Can you handle a haunted attraction where you ALONE must confront the demonic? Are you prepared to face your innermost psychological fears? Into the Black (Los Angeles, California) is a grim, diabolical, and genuinely sinister haunted attraction (a demonic infested Victorian themed haunted attraction) that is focused on one primary goal “creating terror.” Disturbing to its core, Into the Black focuses on the “guest experience” as the primary target for its unleashed terror, and this is not a haunted attraction for those who do not want to face their deepest, darkest fears. 

Into the Black is as close to a nightmare simulator as one could imagine; guests enter ALONE into a maze that is home to the most horrific creatures that have arisen perhaps straight from hell and prey upon every sign of weakness and vulnerability. Guests will encounter scenes of devil worship and the conjured demons that thrive off the energy of fear in this immersive, intense horror experience.

Into the Black is not a “fun time,” designed to be a house of nonstop terror, with grotesque disturbing imagery, hellacious designs, and an emphasis on the demonic, challenging guests to complete this exercise in evil. A solo experience guests must confront the evil and face one’s own psychological fears in an unsettling adventure that rewards those brave enough to enter!

Into the Black is currently postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but check out for updates on this must-visit horror experience!

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