Scranton Haunted Reviews: Support Local Haunts!

Northeast, PA (NEPA) is home to a variety of Halloween events, and numerous long-standing, beloved haunted attractions.  Within a short journey, fans of horror can experience a wide array of first-class Halloween entertainment, each attraction diverse by design and each a quality experience worth your money. While some legendary attractions such as Ransom’s Dracula’s Forest have sadly closed their gates for good and others such as Wilkes Barre’s Gravestone Manor decided to take the season off due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. NEPA’s numerous Halloween celebrations have continued to thrive, and we strongly recommend you visit one (or more) of these iconic events this upcoming weekend!

Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Hayride and Attractions (Scranton, PA) – Test Your Fate! Reaper’s Revenge is quite possibly the premier haunted attraction in the country. Featuring three haunted attractions; “Haunted Hayride”, “The Lost Carnival”, “Delirium”, “Pitch Black” and “Sector 13”  Reaper’s Revenge is a destination attraction. Each show improves on the other, and the “show” itself has only become stronger over the year. Reaper’s Revenge team is committed to presenting the best show possible with world-class, larger than life special effects, immersive acting, and a brand new attraction that has added a brand new “dimension” of fear to one of the finest haunted spectacles in the country. A must-see experience, over an hour of adventure, and 65 acres of non-stop horror infused entertainment! (

Horror Hall (West Nanticoke, PA) – Horror Hall is a legendary “fun-house” style haunted attraction, a one-of-a-kind event that has withstood the test of time. Numerous scenes of unique horror await, from the “room of saws” to “prison Block HH” in a journey through insanity. A yearly tradition, Horror Hall, has added a “Chose your Fate” series of rooms that add additional value to those who visit Horror Hall each season. While not the most actor-driven show, the fun-house approach, embracing various scenes and innovative sets that are unlike those found in larger attractions, embrace and celebrate the spirit of the Halloween season!  (Horror Hall is on Facebook)

Circle of Screams (Dickson City, PA) – Featuring a custom-built outdoor/indoor walk-through trail this season, Circle of Screams continues to evolve and change each year.

Your friends and you are taking a nice stroll through the woods but nothing seems right, an eerie fog rolls in around you. Something is making you feel uneasy and nothing is what it seems. You continue further into the estate, something moves in the woods around your group. Creatures from the old manor have decided to play with you, the trespasser. You see a light in the distance and follow it to what you thought was safety as you enter the dwelling. Beware of what is around each corner. Our manor doesn’t take kindly to those who choose to explore. The Demons and their friends here are not forgiving and have set their sights on one thing….. your soul. (!

Hellstead Manor (Halstead, PA) – Hellstead Manor (and “The Wretched Woods”) has improved its entire show from previous seasons, focusing on realism, creating a dark, gritty experience that relies heavily on psychological fear to build constant tension and genuine apprehension the unknown. For the most part, realism and actors did a great job of using their environments to scare augmented the already impressively designed scenes and outdoor sets featured by this attraction. A lengthy journey, Hellstead Manor has abandoned its more “theatrical” storyline and, in its place, is realistic yet surreal and focused on scaring and disturbing each visitor brave enough to visit!’ (

Happy Halloween!