A Decade Too Soon: The Legend and Legacy of the Bald Mountain Hayride-Preview

20171126_144611The hype is real, the long wait is justified and you will never forget this upcoming trip back in time. Sixteen year’s ago, a now legendary haunted attraction closed its doors for the final time. While numerous attractions open and close each season, none has garnered such growing interest and curiosity as the infamous “Bald Mountain Haunted Hayride.” From 1991 to 2001, this legendary attraction was a staple in Northeast Pennsylvania and beyond, featuring one of the most memorable haunted hayrides and one of the first “Holiday Hayrides” in the tristate area.

20171126_144809This weekend we will take you on a journey to an attraction that truly was ahead of its time. In a special three-part series, Electroshock Entertainment is proud to be working closely with the Rosenkrans family, and Mountain View Farms to “resurrect” the “Bald Mountain Haunted Hayride.” While all long-time haunt fans hold their favorite, attractions deep in their hearts, the fascinating tale of the “Bald Mountain Haunted Hayride” is eye-opening. Modern innovations heralded today as the standard bearers of excellence within today’s industry were the norm at this iconic attraction, and we are working tirelessly to ensure the legend of “Bald Mountain” lives on for generations to come.

Pressing questions have been answered, and each edition will feature exclusive content,  never before seen pictures, and stories that will take you back to in time, before the modern “boom” period in the haunt industry. So many rumors have circulated, and stories of the attraction have reached almost fable-like status, unlike any other attraction. In this special series, we will share with you the entire story from beginning to the end (and beyond) of the haunted hayride the truly set the standard for excellence in horror (and holiday) themed entertainment. The “Bald Mountain Haunted Hayride” has left a lasting imprint on the psyche of so many horror fans, and it is time to celebrate a truly special attraction that was a forerunner for today’s modern haunted attractions.


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