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The hit podcast Murder Phone: With The Serial Killer Whisperer Tony Ciaglia produced in collaboration with Sabean Media, returns this fall! True Crime thrillers, television shows, and documentaries have covered numerous stories of sadistic murders, serial killers, and crimes. While many have strived to retell the stories and identify the motivations, very few if any can present a genuine “first-hand” account of the psychological motivation underlying those acts which in some cases are unspeakable. In a genre flooded with generalizations, and second/third hand analytical exposes, very few storytellers have been brave enough to forge the intrinsic trust and bonds necessary to delve within the minds, and souls of those that commit horrific atrocities. Psychodynamic theories often try to define the motives, and the passions which fuel and serve as the foundation for serial murders, yet many find it impossible to become one with the madness.

Tony and Al Ciaglia

In 2019, Tony Ciaglia, who has over fifteen years of investigative experience, along with his loyal father Al began a journey and adventured into the psyche of some of the nation’s most depraved serial killers, with a unique podcast that served as an almost first-hand account of pure terror. An evolutionary podcast and “deep dive” into a taboo subject area Tony not only covered his life with a brain injury which led him to correspond with the world’s most notorious serial killers. Tony is an inspiration, a man of immense talent and an innate, unique ability to connect with the minds, motives, and personas of those who have plagued society. Tony uses his ability and focus to help understand the nature of the beast, to help bring closure, and at times assist in solving some of the most notorious and forgotten crimes of the century. It is safe to say that no other individual has been able to come as close to the psyche of those we would never want to encounter. A courageous survivor in his own right, Tony’s mission to understand the mentality behind the fear and actions leading to one’s final destinations drives a compelling journey and real-life adventure story unlike any other.

During Season One, available now on all major podcast platforms, Tony and Al describe their six-year relationship with David Gore. Gore, one of Florida’s most violent serial killers, confessed to, and was convicted of, six murders in Vero Beach and Indian River County, Florida in the 1980s. Gore spent 28 years on death row and was executed by lethal injection in 2012. Through Gore’s letters, listeners get to know this monster’s most intimate thoughts.

Correspondence with Notorious Serial Killer David Gore

How he hunted, what were his trophies, personal detailed descriptions of killings, his Death Row relationship with Ted Bundy, and how he literally talked his way into the execution chamber. Season One features interviews with women who survived to tell of their horrifying experience with David Gore and Fred Waterfield “The Killing Cousins.” Tony with Al covers a story that not many know, and those that do, dare speak of it. “Murder Phone” puts the listener at the center of the experience, immersing one in a reality that is beyond the breaking point of one’s innermost fears. This is AS CLOSE TO A SERIAL KILLER YOU WILL EVER WANT TO BE! Brand new stories, experiential opportunities to become a direct participant in these interpersonal explorations await as “Murder Phone” returns this fall!  

Podcast Reviews

“Deep dive into the minds of murderers-The content is fascinating and as the podcast moves on the hosts become more relaxed and smoother. I am really enjoying the podcast.

“Such an amazing podcast! My major in law school was criminology and this podcast finds me so well. I am always curious about the “how’s and why’s” of a criminal mind. And this podcast brings so much light on that, as it is firsthand letters from the serial killer himself! Keep it up Tony and Al! Can’t wait for Season Two!”

I can’t stop listening! If you love true crime you need to listen to this podcast, if you haven’t checked out his book The Serial Killer Whisperer, I highly recommend you read it. I couldn’t put it down! Thank you, Tony!

An incredible, honest story about the journey of a man who instead of letting a tragedy consume him- made and continues to make his life a remarkable one.

Literally inside the mind of a serial killer-amazing podcast! As a true crime fan and one who’s always secretly wants to correspond with serial killers, I’m blown away that Tony did just that! Your story is phenomenal, you’re an inspiration. Keep up the great work

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