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Location: West Scranton Little League Field – Oxford St. & S. 8th Ave, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18504

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For the past two years haunt fans always ask is Masscare Mansion worthy of a visit. Some even go as  far to express regret at the end of the season that they did not visit this gem of a haunted attraction. TO answer any doubt this is a unique, potentially one of a kind haunted house that is a must visit for true haunt fans. Despite its unassuming appearance, Massacre Mansion is one of the most entertaining, and most detailed attractions we have ever visited. For a reasonable price, guests can experience a throwback attraction that blends modern scare technologies with a genuinely vintage design, that brings guests back to an era in which “surprise” was a key focus of generating scares.

Ongoing rehabilitation of this 1960’s style haunted attraction continues to stylistically add modern animatronics, special effects and an intense soundtrack that defines each scene. The transition from a carnival-themed funhouse to classic horror movie inspired scenes fits the attraction perfectly. Representations of horror icons from legendary films such as “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” and “Hellraiser,” add to the “fun” aspect of Massacre Mansion. Furthermore, Massacre Mansion pays tribute to the recent movie sensation, “Stephen King’s It,” in an authentic, disturbingly creepy manner.  Funhouse inspired gimmicks such as walking through mini-mazes, over “rats”, and sensory rooms creates a constant sense of anticipation. Within the attraction, a variety of “theatrical” scenes also take place such as a creepy visit with “Krampus”, emphasize the diversity displayed within this attraction.

Extensive additions have been made to the attraction this year, lengthening the experience adding new funhouse inspired scenes and endless surprises that keep each visit fresh. Set design is detailed and features custom built tricks that at times create scares, yet leave you smiling at the same time. The vintage yet modern spirit conveyed by this attraction is a welcomed change of pace compared to typically haunted attractions.

Each room and tight corridor feature intricate details, startling special effects and a sense of fun that creates an authentic classical carnival style funhouse vibe, with a modern twist. No small aspect is ignored, and surprises are around every single corner. Volunteer scare actors have vastly improved their skills this year, and Massacre Mansion does a fantastic job at hiding scare actors among the variety of custom-built props.

We often found it difficult to differentiate between actors and props, and sometimes would merely state at props to determine if, in fact, they were “alive.” A passion for horror, a sincere desire to create a unique haunted attraction that is entertaining from start to finish drives the continued growth of Massacre Mansion, and we hope that you take the time to visit this exceptional attraction which deserves your support! Do not underestimate Massacre Mansion, as this is an attraction that is a must visit this season.


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