prosper chiefly in marketing/branding as the show is a great throwback and growing each season. Massacre Mansion has a fantastic starting foundation in a new location, with enough space and room to build a seriously impressive, haunted attraction that can feature a funhouse that cannot be found at other attractions. With updated marketing, a website even and some modernizations to scare performances, Massacre Mansion can quickly catch fire and become a popular destination for those looking to enjoy the season as well as die-hard haunt fans. Furthermore, Massacre Mansion’s property hosts a “Christmas” light show adding another element of seasonal entertainment to this new location. At a brand-new area, offering three unique attractions, Massacre Mansion is a must-visit for those looking for something “different” in the industry and a classic seasonal experience.

Ongoing rehabilitation of this 1960’s style haunted attraction continues to stylistically add modern animatronics, special effects, and an intense soundtrack that defines each scene. The transition from a carnival-themed funhouse to classic horror movie-inspired scenes fits the attraction perfectly. Representations of horror icons from legendary films such as “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Hellraiser” add to the “fun” aspect of Massacre Mansion. Furthermore, Massacre Mansion pays tribute to Stephen King’s It,” in an authentic, disturbingly creepy manner.  Funhouse-inspired gimmicks such as walking through mini mazes, over “rats,” and sensory rooms creates a constant sense of anticipation. Within the attraction, a variety of “theatrical” scenes also take place such as a creepy visit with “Krampus,” emphasize the diversity displayed within this attraction.

Perhaps no other attraction has done more with less in terms of building a custom-built experience like this attraction as one can feel the passion for haunting around every corner. Custom-built corridors, an impressive maze-like design that hides scare actors, and shockingly effective special effects and soundtrack make this attraction a truly special place.

The vintage design coupled with modern scare tactics creates an experience that must be witnessed to appreciate. Fans searching for haunts of generations past will appreciate the style and approach to scaring. As this attraction continues to evolve in its new location we implore you to visit, experience a unique haunt unlike any other and support the work of an attraction that continues to improve each season while respecting the history and style of its one-of-a-kind attractions!

The “Harvest of Lost Souls” Haunted Hayride is surprisingly lengthy and impressive for a second-year hayride, featuring diverse scenes of horror/scares that target the phobias of a wide range of guests. As haunted hayride attractions are generally challenging to execute, Massacre Mansion’s designers understand that the classic old-school style of scaring sometimes works best to bring attractions to life. Scenes are diverse, some are more impressive in scale than others, but each has a different scare attached or special effect that feels just right. Early in the journey, “Freddy Kruger” sharpens his claws against the iron bars in his boiler room; clowns, monsters, evil scarecrows, bloodthirsty spiders, and even Krampus await along the journey, and by and large, the design of each scene is action-packed and creative. With additional sound effects, continued expansion of each set, and more performers, this can quickly become a premier hayride attraction. What is also welcome is how each actor can interact with the guests by stalking the wagon. Characters featured reappeared multiple times, some even followed the wagon to the end, and each worked extremely hard to give everyone a scare. A classic haunted hayride inspired by generations past, it complements the two other attractions featured at Massacre Mansion and has endless room for continued growth and expansion.

Location: 454 Delaware Street , Simpson, PA, United States, 18407