Lehigh Valley Screampark-2022 Review

Lehigh Valley Screampark


Lehigh Valley Screampark (Orefield, PA) is a emerging scare-park” attraction that has quickly established itself as a developing “destination” style attraction that offers quality, professional horrors for a variety of Halloween fans. It features four distinct attractions and an extensive midway/commerce area. For such a new haunted attraction/scare-park, it is thoroughly impressive to see how quickly this attraction has grown and improved in such a short period of its history.

Lehigh Valley Screampark is the perfect way to spend an evening of Halloween fun embracing diverse scares, building a foundation for a potentially world-class “scream park” experience. Featuring three-core various and largely well-designed/unique haunted attractions, an extensive midway with food options DJ (which we would hope would play more “horror music” than techno), pizza, and even craft beer. Various “scare performers” roam the midway, and this attraction has genuinely embraced the foundational style of a quality “scream-park” experience. Impressive artistic and creative direction is already evident. With a more refined operations plan and timing, this attraction is well on its way to making significant waves in the industry

The Attractions

Hollow of Horror Hayride

“Hollow of Horror Hayride” is the starting point and a classical haunted hayride attraction featuring a variety of diverse Halloween/horror-inspired themes. Thematically, the attraction plays to the core fears and phobias of most guests, including scenes such as a “cemetery,” “biohazard/containment scene, “hillbilly refuge,” “swamp,” and abandoned “town” complete with its ghoulish sheriff. “Hollow of Horror Hayride” has some of the most impressive actors, and each of the scenes featured has been enhanced with quality sound effects and new special effects that raise the show’s quality from last season. Performances are far more refined, and moments of awkward pause or trepidation that occurred last season rarely are the case.

Creative “jump scares” and the use of “chainsaws” add some new surprises to classical haunted attraction tropes, and “Hollow of Horror Hayride” is a great start to the extensive scare-park journey featured at Lehigh Valley Screampark. By and large, the scenes are well designed for developing a haunted attraction, and the performers are a mix between “funny” and “scary,” We hope that the attraction continues to build its haunted hayride instead of cutting scenes. What we did miss was the exciting finale from last season, a unique take on a circus/clown tent that has now become the staging area for the newest attraction, “Psycho Path.”

Psycho Path

New for 2022, “Psycho Path” is an outdoor/indoor hybrid corn maze/walk-through that takes guests through a variety of different scenes of horror. From entering a life-like crypt/ tomb to escaping a dark clown maze, the trail is an ominous stylistic attraction that places each guest alone, near lost among the cornstalks. Adding additional depth and scares to the “scream park” “Psycho Path” does so in a manner that is professionally executed, scary, and welcome addition to the Lehigh Valley Screampark.


“Operation Biopurge” is a post-apocalyptic war/science fiction/mutant-style themed walk-through attraction that combines elements of a “war” on the bio-infestation with scenes that sometimes feel like a B-Movie come to life. Thematically solid, with an effectively designed outdoor maze that challenges guests to escape, new enhanced sound and lighting effects, and quality performers, “Biopurge” has been vastly improved upon since last season.

At times a more humorous attraction, the post-apocalyptic style haunt adds another layer of depth and diversity to the scream park. Featuring far more “scare-performers” than last year, some of which engage in “dark humor” and twisted banter, there are some unique set designs and props/animatronics, including a “mad doctor” and his “scientific experiment” that is inspired by Frankenstein, thematic rooms that fit the “militant” theme, and de-contamination experience that all fit the theme perfectly. With a little less “humor” in the initial portion of the attraction, and a few more encounters with the undead, this can be a near-perfect “biowarfare” style-themed attraction.


It is very challenging to find indoor haunted houses or attractions that are practically perfect. Still, Lehigh Valley Screampark features one of the finest “haunted house” style attractions we have ever visited. From the first opening scene, as we are “welcomed” into the living room, this two-story haunted house’s style, sets, and spirit of authenticity are phenomenal. The house is best described as akin to the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” with vintage themes that meet the 70’s style, and as each guest progresses, the attraction gets more twisted and violent. The entire structure is designed to “feel and look” like an authentic abandoned house of pure violence and debauchery; victims of torture are bound to the walls, an “outhouse,” bathrooms, a kitchen, and bedrooms are filled with intricate details that can keep one exploring for ages yet constantly generate a sense of paranoia and inject believability that is not easily accomplished.

“Condemned” is as close to a “real” authentic representation of a gritty 1970’s era grindhouse-style haunted house that is serious is designed to scare and generate feelings of dread. We cannot say enough good things about this house of horrors as it was genuinely terrifying, not a rushed experience, and one that gets progressively more sinister from start to finish. “Condemned” is designed to be a “no-nonsense” gritty house of horrors that will leave you wholly unnerved and disturbed. One of the finest indoor attractions of the season by far! Your skin will crawl as you duck, dive, and become lost in the darkness, listening to the helpless screams of the victims of this tormented house, one that is “Condemned”!  This is a violent, trip back into time that is so authentic, challenges you to escape yet fun that we cannot give this attraction ENOUGH praise!

Final Word

Lehigh Valley Screampark provides “something for all” in horror entertainment with five quality haunted attractions that exceed expectations for a relatively new attraction. Dark humor, theatrics, and pure fear can be experienced during one’s visit, and an entire night of fun can be had at this growing attraction. Seeing such quality and commitment to excellence in a developing/new haunted scare park is exciting. The level of improvement in just a brief few seasons is noticeable, and the foundation for excellence in the industry is evident. We highly recommend you visit this season!


  • Diversity of Scares
  • Quality of Attractions; Improved sound and special effects in all attractions
  • Condemned!
  • Quality of acting; mix of humor and horror

Room for Improvement

  • Hayride has some flat scenes and can be lengthier
  • Additional performers in “Biopurge” and “Psycho Path” attractions would improve scares

Location: 2951 Betz Ct, Orefield, PA 18069

Website: https://lehighvalleyscreampark.com/