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Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Attraction has risen to the pinnacle of haunt excellence, providing a show that is by far above and beyond its closest competitors on a national level. Innovation attraction operations, management and a spirit of excellence have propelled Reapers Revenge the top spot in Halloween infused entertainment on the East Coast and likely in the country.

Ten years of constant evolution, and the dedication of some of the most talented haunters in the industry, under the direction of owner Paul Kotran has resulted in an attraction that is ahead of the game in all aspects of professionalism, showmanship, and passion for the industry. Other haunted attractions now compare themselves to Reaper’s Revenge and the respect this show has garnered in such a short period of time is almost unfathomable. The “rise” of Reaper’s Revenge, from a small hayride and dark maze to a horror empire is the result of quality “people” that have been invested in by management and in turn invest themselves into the haunt’s continued commitment (and obsession) to achieve perfection.

Paul Kotran has continuously invested in his team, and has set such high standards in show quality that each staff member, manager, scare-actor and support staff are all focused on a single goal of achieving “excellence.” The guest experience is at the center of each performance and Reaper’s Revenge’s philosophy, and operational systems have developed a system in which each staff member is focused on improving the quality of his or her contemporary.

No other attraction has embraced such a confident team approach in which scare-actors can rise in the ranks to become managers, which creates a continuous atmosphere of positive inspiration which cultivates success. All the grandest animatronics, props and scenes alone cannot replace the power of first-class acting and performance art, which Reaper’s Revenge offers every single show.

As one approaches the Reaper’s Revenge gates, it is easy to become completely engulfed in an environment that builds fear and anticipation. Reaper’s Revenge is by far the best overall attraction we have visited this season and an attraction that places emphasis on “show quality” over everything else. While there is an extensive midway with food, bonfire, and merchandise options that is secondary to the actual “show” that is over ninety minutes of horror, humor, and insanity. Perhaps Reaper’s Revenge’s incredible growth can be attributed to professionalism in operations and first-class customer service. Providing each guest the best show possible even in the most challenging situations is what makes a haunted attraction stand out. For example, if a scare actor is on a cell phone or takes their mask off or breaks character, even the smallest haunted attractions that are developing, that gives the customer the idea this place is not worthy of their dollar. It is those shows that believe in themselves, take themselves with pride and dignity, again, even in the most challenging situations.

As a regular visitor who’s been there multiple times over the past 10 years, yes, some of the scenes we’re used to, yes, some of the scenes we feel maybe perhaps are the same. But if you look outside of the box and examine the reactions of others, it is clear that Reaper’s Revenge is a show for everyone featuring horror, comedy, fantasy, gore, and violence in a perfect entertainment package.

It is absolutely phenomenal what has been built at this attraction over such a short period of time. The team approach to management and improvement is what makes Reaper’s Revenge truly special. They have, again, poured their lives and their souls into this attraction, basically, and in the end, have built a show that is one of a kind. We look forward to what they have in the future and hope that Reaper’s Revenge finds a way now to really break past their growth point. You can see them innovate and provide a show that again is so well executed from start to finish, well timed, and run so professionally. Reaper’s Revenge has earned its moniker of “America’s Best Haunted Attraction,” and we cannot wait to see what we will experience in the next ten years.

Thank you to some of the greatest haunters and people we have had the pleasure of meeting over the past ten years including (sorry if we forget anyone): Paul Kotran-Owner, Kelley Michael, Todd Fedyshyn, Jen Marino, Michael Heffner, Michael Belardi, Travis Rhoad, and Mathew Adams!