Haunters Spotlight

The Haunters Spotlight: James Starosta- Brokenharts Asylum

14572926_1178679705522945_7510019262694241394_nA passion and a desire to bring back the classic Holiday traditions of generations past has fueled the work of James Starosta. Starosta, better known as the owner of the Brokenharts Asylum, in Dallas, PA, shares his love for not only Halloween but the Christmas season by hosting one of the most impressive Holiday Light Shows in Northeast, PA. Every season Brokenharts Asylum is one of our favorite haunted attractions, a truly “fun” yet terrifying experience, a modern twist on the classic carnival-style haunted house.


Starosta has collected some of the rarest Christmas lights and outdoor ornaments which are proudly displayed at his home in Hunlock Creek, Pennsylvania. The Christmas Wonderland at Starosta Estates is one of the finest light shows you can see this year and compliments the creativity and passion for holiday fun that fuels his spirit.

15253374_10208238043489012_7297667232024694247_n.jpgThe Christmas Lights Display at Starosta Estates has outgrown its current home, and plans are in place to transfer the show to the Luzerne County Fairgrounds in 2018.

Starosta is the owner of “Allusions Lighting and Sound” and has worked for a variety of concert venues and bands. His work in the music industry has helped him succeed in the haunt business, inspiring him to bring his knowledge for special effects into the development of his haunted attraction. Brokenharts Asylum is an attraction that is a pioneer in the industry, one of the first attractions to utilize sensory based scares to create an intense experience.

21761548_1523320681058844_5210370694667137606_nSeveral years ago, the Brokenharts Asylum was the premier haunted attraction in Northeast PA, and beyond, an innovator in using intense scare-tactics, aggressive scare acting and immersive special effects. After a brief period of closure, the Brokenharts Asylum has slowly begun to build momentum again. Not many haunted attractions truly capture the dark, twisted feel of a psychotic funhouse, that borders on the surreal. Brokenharts Asylum is stylistically a vintage; classical “haunted house”  that focuses on sensory-based scares and twisted illusions to create fear. The perfect combination of “fun” and “terror” is attributed in part to an appreciation for innovation and respect for haunted attraction “history.”

hbbanner2Brokenharts Asylum not only is a long-standing vintage attraction, but incorporates several scenes from the now defunct, yet legendary Lehman Haunted Barn. Intense audio and visual effects coupled with the gritty set designs are the staples of Starosta’s work, and the future is bright for the ongoing rebirth and reinvention of the infamous Brokenharts Asylum.

The Legend of the Brokenharts Asylum!


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your nightmares became a reality?  What if your darkest fears were brought to life?  How would you react?  Would you be scared?  Would you be in pain?  Maybe you wouldn’t feel anything at all.  These questions plagued the mind of Brokenharts Asylum’s head surgeon, Dr. Vanburen.  No one understood Vanburen’s fascination with people’s fears.  He began to do inhumane experiments on each of his patients so he could find the answers to his questions.  Slowly, the good doctor began to go mad.  His experiments became worse and worse. No one could get in Dr. Vanburen’s way, and if they did, he simply took care of them.  Soon, he had the entire asylum all to himself and his crazy “experiments.”  Still, to this day, he is looking for the answers to his questions, and he won’t stop until he gets them.

Now here is your part of our journey. You will see the asylum through the mind of Vanburen’s patients.  You will guide yourself through the dark hallways of the asylum. Around every corner is another hideous “treatment” room for you to see and even be part of. Watch out, for it is said that patients still roam the halls of this deserted place.  Some alive and some…DEAD! Maybe the good doctor may help treat some of your hidden fears. What are you afraid of?

Vintage Brokenharts Asylum Gallery

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While the Brokenharts Asylum and Christmas Wonderland at Starosta Estates are building momentum, the best is yet to come. Extensive plans are in place for a brand new haunted attraction as well as Holiday Light Display at the Fair experience in 2018. While we optimistically wait to see these new developments, please contact James Starosta for your personal entertainment needs and look forward to a brand new, intense Brokenharts Asylum in 2018!

Starosta Rentals offers a variety of high-quality costumes that can be rented at reasonable prices. In addition to high-quality “Santa Clause” and “Mrs. Clause”, Starosta Rentals can find you the character costume you need. Contact James at (570) 760-8027.

Starosta Rentals Gallery

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Brokenharts Asylum: Luzerne County Fairgrounds off 118. Entrance through Gate B only and be sure to look for the haunted hearse off 118


Christmas Wonderland at Starosta Estates: 5834 Main Rd (Sweet Valley) Hunlock Creek, Pennsylvania