2017 Previews

2017 Haunt Preview: Chamber of Horrors: A Very Scary XMAS!

Location: 1745 Express Drive North, Hauppauge, NY 11788
Website: http://chamberofhorrorsny.com/

The evolution of the modern haunt industry has brought a variety of fresh ideas and extraordinary events ranging from the rise of “immersive” horror theater to off-season haunted attractions. Slowly but surely, haunted attractions are responding to the outcries of haunt fans who yearn for year-round horror entertainment. Off-season or themed events continue to grow in popularity, and two of the more popular haunts that host such events are in the tristate area. Haunt, and horror fans strive to seek out diverse, interactive haunted attractions that aim to create unique experiences that extend well beyond the typical operational months of September- November. Haunt aficionados search tirelessly for events that provide nontraditional twists on the horror genre. Progressive attractions incorporating themes or Holidays such as “Christmas” and “Valentine’s Day” strive to create new experiences and lasting memories for horror fans.  In our next set of special previews, we will be looking at the various “off-season” attractions that operate throughout the year. We start off the series with a preview of a haunted attraction that has undergone an impressive renaissance over the past year, yet has recently been faced with a severe financial travesty is fighting for its existence. We are proud to support and feature Chamber of Horrors: A Very Scary XMAS, as our first 2017-2018 off-season haunt preview.

The Story Behind Chamber of Horrors: A Very Scary XMAS

Chamber of Horrors: A Very Scary XMAS is a special event, one that should be a “call to arm” for haunt fans that enjoy mature, innovative attractions. Not only is this a brand-new show, but this event will serve as a fundraiser aimed at helping the haunt overcome a financial disaster. On Halloween night, the haunt was victimized by a group of thieves who stole the company safe. “We were devastated, and our lives turned upside down, ” said Matt Guiliano, one of the events co-Owners. The contents of the safe included the Actor Payroll, Facility Rent, Personal Finances of the co-owners and a generous amount of ticket sales from the Halloween season. Marty Arominski when asked about the situation simply said “This was a huge loss for us as owners and for our Haunt Family. It could be the end of our 6-year run” After learning about the theft the cast and crew who put together Chamber of Horrors donated most of their pay for the Halloween weekend to help out the owners, but one individual knew it wasn’t enough. Robert Frankenberg jumped into action with the veterans of the haunted attraction and created “Crooked Christmas.”

Chamber-of-Horrors-LogoA fundraiser to ensure Chamber of Horrors returns for the 2018 season and the owners will be ok through the winter months. “This is about more than the business of scaring people; Matt has children. Christmas time is about giving back, so that is exactly what we are doing. We are going to save these gentleman’s families” expressed Robert Frankenberg one of the events Managers.

4040129_4_lWithout your support, attractions that embrace creativity, and provide “mature” horror entertainment shows cannot survive. Chamber of Horrors: A Very Scary XMAS is a chance for haunt fans to “give back” to those who give their blood, sweat, and tears to the industry of creating fear.

Chamber of Horrors: A Very Scary XMAS: Event Preview

Chamber of Horrors, in Hauppauge, NY is transforming their two haunted attractions into a Christmas Horror Extravaganza. Chamber of Horrors A Very Scary XMAS is a holiday fund-raising event sure to send shivers down anyone’s spine. When asked what we can expect at a Very Scary XMAS, Robert Frankenberg responded, “Killer Snowman, A Krampus for sure, Cannibal Christmas Dinners and even a Christmas light electrocution!”On December 8th, 9th, 15th and 16th the show is open from 8:00 pm until 11:00 pm.

23549968_1511131578978215_8336318666498247688_o“Tales of Terror” the first haunted attraction is run by Granny Muerte who has come to town with her killer stories. “Tales of Terror” is a Victorian mansion saturated with festive fright and horrendous holiday decor. A disturbing collection of holiday frights such as Krampus’s, Killer Snowmen, Christmas Killers, Zombies and more!

“Santa’s Workshop” is the second haunted attraction run by the jolly man himself. Santa has transformed the lovable workshop into an industrial factory cranking out demonic toys. “Santa’s Workshop” which is an industrial factory with demonic toys running around. Killer Teddy bears, Maniac Wooden Soldiers and more!

xmas3.jpgWhen guests finish their Haunted Attraction excursion, they will have their picture taken with a demented Santa Claus! All the Actors, Crew, and Cast are volunteering to make this event happen. They are now asking everyone who has once come through their doors to get scared over the past ten years to come back through and help us scare up a worthy cause. Tickets are only $15 and include both attractions and the digital photo with Santa. Donations to save Chamber of Horrors are also being accepted.

For Donations or Sponsorship opportunities email Retrosoulsny@gmail.com