Field of Horrors 2021 Haunted Attraction Review


Field of Horrors (Troy, NY) is a “funhouse/boardwalk” style scream-park featuring a large midway, bonfire with food, and FIVE uniquely themed haunted attractions. Each attraction is structurally similar, an indoor maze with different styles and themes that reflect diverse Halloween scares. Walking through each “maze” is relatively the same, but the scene designs, animatronics, and props are “gritty” and have an “old-school” charm that is missing from many larger “mega” haunted attractions. Each attraction features the basic “scare acting,” and these are not a huge budget event; the costumes/make-up are somewhat simplistic in today’s era, yet there is a distinct passion for the season and uniqueness in design that brings to life the classical “funhouse” style era of haunting that is sadly fading away. Don’t underestimate each attraction; by and large, each is heavily detailed with unique scenes not found in other haunts and with some improved acting (most of the performers yell generic lines or scream), improved sound system (s), and a few lengthier attractions Field of Horrors can become a staple visit for any haunt fan and those looking to enjoy seasonal entertainment. 

Field of Horrors features FIVE unique walk-through attractions, each of which embraces a “funhouse style” vintage haunted attraction design and features a variety of unique themes. Also featured is an extensive midway with a bonfire, food vendors, photo areas, and merchandise.


The Crypt

Take a walk deep into a dark and cursed tomb of slumbering villainous monsters! As you wind your way into the haven of the Vampire King, beware the Reapers that threaten to take your soul or the Lycans that wish to rip apart your body! Will you be able to find your way out, while being pursued by nightmares from beyond the grave? Or will you become another victim of The Crypt?!?!

Dr. Morbid’s Haunted House

Recently, during attempted renovations to Morbid Mansion, workers discovered a secret passageway leading to the ruins of old, abandoned waxworks. Dr. Willy L. Morbid, the proprietor of Morbid Mansion, and known to locals as the Mad Waxmaker, is said to have used bizarre methods when filling his waxworks with statues. Are you brave enough to venture forth into his macabre mansion and see for yourself?

Condemned Manor

Disturbing residents of the past are vying for sole ownership of the condemned manor…As the floor creeps with every step, your hair stands up and you’ll soon regret that you got in the way of these strange spirits and their hunt to eliminate anyone who enters their home!

Return of The Mummy’s Curse

Finally, many years after exploring the tomb of the architect, Khepri-Nekhekh, and suffering through the Mummy’s Curse, several scrolls were discovered lost within the tomb and have been translated by our researchers.   These scrolls revealed the location of a lost temple and it was revealed within these walls that a high-priestess of the temple, Neferanubis, was entombed within the sanctuary.


Confusion. . . disorientation. . . perplexion. . . puzzlement. A few senses that will overcome you during your time here. Fear doesn’t only affect you, physiologically, it can also cloud your judgment. The group becomes tense, the leader falls back from frustrations, the alpha male becomes hostile, the group is no longer calm. Will you and your friends be able to handle the sense of the unknown? The most intense, high-tech, mind-boggling attraction you have yet to experience. Come see why everyone is being pushed to the brink of INSANITY.

The Final Word

Field of Horrors is a UNIQUE experience that offers a variety of scares, fun, and value and for those who are haunt aficionados seeking something vintage yet modern. From an escape from a “Mummy’s Tomb” through an adventure through the catacombs of the “Crypt,” Field of Horrors offers diversity and a genuine “fun factor” that is sometimes missing from the more prominent corporate attractions. Some of the attractions are stronger than others, but each complements the style of a “scream-park” that focuses on the “fun” of the season. Shockingly old school at times, yet always entertaining Field of Horrors was a pleasant surprise and one we would recommend for those in the region!