Bane Haunted House- 2018 Haunted Attraction Review

Location: 630 W Mt Pleasant Ave, Livingston, NJ 07039
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Bane Haunted House is designed to scare, to induce panic, to create a sense of constant, unadulterated paranoia and legitimatize one’s innermost fears. Bane is perhaps best described as an “assembly” line of horror in which you will be isolated, and perhaps forced to your physical and psychological limits. Growing in size this season you will have little time to “explore” or admire the scenes in this unique attraction as Bane is focused solely on keeping you moving and is designed from the ground up to torment the senses. Physicality is combined with psychological triggers to create an atmosphere that is unlike any other haunted attraction as at times one feels as though they are completely isolated from the world outside. Oddly enough many of the obstacles and challenges you will encounter have a funhouse-style to their design, yet there is such a dark, foreboding atmosphere it is impossible not to feel unsettled and disturbed on a visit to this unique attraction.

Bane is far from a traditional haunted house, in fact, it is hard to classify Bane in any category as it is custom designed to separate, isolate than target one’s visceral fears and senses. The style of haunting presented at Bane is physical yet does not cross the line into violent territory and more often than not some of the “legends” surrounding this attraction are spurred by those who do not understand it or have been intimidated by its reputation. Quite frankly, if you are a mature adult, looking for a fun, interactive and at times “scary” show, then Bane’s unique design and philosophy will suit you.  However, please be aware of fact versus fiction. Bane is a safe experience, and while actors will get physical, some will be verbally harsh stripping away any perceived sense of control, you will not be subjected to any type of odd torture. Bane is for those looking for something entirely different in a haunted attraction, and relies on its sets to be interactive, and actors to control the flow of guests as well as each specific experience. Again, this is a unique attraction, one that will likely play havoc on your psyche, one that will challenge you at times to finish yet do so in an environment of controlled chaos.

Bane is currently housed within the confines of an industrial building and initially, the facade looks like many other haunted houses. However, once inside the situation is far from traditional. Immediately massive scare actors physically separate groups, and on our journey, we never once again saw our group. Left to our own devices, “scare-actors” would pop out of every corner, focusing on taunting and tormenting each guest. In terms of “acting”, most of the actual interactions occur by those scare-actors that trap guests or force them into isolation while the axillary actors serve as decoys, and factor in mostly as jump scares. The “star” of the show is the sinister design and structure of Bane itself. Lines are managed within the haunt by separation, use of multiple pathways, trap doors and periods of complete isolation. Crawling, being placed in a coffin and locked in boxes are to be expected activities along with your journey through this funhouse of hell in this fear-focused experience. Psychological games combined with elements from traditional haunted attractions add to the show and create a constant flow of energy that carries right on until the show’s finale.

We have never visited a haunt that uses separation not only to create fear but to manage line backup within the attraction itself. The attraction is structurally designed to create anticipation and use interactive challenges in a meaningful manner to generate feelings of fear, and constant paranoia. You will not see colorful rooms, or fancy animatronics in this attraction, as the design is focused on creating a realistic, visceral experience. Bane Haunted House is truly a special attraction as it is unlike any other you will likely ever experience. Be advised that Bane does separate guests, and some may not like this experience. Personally, we found the feeling of being isolated terrifying, yet some may complain about being separated from their respective groups.

Bane Haunted House is psychologically exhausting, embraces physicality as a tool for generating fear and creates and uses a sensory assault to create a dark, yet fun haunted attraction experience. If you can complete this attraction (many quit) you will crawl, climb, face challenges alone and be aggressively forced to complete a variety of challenges. Bane’s design is unlike any other haunted attraction and is advised that they are unapologetic in their relentless efforts to terrorize each guest. Bane prides itself on its uniqueness and unabashed focus on “scaring” each guest. This is not an attraction that can be taken lightly, as you will have to complete a variety of physical challenges and psychological triggers that aim to strike at one’s inner phobias. This is a “high-energy” attraction in which the blinding pace is aimed at shocking guests into pure submission. Next year, Bane moves to a different level as it recently was announced that they have secured a location in New York City!