Frightmare Farms Haunted Screampark 2021 Review


Frightmare Farms Haunted Scream Park (Fulton, NY) is a multi-attraction spectacular show that perhaps does not get enough attention from industry media. Featuring four unique attractions, each embracing unique “horror themes,” Frightmare Farms is a heavily detailed, “big-budget” style immersive experience, emphasizing sensory scares and creative concepts that transform a dark forest/farm into numerous scenes of horror that transcend one’s traditional expectations. Each attraction is custom-designed, boasting themes and ideas that you will NOT see at any other haunted attraction, as well as designs, artwork, and intense sound effects that are exclusive to Frightmare Farms. We arrived not expecting much due to limited online exposure, only to see a great crowd and a massive midway featuring numerous food options, games, and places for guests to relax. The evident popularity of this attraction indicated we were in for a quality show. By the end of the evening, we were highly impressed and shocked at the creativity and diversity embraced by this “scream park.”


Frightmare Farms Haunted Scream Park features four core attractions and a second-year hayride attraction. Guests can enjoy various food vendors, photo opportunities, and a campfire and watch a movie to extend their stay. Frightmare Farms is a first-class “scream-park” that excels in unique attraction theme design, by and large-excellent “scare performances,” quality of the show, and professionalism by all staff. Careful attention to detail and a commitment to excellence can be quickly discerned from this attraction celebrating ten years of operation. Still early in its lifespan, Frightmare Farms already has the foundation in place for a world-class destination event that brings to life themes ranging from haunted coal mines to a “frozen” haunted house attacked by evil “crows” that are unlike those found elsewhere.

Blood Bound – The Twisted Labyrinth

Blood Bound-The Twisted Labyrinth” is a fast-paced, “maze” like attraction in which a “mad doctor’s” experiments come to life. Monsters lurk behind each corner and throw barrels, act completely insane yet remain a safe distance from each guest. One of the shorter attractions featured focuses on getting the adrenaline pumping, and actors do a great job at “stalking” groups. Each scene is richly detailed and creates an almost dungeon-like attraction that embraces fast-paced chaos. Special effects include theatrical fog, scene lighting used to hide actors, and various grotesque monstrosities that tirelessly to trap helpless guests. “Blood Bound” is a relatively quick-moving attraction and the shortest featured at Frightmare Farms, but memorable. An intense, fast-moving, and aggressive experience, “Blood Bound” is an excellent kick-off to one’s journey at Frightmare Farms!

Winter’s Harvest- The Professor’s Estate Haunted House

“Winter’s Harvest- The Professor’s Estate” is a unique twist on the classical “Victorian” haunted house/estate/mansion concept, plunging an abandoned estate into the depths of snow-covered, icy winter. The “frozen” desolate “abandoned” estate is one of the first “winter” inspired attractions we can think of in memory, and each room embraces the theme to the extreme. In a dormant chilling atmosphere, the “abandoned” house is covered in snow and ice, and the atmosphere created builds a sense of fear and isolation. Theatrical characters, monsters that hide INSIDE of walls, and demonic scarecrows lay claim to this frigid house of horror and engage in “creative” scare that caused us to jump more than once.

The atmosphere is key to generating immersion, and this is a detail-intensive attraction. A chilling breeze, followed by an ice-cold gust of wind, can be felt when one enters the estate; tight corridors lead to rooms that are so detailed one could spend hours just exploring this “realistic” custom-designed haunted house. Dusty antiques, a rotting “library,” bedrooms and other rooms one would expect are “chilled” by exposure to a “harsh winter, frozen and time and very disturbing. Approaching a morgue, “scare performers” were able to reach through walls, using elongated “fingernails” to scare, without coming in contact with each guest. Looking straightforward only reveals a fraction of the detail and the story being told by this cold harvest. Actors blend in with props and can descend from above, from behind, and within the walls of this terrifying, “haunted mansion” isolated and frozen in terror.

The 7th Barn-The Condemned Mine Trail

“The 7th Barn- The Condemned Mine Trail” is ANOTHER one-of-a-kind concept/themed attraction featured at Frightmare Farms. A primarily outdoor trail, the story of a twisted farmer who constructs terrifying filled with slaughter as a tribute or revenge after a “child’s death” is coupled with a trip down what is an authentic representation of a “haunted” abandoned “coal mine.” This lengthy outdoor/indoor hybrid attraction is intense, gory, and filled with unique scenes and walkways, unlike any attraction we have ever visited.

Moments of pitch dark give way to hulking actors that throw large objects/barrels etc. in pure rage, and a trip through a coal mine is so realistic one can hear the sound of cracking beams, ghostly mine cars, and water droplets, creating a genuine experience. Again, Frightmare Farms does a fantastic job of creating an immersive experience as the action takes place in front of and behind each guest. We often found ourselves being stalked by the various “undead” coal miners and angry farm-folk that inhabit this attraction. The “finale” of the walk-through experience at Frightmare Farms, this trail is a sensory overload, plunging guests into moments of darkness, using fog to trick senses and effectively hide actors that again use creative ways to engage guests safely (one for example, even reached out at us with a “giant arm!”)

Frightmare Forest Haunted Hayride

The “Haunted Hayride” attraction at Frightmare Farms is brand new compared to the other core attractions, and for a second-year hayride, we were shocked at the quality of set designs and the size of such a new attraction. While many haunts across the country are eliminating “hayrides,” Frightmare Farms has built an attraction that is years ahead of one’s expectations and has several more extensive and more impressive scenes than other established hayride attractions. The roughly 20-minute journey begins with a trip through a hauntingly beautiful cemetery with various large-scale animatronics and a few actors that generate startle scares.

Once again, “quality” is evident in this attraction as each scene is lit correctly, and a dual soundtrack (on the wagon and scene-specific) brings to life each set. A variety of “horror-inspired” themes are featured, including a massive “sawmill,” hillbilly/violent farmer sheds, a disturbing human sacrifice scene, and an intense “chainsaw assault” scenes featuring “baby faced” actors leading to a brief finale. In its second season and is already well above most hayride attractions in terms of quality and performance. Featuring diverse scenes that range from cemetery’s sacrificial scenes to a diabolical village of disturbed killers and butchers, and each scene features fantastic special effects, for the most part, engaging actors and sound effects. Pacing at times is an issue as the tractor moves rather quickly, and Frightmare Farms can be best served by slowing down the pace of the show. Furthermore, the attraction features a narrator, which by and large ads a level of dark humor and twisted banter to a show and doesn’t distract from the overall experience. Building hayride attractions is challenging, and for a second-year show, the size and scope of Frightmare Farm’s attraction are impressive, to say the least.

The Final Word

Frightmare Farms Haunted Scream Park is a must-visit for those looking for unique twists and turns on classical horror themes. First-class in operation, design, and professionalism, the quality and unique concepts featured at this “scream park” are evident and transcend industry norms. While the attraction was limited in terms of actor performance/aggression due to pandemic restrictions, each of the four attractions was creative in design/execution and a welcome departure from industry norms. 

Professionalism and execution of a first-class scream-park style attraction is not an easy task, and Frightmare Farms’ creative team and management have built an atmosphere and environment that celebrates the diversity of themes and does so in a manner that meticulously focuses on detail. From the chill of a frozen “haunted house” to the sounds of ghostly mining, audio/visual special effects, combined with scene-specific acting, really breathes life into four legitimately diverse, quality attractions. One of the best “scream-parks” you can EVER visit, we cannot heap enough praise at the impressive yearly growth of Frightmare Farms!

Each attraction was breathtaking, and immersive effects made “sense” based on the theme and scene presented. From the chilling air pumped throughout “The Professor’s Estate Haunted House” to the “sound” of ghost miners hard at work in the “Condemned Mine-Trail,” every single sensory trigger is addressed to give a guest a transformative/genuinely immersive experience that receives our highest recommendation.

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