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Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3: Second Half Preview- The Evolution of Ash Williams

Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3 continues to deliver a great deal of “fan-service” while maintaining accessibility to new viewers. This season has masterfully catered to hardcore fans of the franchise, first-time watchers and those looking for a lore driven experience that is a non-stop thrill ride. No other series packs in action, mythology, unapologetic gore and endless adult humor like Ash vs. Evil Dead. It is quite possibly the best show on television that does not rely on cliche’s or overdrawn drama to spur interest. This is not the Walking Dead, this is an in your face, brash yet always engaging trip through a universe (or multiverse) that is infested with “evil.” This is “Evil Dead” at its finest, Bruce Campbell at his finest and a strong supporting cast that would outclass any other ensemble on television today.

Ash vs. Evil Dead bucks trends of many more popular series by drastically altering story-lines, killing off beloved characters and capturing viewer interest with endless creative plot twists. No other series has mastered the art of creating an almost thrill-ride like experience, building up anticipation, emotion and releasing insanity into a universe that perhaps has many dimensions. What is most exciting to watch is that Bruce Campbell truly displays some of the strongest character acting of any television show or movie in the second half of what we hope is not the end of the series.

93ef7134-6504-4cc2-a385-848bc622d48cAsh Williams, the rather one-dimensional yet complex hero has always seemed to resign himself to a life of depravity, somewhat spawned upon perhaps the burden of his duty, and the loss of those he becomes close with. However, while his relationship with his daughter has felt somewhat rushed, in the second half of the season everything is placed into a new perspective. A sudden but logical bonding with his daughter, Brandy adds a sense of purpose to his life and an emotional weight and a legitimate, primal consequence unlike those featured in previous episodes. 5

In the first half of the season, we see Ash confronted not only with the general “evil” he is accustomed to but the notion that he now is responsible for the livelihood of his daughter. Perhaps a brief reflection on his own relationship with his father Brock Williams, and a moment of self-reflection change Ash’s perspective on his never-ending journey. Or is Ash Williams simply destined for a life of loneliness?


While the relationship itself to this point seems rather cold, but in line with who Ash is as an individual. He is brash, he is impulsive, and the initial emotional weight or shock of such a revelation of discovering a long-lost daughter finally comes into play in the second half of this season.

The second half of Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3 is quite possibly the most “personal” and emotionally charged in the history of the franchise. Ash most confront challenges that change the trajectory of the entire story. Ash has always brazenly told those that they are likely to “die” if they get close or join him on his journey, but rarely has he seemed to dwell or confront such loss. The second half of Season 3 begins to break down this barrier, allowing the “evil” to perhaps finally expose the inner weaknesses masked by a lifetime of self-imposed ignorance.


What can be said is that the second half of the Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3  is by far some of the strongest work in Mr. Campbell’s history, displaying a comedic, yet at times tragic character that adds a whole new layer of depth to this sometimes one-sided yet complex character. Ruby finds ways to truly strike at Ash’s inner core and the display of emotion and shocking revelations coupled with a deep extension of Kandarian “lore” make this one of the finest season endings you can possibly even imagine from a fan’s perspective as well as someone new to the Evil Dead universe.

22Close relationships will be turned on their head and Ash will not only take on the unread but will have to confront himself in a way that takes the series to a deeper level.


While fan efforts are underway to hopefully ensure the fourth season and beyond, it is almost criminal that the first five episodes will be what is used to potentially “judge” the return of the series. The final half of the season is that emotionally powerful, gory and will leave a lasting mark on your psyche. The second half of Ash vs. Evil Dead  guides this franchise to a fulfilling conclusion or perhaps an exciting new chapter in the Evil Dead.Screenshot (61)ooooo

It is also important to note that many fans have criticized STARZ for their promotion decisions as well as the timing of Series 3 launch. However, we can tell you first hand that this company has been not only accommodating but has been first-class in their support for this series. Without STARZ it is likely this series would have never launched, and their media team is to be commended for its openness and willingness to support the fan-base.

We also would like to extend a special thank you to Courtney Jacobs of STARZ, who is truly one of the finest professionals we have ever had the privileged to work with. We have worked in industries such as Sports Entertainment, bands, and recently video games but Courtney and the staff of STARZ are committed to the fan base.

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