Field of Screams (Mountville, PA) is one of the premiere haunted attractions in the country and is launching its 2020 show this weekend focusing on a first-class, safe yet terrifying show having implemented strict COVID-19 safety protocols. A destination attraction, this season each of the FOUR innovative haunts has received numerous upgrades and improvements. A leader in the industry, Field of Screams continues to delight and terrify haunt fans alike, with a night full of nonstop action and entertainment!

What is NEW for 2020?

Haunted Hayride

New for 2020, the Field of Screams team of scare artists have transformed the existing scrapyard on “The Haunted Hayride” into the CHOP SHOP SCRAPYARD. Watch these savages rip apart their most recent acquisitions. But beware, they are always looking to add to their collections.

Den of Darkness

The “Den of Darkness” will be one of the most horrific experiences of your life. As if it wasn’t already terrifying enough, we have packed even more startling scares around the ever treacherous corner!

Frightmare Asylum

With high intensity scares and cutting-edge special effects, “The Frightmare Asylum” has amped up the fears by upgrading our already elaborate scenery and giving you more to fear. Doctor Malpractice is anxiously awaiting his next victims. In the “Frightmare Asylum”, no one can hear you scream!

Nocturnal Wasteland

As if it wasn’t already disturbing enough, the 2020 version of “Nocturnal Wasteland” is scarier than ever!  New paths, twists, and turns have been added for this season.  The new paths lead to the darkest, most terrifying swamp you have ever encountered.  Along the way you will be forced to visit the new butcher shop which is serving extremely rare cuts of meat and the Butcher is always looking to stock his freezers!

In addition, Field of Screams hosts a variety of midway and “5 Minute Escape Games!” Furthermore, once again Field of Screams will be hosting a variety of off-season events and its highly anticipated 2020 “Extreme Blackout!” Event on Friday November 13th, 2020!

Ticket sales are limited, get them while you can at

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