Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Hayride and Attractions-2021 Season Preview and Trailer Premier

Reapers Revenge 2021 Trailer

Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Hayride and Attractions (Scranton, PA), is perhaps the ultimate “Screampark” attraction in the country, featuring a spectacle of a show that must be seen to believe. Celebrating “13 Years of Fear” Reaper’s Revenge features FIVE unique attractions, “Haunted Hayride”, “The Lost Carnival”, “Delirium”, “Pitch Black” and “Sector 13”, 65 acres of nonstop action, and a show that exceeds industry standards in every category. 2021 is once again poised to be one of the most significant shows in the attraction’s storied history, with all FIVE attractions open and monumental upgrades to the entire show that genuinely transcend one’s craziest nightmares.

A commitment to excellence has been the core strength of this famous attraction. Actors, staff, management, and owners have once again focused efforts on building a world-class show, that puts the “customer” at the center of the horror.

We are proud to share with you this year’s “trailer” and we will be covering this major year continuously throughout the season here and with our partners at Dread Central! A true empire of horror, Reaper’s Revenge is the ultimate test of one’s fate. Celebrate “13 Years of Fear” and get your tickets NOW!