Field of Screams- 2018 Haunted Attraction Preview


Field of Screams (FOS) located in Lancaster, PA, has mastered the concept of a “scream or scare-park,” featuring multiple, unique haunted attractions set upon the backdrop of a carnival-like atmosphere. FOS is one of the must-see attractions on the East Coast, incorporating adrenaline-pumping special effects with diversity in attraction themes to create a complete horror show. Each season FOS focuses on creating a first-class horror inspired entertainment show, with emphasis placed on creating a chaotic amusement-park-like atmosphere.

Not many haunted attractions can be “innovators” and “leaders” in a crowded industry but FOS continues to raise the bar in advancing the industry into a modern, theatrical era. FOS from an operational standpoint is first class all the way. Hosting a variety of media events, creating informational behind the scenes videos, and developing first-class make-up/FX design facilities FOS operates on a level most haunts will never achieve. FOS also gives “back” to the greater haunt community sharing its immense knowledge and resources for the betterment of the industry. In 2018, the talented team at FOS is focusing on enhancing all four haunted attractions, perfecting in a sense their operations and creating a more actor-driven, intense experience. We know firsthand that when motivated FOS can quickly turn from a broad-based entertainment business into a niche, intense “extreme” terror experience and we hope to see that philosophy return this season.

FOS still maintains a top position as a leader in haunted attraction design featuring world-class attractions that cater to the diverse interests of haunt fans of all backgrounds. However, we have noticed a growing trend over the past three years that show by and large felt stagnant. FOS still was one of the superior attractions on the East Coast, but we felt that it was catering to a broader audience and capable of so much more. Quite frankly, three years ago FOS presented its first “Extreme Blackout” event, which to this day is still one of the most terrifying attractions ever presented by ANY haunted attraction. Recent incarnations, while still unique and more mature themed have scaled back the pure insanity and intensity featured on this infamous night.

Despite the lack of overall significant changes during the 2017 season and another lackluster “Extreme Blackout” event, FOS is still one of the best scream parks you can visit each season. The level of detail and creativity placed into each attraction is impressive as guests are completely immersed in each attraction.

Effective use of lighting, special effects, smells and sounds attack the senses and diverts attention from a variety of surprises, which in 2018 have been entirely revamped. With an industry that does not seem to want to evolve, it is easy for a first-class haunt like FOS to coast to success. However, 2018 promises to be a year in which FOS contends for top honors once again as one of the best attractions on the East Coast and across the country.

What’s New in 2018!

Nocturnal Wasteland

In the foreboding woods on the Field of Screams, the property lies the “Nocturnal Wasteland,” full of inhabitants from another world and time! Visitors will get to experience the chills and thrills as they traverse catwalks, getting a bird’s eye view of the screams below! Beware of the ALL-NEW swamp creatures that are hiding in the darkness. Many new upgrades have been added for 2018!

Prepare yourself for the most disturbing, the most heart-pounding, and the most intense ride of your life! You will be attacked by mutant pigs, brain-eating zombies, toxic villains, psycho clowns, and many more menacing creatures living among the thick rows of corn. Newly revamped for 2018, the PIG SLAUGHTERHOUSE and the TOXIC WASTE DUMP are packed full of atrocities that will have you holding on to anyone that will let you.

Den of Darkness

Three stories of sheer terror await as you walk through the dismal passageways and maddening mazes of this 170-year-old original barn. What has been described as the creepiest place on earth by many has just risen to a whole new level of fear! Step into the ALL-NEW Parlor Room as you enter into the legendary “Den of Darkness.” Many changes can be found deep within this old decrepit building. You never know what is lurking in the newly designed spider-infested cave.

Pay to get in and pray to get out!

Frightmare Asylum

Welcome to your worst nightmare! The disturbed doctors and nightmarish nurses have a ton of new fears to inject into your mind for 2018. Feel the fear and madness as you explore four floors of the demented and deranged, including the newly updated AUTOPSY ROOM. The patients are just dying to bring you to the ALL-NEW Reanimation Experimental Lab. The madness doesn’t stop there, as there are more cutting-edge special effects than you can handle.

Escape Rooms

Similar to the hour-long escape games, our games are shortened to a 5-minute version and are designed to challenge your mind in between the horrifying scares! You may choose from 3 different games, all of which are in the Entertainment Area. Groups of 2-4 will enter, but will you be able to escape?

Haunted Hayride

Several new scenes and props have been added this year to enhance an already excellent haunted hayride attraction.  “Haunted Hayride” is still the centerpiece of the attractions and shines during the special “Extreme Blackout Event.”


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