Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Hayride and Scarepark-2022 Review


Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Hayride and Scarepark have reached the pinnacle of amusement-horror performance art, a haunted attraction that has raised the bar in industry excellence and exceeds the most unfathomable of expectations for this already world-class attraction. For those who visit the attraction each year FORGET what you think you know, as this season Reaper’s Revenge not only features numerous upgrades to all its five attractions but there is also a clear evolution and passion that can be felt on the infamous mountain. Reaper’s Revenge that has become an immersive adventure of the grandest scale. Described in the past as an “empire of horror” and proclaimed as one of the country’s finest, Reaper’s Revenge has earned those monikers, constantly innovating, focused on a first-class immersive experience that leaves no small detail untouched.

While we have visited this attraction countless times since its inception (it was one of the first haunts we ever covered) and consider it a “home base” in many ways, it did seem as though last year lost a bit of its “wow” factor and energy, especially for those who were regular visitors. Innovation and a commitment to excellence with a drive towards perfection are evident in the spirit and direction of Reaper’s Revenge! However, fear not; this sense of horrific wonder and sheer astonishment that captivated our nightmares for years has not only returned but has been amplified by technological horrors and scenic upgrades that left us absolutely in shock.

The Attractions

Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Hayride and Scarepark feature five attractions completed in sequential order; “Haunted Hayride,” “The Lost Carnival,” “Delirium,” “Sector 13,” and “Pitch Black.” “Sector 13” and “Pitch Black.” In addition to the haunted attractions, guests can enjoy the extensive commerce area, with a brand-new projection screen stage, a bonfire, photo ops, games, food, and merchandise. 

Haunted Hayride

The adventure at Reaper’s Revenge kicks off in a major way with the “Haunted Hayride” attraction. The attraction has received extensive, noticeable upgrades, massive in scale, and is filled with mesmerizing yet terrifying special effects. Still very much the centerpiece at Reaper’s Revenge, the “Haunted Hayride” has undergone some massive changes and has received extensive upgrades to almost every little detail along the lengthy two-part journey. The scenes featured throughout this journey are richly detailed, filled with action, massive larger-than-life props, animatronics, and special effects; it is almost impossible to notice every detail making each return a fresh experience. The level and scope of upgrades this season cannot be understated as Reaper’s Revenge sparred not expense at enhancing and, in some cases, completely revamping each scene to make it a brand-new experience. A less actor and more automated show, the changes made are for the better, bringing to life scenes that genuinely defy the imagination (and one’s nightmares).

For those veteran fans who attend every season, you will be left in complete shock at the changes and freshness brought to this attraction, and for new visitors alike, this is quite possibly in its history, the prime season to experience this spectacle of an outdoor horror show. Kicking off with a trip through the Reaper’s castle gates, the opening scene itself is vastly enhanced, featuring without spoiling one of the most gruesome, lifelike animatronic monsters that dangle the helpless body of a “victim,” once again challenging guests to “test their fate.” Inside the castle, the bodies of dead “priests” eerily glow, giving way to a chilling display of “floating” candles that give way to an entirely new spin on the familiar “Ring” scene. Reaper’s Revenge has embraced new technologies this season and uses “video” projection as a special effect that adds a new layer and depth to outdoor scenes and the commerce area.

While the scenes from a thematic standpoint, by and large from a theme, are the same, the level of upgrades and the sheer amount of new massive animatronic monstrosities that are genuinely lifelike adds further depth and excitement. What also is noticeable is the enhanced use of sound and lighting effects that bring “life” to the robotic creatures. For example, in a newer scene unveiled last season, two massive dragon-like creatures emerge from a castle façade; each that reaches onto the wagon has its own “specific” noises and interacts with the commands of their demonic gatekeeper bellows from above. The creature’s sound, lighting, and the perfect level of fog make these creatures feel all too lifelike. Furthermore, in other already established scenes, similar use of enhanced sound effects injects new tension into the zombie/graveyard, a brand new and entertaining twist on the “thriller scene” is a welcome site. Even the once somewhat passive, visually impressive “pumpkin forest” feels far more terrifying due to the variety of new scares that add surprise and an “eviler” spirit to the already famous scene, with sinister “pumpkin” creatures raging from above.

While not as actor drove as other attractions featured at Reaper’s Revenge, the performances are strong. Even those scenes that already were refined, such as the twisted take on “Alice in Wonderland,” have new psychedelic lights, fantastical decorations, mushrooms, and surprises galore. “Freddy Krueger” steals the scene in his “boiler room/toxic” scene. A demented “drag queen” adds a level of the creepy version to a” suicide” forest (which we did feel was a little bit rushed, and we hope that this scene doesn’t get left behind as it is still straightforward in design but disturbing visually), the cannibalistic inhabitants assault the wagon with full force as guests enter their “homeland” in the infamous House of 1000 Corpses inspired “pallet tunnel scene”  and the hayride is capped off with a drastically improved finale that is the ULTIMATE showdown with the “Reaper’ himself.

The Lost Carnival

After finishing the first half of the hayride, we were led into the “security” shed featuring a brand new “Officer Patty,” which added a new layer of freshness to an already unique illusion-driven scene/scare. While the “Lost Carnival” itself has always been an authentic representation of its namesake, this is ANOTHER attraction that has received extensive upgrades that make it more realistic and interactive than ever before. The best way to describe this attraction is “more carnival” and “more scares” as several new scenes and rooms have been added, including a fortune teller’s wagon and mini-mirror maze that distorts the vision.

More crazed clowns and Carnival freaks appear around every corner, from above, on the ground, and the animatronic/props themselves are interactive. A hallway of “psychotic clowns” break through walls, reaching and grabbing in manic fashion, and once outside, those clowns that hang from the trees above upon escape move and interact with guests and “move.” Authenticity has always been a strong point of this attraction as it feels, looks, and sounds like an abandoned evil carnival. The perfect balance between acting and animatronic horror is achieved in “Lost Carnival,” as it is near impossible to differentiate what is real and not real. Performances themselves are also equally as strong, joyfully twisted, and aggressive at times, from the barker introducing guests to the “freakshow” to those challenging victims to partake in their demented games of chance, these ghoulish creatures breathe a liveliness and spirit of chaos that can be distinctly felt throughout the air.


“Delirium” is hitting its stride as a funhouse-style multidimensional, mind-bending experience that compliments and adds to the diversity of scares offered by Reaper’s Revenge. “Delirium”, the “newest” attraction at Reaper’s Revenge, has consistently improved since its first season three years ago. More entertaining, embracing a twisted funhouse appeal, than intense “scary,” the 3D artwork and psychedelic special effects this season have been greatly enhanced this season as well.

Performers do a fantastic job of blending in with the scenes inducing startle/jump scares and creating interactive scenes that divert the senses by adding obstacles above and below one’s viewpoint. Hanging props such as “sea horses” dance from the ceiling, and various CGI scenes, air blasts, and constant distractions create the perfect platform for performers to “blend” in with the attractions’ design.

Pitch Black

“Pitch Black” is designed from the ground up to scare, terrify and break down the bravest of souls. Skipped by many visitors, it intimidates from the outside and never lets down its intensity once inside. Periods of absolute darkness, tight spaces, loud distracting sounds, flashes of light, and an assault on the senses create fear that often is generated by the mind itself. “Less is more” in “Pitch Black,” and what you touch touches you. The stimulatory effects combine to induce panic, and yet it is done in such a simple manner. There is no need for larger-than-life pyro or massive CGI special effects. It’s just a complete exposure of one’s vulnerability to the unknown and relentless assault on the senses.

Sector 13

“Sector 13” is a post-apocalyptic nightmare, a twisted dungeon of steel and hell, with more actors and interactive scenes than ever before. New animatronics, special effects, and enhanced lighting add new scares to this longstanding dungeon of doom. Sets have been revamped for forced interactions with the demented doctors, more fog, lasers, and special effects hide the most freakish ghouls created by biological terror, and it is near impossible not to become a “victim” of the gleefully demented doctors that show no repent.

Already considered one of the most intense and downright freakish attractions at Reaper’s Revenge, a barrage of new mutated freaks and walking abominations have flooded the facility. The army of monsters, both mutated and psychotic, not only engages each guest, but some make some of the most horrific sounds from the bowels of visceral hell. The characters, new props, and animatronics are so strange to engage with, creating a sense of tension and relentless horror.

Final Word

Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Hayride and Scarepark continue a path as an industry leader, innovator, and an event that is meticulous in its overall commitment to excellence and a spectacle from the moment one arrives to their departure. From an unforgettable start to a hellacious finish, this over ninety-minute journey is filled with non-stop action, scenes of horror that are ripped from one’s nightmares, and a sense of immersion that makes one feel surrounded by the gigantic scenes filled with horrors that words do not do justice.

Even if you have been a loyal Reaper’s Revenge fan since day one, this show feels entirely reinvigorated on the grandest scale and moving in a direction that embraces technological terror and is laser-focused on ensuring every aspect of the show is near perfection. A horror empire of the most authentic kind, it may be hard-pressed to find a more robust, all-encompassing, and simply impressive overall show this season.

Location: 460 Green Grove Rd, Blakely, PA 18447