A Special Season Preview of “FEAR FACTORY” Salt Lake City, Utah’s MOST TERRIFYING Haunted Attraction!

The Fear Factory (Salt Lake City, Utah), was the first “haunted attraction” to open this past spring for a “special event” during the pandemic and has been one of the leaders in sharing its COVID-19 safety plan across the industry. Taking the lead during challenging times is not easy, and The Fear Factory, has displayed innovative courage, and commitment to the larger industry by developing and sharing a plan that maximizes the safety of guests and staff.


As the global COVID-19 pandemic forced most of the country to adopt social distancing and shelter in place guidelines to slow the spread of the virus, there were questions about the Fear Factory’s 2020 schedule. In response to health and safety concerns, the Fear Factory’s founders created a “Contingency and Safety Plan” to help ensure the safety of its guests and employees. The contingency and safety plan was created in conjunction with the World Health Organization’s guidelines and federal, state, and local government recommendations for operating a public venue during COVID-19.

In May 2020, The Fear Factory was able to test its contingency and safety plan with its annual Halfway to Halloween event. Halfway to Halloween was a huge success. There were no COVID-19 related issues and not a single attendee or staff member contracted the virus. As a result of this success, The Fear Factory has shared its safety plan with other haunts, amusement parks, and active entertainment centers around the country and many are planning to use this as their own guide for when they’re able to open to the public again. This plan will be used throughout our 2020 Halloween season and includes a number of precautions to help ensure the safety of guests, including:

Timed ticketing. Instead of just showing up and buying a ticket onsite, attendees will be required to purchase tickets for a specific date and time. This will enable us to space people out more effectively and socially distance attendees.

The mandatory social distancing of 6-8 feet while waiting in outdoor lines.

  • Additional hand sanitizing stations throughout the haunt.
  • All Fear Factory staff and customers wear masks, as required by the Salt Lake County Health Department.
  • Temperatures of The Fear Factory’s entire staff are taken prior to entering the property. Any staff member with a temperature over 100°F will be sent home and advised to seek medical advice.
  • The zipline and Fear Fall will not be open this season.
  • We have dedicated staff to regularly disinfect high-touch surfaces such as hand rails and restrooms.
  • High-risk individuals may enter the property during the first 30 minutes of opening time.
  • The Touch of Fear add-on option will NOT be available.

“Our primary concern has always been and will always be the health and safety of our guests and employees,” continued Dunfield. “With everything going on in the world with the global pandemic, we understand there is a lot of fear and anxiety. We make our living off of entertaining people and in today’s climate, we feel it’s more important than ever to keep things as normal as possible and to provide an escape from the stress of everyday life that many are feeling right now. We’re eager to provide attendees with a good, healthy scare that will take their minds off of the chaos of the day-to-day grind.”

About Fear Factory

The Fear Factory is located on 2.5 acres in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. The Fear Factory features a post-apocalyptic setting with underground tunnels, towers, and mazes.  For more information visit  http://www.fearfactoryslc.com.