2017 Previews

2017 Haunt Preview: Brighton Asylum “Santa’s Slay”

Location: 2 Brighton Ave., Passaic, NJ 07055

Web Page: http://brightonasylum.com/

Brighton Asylum, located outside of New York City, in Passaic, NJ, over the past several years has grown to become a true destination attraction. A commitment to providing a horror show unlike any other has driven the creative team of Brighton Asylum to achieve haunt excellence.

15578316_1180736455308377_6529706606136298844_oVery few haunt management teams and owners take such deep personal pride in the quality of their show, and Brighton Asylum’s continuous growth is a direct result of an intense passion for premier showmanship. As Brighton Asylum prepares to add a brand-new attraction in 2018, they will be once again hosting a variety of “off-season” special-events, starting off with its annual “Santa’s Slay “event. Each season the traditional attraction is completely transformed to embrace a demented take on the “most wonderful time of the year.”

Brighton Asylum’s “Santa’s Slay” is an almost entirely new haunt with extensive changes made to each scene, along with a variety of macabre “Christmas” themed characters.

15440597_1174663219249034_8250216686493046827_o“Santa’s Slay” attraction, is a detailed, interactive and twisted take on the “Christmas” season. Guests are likely to encounter demented elves, a demonic Santa Clause, and of course, “Krampus.” The interactive nature of Brighton Asylum is enhanced by the first-class set designs and skilled scare-actors that create an experience that is movie-like. Each season “Santa’s Slay” finds new ways to disturb yet entertain with its off-color inspired humor and blatant disregard for the “traditional” conventions of the holiday season.

15626310_1200112520037437_2262188760513230553_oNot many attractions can proudly feature a chainsaw-yielding maniacal Santa Clause and nightmares are likely to be cultivated as guests are sure to encounter demonic toys and hordes of Santa’s evil rabid “reindeer.” Brighton Asylum is one of the most detailed, interactive and almost flawlessly designed haunts you can ever visit. An insane attention to detail and first-class set and scene designs incorporate the perfect mix of environmental scares and interactive scare-acting. Brighton Asylum does not rest, continues to change and improve its attraction focusing on all aspects of haunting and “Santa’s Slay” promises once again to be a must-see off-season event.

Brighton Asylum will be hosting “Santa’s Slay” on December 9th and 16th from 8pm-10pm.