Kevin McCurdy’s Haunted Mansion- 2022 Review

Kevin McCurdy’s legendary “Haunted Mansion” featuring two themes this season “The Asylum and The Wicked Woods” is celebrating an astounding FORTY-SIX YEARS of providing scares to the Hudson Valley area of New York. A true industry icon, on our first visit ever, it was hard not to enjoy this unique, charming, classic attraction that is unique. While they have embraced an “asylum” theme this season, the attraction is designed as a mini village, an actual indoor haunted house that features rooms and scenes that are theatrical in design. Most of the attraction is heavily performance-based, with scenes that play out with quality acting that is at times scary, actually utilizes clever dark humor, and brings the “guest” into the show.

Quality acting is not easy to find, and these performers play their roles phenomenally and convey a sense of love and passion for what they are doing—starting with a somewhat twisted yet humorous visit with the “asylum’s” security guard, who ends up tormenting his “own” dead body, onto a journey into the halls of the asylum/mansion where we interacted with a variety of macabre, twisted characters and inhabitants. Engaging theatrical and undoubtedly unique, it was a breath of fresh air to enjoy scenes, feel a part of a show, and not be rushed from room to room. Not knowing what to expect, we entered what is best described as a mini town featuring numerous stops along an outdoor trail after leaving the indoor house. Stopping at an Old West mining excavation to a trip through a twisted lost carnival, the scenes, while sometimes vintage, feature quality/engaging acting and theatrical performances. The outdoor and indoor scenes/sets blend perfectly together and flow seamlessly.

Kevin McCurdy’s Haunted Mansion is a treasure in the industry and one that embraces and celebrates the season the right way, embracing diverse scares, unique themed scenes, and fantastic actors that bring to life a Halloween “town” that is interactive and constantly engaging. A theatrical, interactive experience, the guest is placed in a mini-village of sorts, and the classical “haunted house” style of design is amplified by quality acting and themes that are atypical of traditional haunted attractions. An adventure in many ways; it is hard not to enjoy the banter, the creative sets, themes, and moments created by this legendary attraction. Unique, theatrical, and interactive, Kevin McCurdy’s Haunted Mansion is a must-see event for those that celebrate Halloween and the season! It is hard to pinpoint all the creative characters and situations encountered on this journey. Still, we loved visiting with the “prospector” in an old-west town that was determined to “kill” before his precious gold could be stolen, a demented Christmas celebration featuring Krampus and his evil elves, and a midway of horror that featured some maniacal clowns that took solace in delivering fear rather than laughs. A perfect “classic” haunted attraction, we appreciate the old-school approach to haunting, the emphasis on theatrics, and the evident passion for Halloween.


  • Theatrical Unique acting and performances
  • Diversity in Attraction Design
  • Classic Haunted House Feel

Room for Improvement

  • Some scenes can use some upgrades scene/theme wise

Location: 38 Sheafe Rd, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590