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Location: 299 Museum Village Rd, Monroe, NY 10950

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Pure Terror Screampark, Monroe, NY, has evolved quickly into one of the few “destination” haunts on the East Coast, a lengthy close to an hour journey through six unique haunt attractions each embracing entirely different themes. While many haunted attractions brag about the number of different themes featured on the property, rarely do they live up to the hype. We have visited countless attractions that have numerous “haunts” and find that usually, this is just a marketing gimmick. Pure Terror Screampark’s management prides itself on presenting an all-encompassing, first-class show that has improved by leaps and bounds in the past four years. Each haunted house featured along the journey is a brand new adventure, one that shares little in common with its predecessors and is built to the highest quality. We have witnessed first-hand the impressive level of growth and improvement that has driven the transformation of Pure Terror Screampark into a must see “scare-park.” A brand new attraction “Desecration” which may be one of the most terrifying haunted houses we have ever visited along with enhanced 3D “Terror Under the Big Top” attraction are just some of the major improvements you will see this season at Pure Terror Screampark!

Pure Terror Screampark, spares no expense in constructing a first-class haunted attraction that continues to improve each season. Pure Terror Screampark is over forty minutes of nonstop action and a show that targets the diverse fears of each guest. Over the past three years, Pure Terror Screampark has undergone a complete overhaul, using critical reviews as the driving force behind its growth. Featuring six, interconnected haunted attractions, raising the bar regarding set quality and design, Pure Terror Screampark continues to grow and enhance its show each season. A budget intensive show, Pure Terror Screampark’s diverse attractions encompass a broad array of Halloween inspired themes. Not many haunts have reached a level of excellence that allows the attraction to stand out among competitors. Pure Terror Screampark prides itself on presenting a quality show that focuses on “scaring” each guest. You will be hard-pressed to find many attractions that can compare with the production quality of Pure Terror Screampark. 

Why we have visited many large and small haunted attractions, very few pay attention to “detail” on a level that is presented by Pure Terror Screampark. Each attraction is all about “atmosphere” presenting an exciting, memorable experience catering to the diverse interests of Halloween fans of all backgrounds. While not the most “actor” driven show, Pure Terror Screampark relies heavily on first-class animatronics, immersive set designs and quality audio that go beyond the normal expectations of most haunted attractions. Those who complain or argue that this is not a first-class show, need to truly investigate the costs associated with these high-tech, high-impact designs, each aimed at bringing to life surreal scenes of nightmarish horrors.  Pure Terror Screampark is close to perfection and if it can implement a revised actor program, that encourages more interaction it can achieve a new level of haunt excellence.


Pure Terror Screampark features six interconnected haunted attractions completed in succession. While guests complete each attraction after another, diversity in attraction design and effective line management prevents bottle-necking or line backup. Last year one of the greatest problems of the attraction was associated with how it controlled customer lines. Pure Terror Screampark has vastly improved its line management and pacing strategies. Despite attending on a popular night, we never encountered another group on our journey, each actor was always in place, and at times we felt completely isolated in each diverse attraction. Improved line management and continued investment in immersive architectural improvements have once again placed Pure Terror Screampark into a professional haunt category the exceeds many of its competitors.


Begin your journey into the underworld as you travel down 175 feet into the crypt of the evil dead…..

Entry into the “Necropolis” mausoleum, quickly reveals endless catacombs of horrors that is the starting attraction at Pure Terror Screampark. “Necropolis” is disturbing and built to create a sense of cautious paranoia. Each scene conveys a sense of fear, skeletons, rotting bodies, and enhanced special effects create an appealing yet horrific haunted attraction.

Periods of darkness, a sense of isolation and a downright creepy atmosphere allows the hordes of the “undead “scare-actors to terrify and disturb each guest.” “Necropolis” kicks off the attraction on a high note, quickly establishing to each guest that this is a professional, quality attraction focused on scaring right from the start. “Necropolis” also brings to the forefront the quality and level of interactive animatronics and props unlike those seen at other attractions.  “Necropolis” is an interactive, yet controlled attraction that relies on the quality props and atmosphere to create effective scares.


Enter an old house in the woods where the evil witches who crave human flesh are looking to add to their collection of flesh and bones…..

“Coven” is a dark magic or a “witch” themed haunt, with an emphasis on the surreal, or “fantasy” entertainment side of Halloween entertainment. Large animatronic spiders, horrifying witches, and set designs that bring to life one’s dark fantasies are the norm at “Coven.” Guests must interact with the talented scare-actors who do a wonderful job at playing their absurd, but convincing roles as practitioners of the dark arts. “Coven” is best defined as a traditional haunt, and again scene design, lighting, and special effects are the focal points of the show. Coven has vastly improved as an attraction since last season, improving the level of interactivity between guests and the variety of witches and goblins that inhabit this attraction. Again, strength in animatronics coupled with creepy scene designs featuring shrunken heads, warlocks, and other minions creates a unique atmosphere. =While not the “scariest” of haunted attractions featured at Pure Terror Screampark, the quality of each scene brings to life an almost childlike yet mature nightmare.


Enter if you dare an old abandoned church. Hold on to the person in front of you, because this is a haunted house NOT for the faint of heart. You will only experience this type of fear at Pure Terror Scream Park……

Inspired in part by New Line Cinema’s “The Nun”, “Desecration” is truly one of the most “atmospheric” disturbing haunted attractions we have ever visited. Replacing the former “Terror in the Dark” attraction, Pure Terror Screampark has built an almost picturesque, haunting abandoned “Abbey” possessed by a demonic presence and an ominous sense of dread that permeates the walls of each corridor. As soon as we cautiously entered the church we, disturbing “nuns” and their subordinates bellowed to us to “get out” and as we continued our journey the situation took a turn for the worse. “Desecration” is carefully constructed to be authentic in its design, taking guests to an entirely different universe and designed to build a continuous sense of pure, unadulterated terror. As we cautiously explored the haunting abbey suddenly the “spirit” and attitude of the scare-actors began to develop an ominous tone. We would constantly here whispers to leave, almost taunting us as demonic symbols, overturned “real” church pews (obtained from a closed church) build anticipation to a meeting with a Satanic priest, presiding over a hauntingly realistic sacrifice scene.  “Desecration” is a transformative experience, demonstrating the best in scenic and attraction design to create an entirely different, immersive adventure that totally displaces one’s reality. “Desecration” is perhaps best described as an adventure, boasting the finest scare actors, set upon a backdrop of scenes rich in authentic sound and lighting that influences the tonal development creating a one of a kind, genuinely horrifying haunted attraction, unlike any other featured at a haunted attraction this season


3D-Twisted- Terror Under the Big Top

The clowns in this haunted attraction will have you TWISTED. You won’t know what is going on as soon as you walk into the clown’s mouth. This is an ONE OF A KIND 3D haunted house only at Pure Terror Scream Park……

“Circus” or “carnival” themed haunted attractions are commonplace in the industry, and at times this concept is slightly overdone and has lost its effectiveness. Every single haunted attraction features at some point “clowns,” and the theme is generic. However, Pure Terror Screampark’s “Terror Under the Big Top” attraction takes this tired, generic concept and injects a sense of insanity, and intensity that at times creates true fear. “Terror Under the Big Top” has evolved into a truly insane fun-house style attraction.  Traditional fun-house style concepts such as slanted rooms, rooms of misdirection and trick rooms, create an interactive house of the insane.

Clowns are not of the general sort, these scare actors are truly psychotic, brutalizing each other, and working tirelessly on stalking each guest. Clowns carry a variety of weapons such as hammers and “tasers” and create a sense of pure chaos that adds a new level of horror to a generic concept. Pure Terror Screampark is again masterful at creating an authentic “atmosphere” or backdrop to create unique scenes. Sounds of the circus permeate the air, and props that look exactly like their “living” counterparts. At times we thought we were looking at an impressive statute only to be suddenly chased by these freakish clowns that truly take pride in creating a fun yet intense scares.

Pure Terror Scream Park presents an authentic, genuinely twisted trip through a carnival of insanity, nonstop intensity and pure evil displayed at this violent visit to the “greatest show on earth.” “Terror Under the Big Top’s” is a lengthy funhouse, filled with classical components of a funhouse such as slanted rooms, mazes, vortex tunnels and 3D imagery that creates a chaotic atmosphere. As expected “clowns” are the stars of the show, and terror clowns are of the violent type. Pure Terror Screampark utilizes a variety of hanging or prop-based obstacles in a majority of its attractions and each one has a life-like “weight” to it to spur authenticity as well as manage lines. At one point we waited for what we thought was a clown blocking our way only to figure out it was a large, life-like prop. Clown props yielding a variety of disturbing weapons and those that squirt water and taunt guests appear to come to life out of nowhere, and a sense of controlled insanity fills the big top of this dark carnival. The entire mind-bending experience is enhanced by brand new 3D art effects and maze-like elements that create the perfect twisted experience under the “big top!”


Enter slowly and use extreme caution as this decaying building rots around you. You have entered an off-limits area where disease and death await!  Will you make it out!?”…..

“Quarantine” is the most improved attraction at Pure Terror Screampark, a post-apocalyptic nightmare come to life. A sense of madness can be felt around every corner as containment units contain vile atrocities and medical experiments gone awry. Scene design is of the highest quality, and “Quarantine” is a dungeon-like wasteland and freakish displays of medical horrors create an intense, realistic experience. Those looking for a sci-fi based horror experience will find there fix at “Quarantine.” Enhanced sound and lighting effects help the oddities featured in this attraction hide among the detailed props. It is almost impossible to differentiate between “real” and “fake” creating a tension-filled, gruesome experience.

Legends of Horror

Come face to face with horrors most terrifying killers. Many new famous killers have been added for the 2018 season. You will step into your own horror movie……

“Legends of Horror” is a tribute to iconic horror cinema from the Universal Horror age right up to today’s modern horror films. While at first thought numerous haunted attractions feature characters such as “Freddy Krueger” and “Michael Myers”, Pure Terror Screampark goes above and beyond by creating movie-perfect recreations of sets and scenes featured in each character’s respective movies. Early on we encountered “Jason Voorhees” from Friday the 13th Part II (Sack-Head Jason) and quickly entered into a haunted house that featured scenes ripped directly from iconic movies. Authenticity from period-specific props, to soundtracks straight from each series “Legends of Horror” is a masterful tribute to horror cinema.

“Legends of Horror” is our favorite haunt featured at Pure Terror Screampark, an absolute masterpiece that is a tribute to modern and vintage cinematic horror. Ionic horror villains vividly come to life in scenes that are ripped right from their respective classic movies. No other haunted attraction, perhaps outside of Universal Studios has paid such close attention to the “details” associated with each horror movie and creates the illusion of if walking into a “living, breathing” movie.  “Legends of Horror” takes its theme seriously, recreating the scenes and sets of horror movies right down to the smallest of details. As one enters the “boiler room” of “Freddy Krueger” it is almost an immediate shock that this attraction strives to create movie-authentic experiences. Each scare actor works tirelessly to bring to life their respective characters, and it is almost impossible not to enjoy the passion, and nostalgia that fills each scene. Movie-specific scenes from “Friday the 13th” “Halloween,” “Stephen Kings It,” “Psycho”, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” and “Annabelle” are featured in this attraction, and each tribute is designed to almost perfection. Every single scene shows deep reverence and respect these iconic franchises and is as close to a “Hall of Fame” for horror icons that one can ever dream of. “Legends of Horror’s” scenes do each movie characters justice, is a true joy for any horror fan and one of the best indoor walk-through attractions featured at any haunt this season. Any fan of horror will appreciate the movie-quality scenes brought to life. enhanced by immersive special effects and props that truly place each guest inside their favorite horror films.

Final Word 

Pure Terror Screampark features six interconnected haunted attractions all completed in succession. What the design team has mastered is the art of using attraction build itself to manage lines within each attraction. Weighted “bodies”, “heads”, “clowns” and a variety of scene specific obstacles as well as diversity in hallway designs control the flow of people and despite a crowded evening, we did not once run into another group. In fact, every single aspect of the attraction is designed to maximize entertainment value, from placement of photo-opportunities at the end of the show in the brand new “midway” to length of hallways and actor placement, Pure Terror Screampark has invested a great deal of time and energy in ensuring every guest gets their best value.

Pure Terror Screampark has reached a point where it is genuinely one of the most impressive haunted attractions of the 2018 season. Not only will you get a world-class show lasting close to an hour, but you can spend your evening enjoying the brand-new midway which features numerous food options, games and photo opportunities. Pure Terror Screampark is designed to entertain, and you will be hard-pressed to find an overall better attraction this year. While we have enjoyed our visits in the past, we left completely blown away by the level of improvements made in all aspects of the show’s operation and performance quality.

One of our greatest criticisms of the attractions in previous years has been the lack of overall actors, and the overall weak quality of acting compared to the incredible detail featured in each attraction.  We are happy to report that this season the scare-actors have vastly improved, adding to the creepiness of each environment, and at times blending in perfectly with animatronics and props. Pure Terror Screampark needs to be on a must visit list this season, and continues to surprise us each season, as management, and the staff is committed to presenting a first-class, almost flawless show, making it one of the very best haunts on the East Coast.







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