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For the past three years, we have been working on what we feel is our most important “historical” piece of research in the haunt industry. Our gift to you and the reason why we love haunted attractions to this day. On Monday 10-22-2018 we will finally be able to take you back in time to Northeast PA’s most iconic (still) haunted attraction. With exclusive photos, and an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime story. We are proudly announcing “Return to the Bald Mountain Hayride.” Please take a moment to look at a few of the exclusive pictures provided to us by the honorable family who are the forefathers of the modern haunted entertainment world. “Return to the Bald Mountain Hayride” has been a long-term project, and we are honored to respect the legacy and story of a family whose attraction is still engrained in the memories of haunters to this day. “Return to the Bald Mountain Hayride” is our most important piece yet, and our gift to you our supporters and the history of Northeast, PA!

The entire story will be told, from the attraction’s inception to its premature closure we cover all including the innovative “Christmas Hayride!”

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