“My Pennhurst” Special Series Preview

The name “Pennhurst” cultivates powerful opinions, and deep-rooted emotional feelings immediately fuel debates. Ostracized by today’s culture, and used as a tool to sell television shows, “Ghost Hunts,” and haunted attraction tickets, many fail to consider any narrative that perhaps contradicts the conjured stories of so-called “paranormal” experts, so-called psychics, and media personalities. Electroshock Entertainment is proud to present the personal reflection of Ruth Himes. Coming soon in “My Pennhurst”, we will present a rarely considered, lost piece to the historical puzzles that surround this infamous institution. We have thoroughly enjoyed the haunted attraction featured on the grounds of the former Pennhurst State School for the past several years. Quite frankly, we felt their “Blackout” event this season was by far one of the most terrifying, attractions ever visited by our review team, and will be featured in an additional piece.

314946_2030733648067_519761065_nWhat is often lost is the “personal” stories of those who worked tirelessly to create a better life for those forgotten by society. In our upcoming piece My Pennhurst we are pleased to allow a former employee of “Pennhurst” challenge many fallacies and set the record straight regarding some of the more insane stories circulating this infamous institution. The focus of this special piece is not to review or promote the haunted “attraction” side of modern “Pennhurst” but to afford a platform to Ruth Himes, a powerful voice from “Pennhurst’s” forgotten past. Ruth has previously worked not only at the facility but later at the museum. “Pennhurst” was Ruth’s life, and perhaps this will be a fitting tribute not only to the positive influence she had on so many lives but a way to bring closure to a longstanding chapter in her families life.

10592816_10203636506347707_1262070240338446169_n My Pennhurst will allow Ruth the much-deserved platform to finally tell her story without the questionable media filter that has framed the grounds as a living, breathing horror movie. The story of “Pennhurst” is one that has influenced modern reforms and societal change. When reviewing “history,” it is imperative that one looks at each case within the cultural and societal context.  The goal of this upcoming piece is not to change your perspectives, but to further educate on the realities now used as the foundation for “horror” entertainment featured on this property. We hope we can provide you with a diverse, perhaps shocking, potentially controversial perspective on how to properly frame the reality of what exactly was the whole story of “Pennhurst.”




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