A Tribute and Goodbye to “The Freak and Funhouse”

Former Location: 422 E White St, Bowmanstown, PA 18030

Legends will be told of a “Most Unusual Haunted House”  attraction set smack dab in a residential neighborhood, that encouraged guests to cuddle with serial killers, play with demented yet broken clowns, dance around a crystal ball, become locked in a NAZI “gas chamber”, and accosted by a drunken “elf”, only to share a laugh with “Leatherface- The Proctologist”. The most INSANE, off-color haunted attraction you perhaps never visited or believed would exist now lays dormant, quality hidden, resting quietly in small-town suburban Pennsylvania. We proudly pay tribute to The Freak and Funhouse!

14753737_1524952557521399_3436864470992673702_oThe attraction never pretended to be the most “scary” but it did certainly achieve its goal of being bizarre, mindbending, and always unique. The infamous Freak and Fun House closed its doors for good in 2017, leaving behind a bizarre legacy, and legendary reputation. As the news broke over social media that a variety of personal factors lead to its demise we felt the need to pay tribute to one of the strangest attractions ever visited. The Freak and Fun House was in a quiet residential neighborhood in the Lehigh Valley and the last place anyone would expect a haunted attraction. The best way to describe this haunt (and there is no straightforward way to define this attraction) is that the Freak and Fun House was an interactive showcase of the bizarre.


14882347_1533077790042209_5036483099731590855_oCrude off-color characters and twisted dark humor were the norms at this one-of-a-kind, possibly once in a lifetime haunted attraction. Freak and Fun House was an exercise in “weirdness,” bringing to life characters such as a joke-telling “Leatherface” and his best friend the resident “proctologist,” and forced guests to drop any sense of political correctness. Very few haunts would get away with off-color representations of “Adolph Hitler” and a visit with a variety of ghoulish serial killers, but the odd, macabre, and always engaging.




Freak and Fun House mastered the art of bizarre. It is time to say goodbye to an unforgettable haunted attraction, which quite frankly was not the scariest but perhaps one of the most memorable shows we have ever experienced.



The Attraction (Review from its Final Season)

As we first entered the confines of the Freak and Fun House, we visited a “museum” of famous serial killers. The off-color scene, which disturbingly celebrated the careers of such infamous killers, as Ted Bundy, featured a rather up-close and personal visit with “Pogo the Clown.”  (Disclaimer this is as bizarre as it sounds) As we continued our trip the Freak and Funhouse,  subjected us to a variety of horrors and actions that challenged good taste.14917172_1533076333375688_5507338834702536500_o

We passed through a creepy clown filled corridor straight out of a freakish carnival, had to “dance” with crazy fortune tellers, witnessed a “Ku Klux Klan” member carry out an “execution”, had a gross encounter with “momma”, crawled through an “oven”, forced into a gas chamber featuring a cameo from “Adolph Hitler”, and spent some quality time bonding, at the North Pole with a drunken Zombie-Santa Clause. Each scene was surreal; each character actor utilizes the bizarre environments to create a sometimes awkward, unsettling, uncomfortable, and always unusual. Classical props and funhouse like animatronics are found throughout the attraction and provide a haunted house foundation which underlies the strange atmosphere of this attraction.


The Freak and Fun House was unapologetic in its off-color, freakish design, and was not a traditional haunted attraction. Colorful scare actors used their strangely developed “characters “to engage and sometimes torment every guest. The guest experience was at the core of each show, and actors made sure to ensure every guest understood the insanity that permeated each scene.14918927_1531938773489444_3860562480270045251_o




Freak and Fun House was a twisted trip through the dementedly disturbing world of fantastic character actors and memorable off-color scenes of the strange. No other haunted attraction has ever presented itself in a manner like the Freak and Fun House, and it is with a heavy heart we say goodbye to a one-of-a-kind show. It will likely be a long time before we gleefully enter into Hitler’s gas chamber, and then proceed to visit a drunk“Santa Clause”.  The Freak and Fun House was the theater of the absurd, and a work of demented art, a “haunted house” unlike any other before or after it.