The Devil’s Last Laugh is a brand-new haunted attraction that exceeded expectations and is one of the finest first-year attractions we have ever visited. Bringing to life quality, professional show that is focused on being scary, has quality production values that exceed even more established shows, and an EFFECTIVE storyline at building scares! Designed as a modern version of a classic haunted house based on an asylum theme, there is a shocking level of mature scares and themes which embrace violence, serial killers, and other off-color elements that harken back to classic haunts of years past. Following a brief “hayride” to the attraction and outdoor clown-themed mini-funhouse style haunt, we were led to the core attraction, the “Walcksville Asylum.” After watching a rather funny yet slightly underwhelming intro video that sets up the story of “Mr. Pickles “and gives visitors a baseline story for what to expect next, we were allowed into the custom-designed asylum to begin our journey. Do NOT let this initial entry seems rather generic and small in scale, which is deceiving as what comes next are rooms, hallways, and scenes so unique, so utterly disturbing, and designed to scare.

For their first season, the Devil’s Last Laugh is shockingly impressive, from the quality of scenes to the use of sound and basic haunt design (creating small spaces that allow for interactions, building a sense of realism, and keeping people focused on the show itself).  Some of the more disturbing rooms/scenes include a visit with an inmate bound to a “wheelchair” with the words “Netflix and Kill,” a room filled with serial killer dolls, a hillbilly’s cell, and hallways celebrating evil and the devil himself; the asylum is an adventure. We had to crawl, duck, and interact with the actors and scenes themselves to escape this intense haunted attraction. The performers are also highly committed to playing their respective roles, never once giving up on generating scares and always remaining in character. We also applaud the decision to be “scary” using dark humor, mature themes, and the art of making people feel “fear” rather than skew towards a family-friendly event. Serial killers, psychotic hillbillies, violated patients, evil doctors, and the devil himself reside in this funhouse-style attraction that is already on a path to becoming a premier haunted attraction for those that want to be afraid and one that already has production values that exceed those that have been open for numerous years. Off-color, crazy at times, psychedelic, interactive and grim, this is one new show that has already leaped ahead of developmental expectations and one that should undoubtedly be visited this season!


  • Attraction Design; impressive use of animatronics, special effects for a first-year show
  • Performances by and large are solid
  • Scenes are mature, embrace adult style scares (not afraid of fear!)
  • Tight spaces, corners and interactive rooms

Room for Improvement

  • Outdoor attraction can be emphasized more and utilized as stronger opening attraction
  • Continue adding length and quality to attraction that has a solid foundation

Location: 3975 Long Run Road, Lehighton, PA, United States, Pennsylvania