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“Dark Circle” was set to define the future of the Circle of Screams. An extreme, immersive yet traditional attraction that would have shocked the haunt scene. “Dark Circle”  was focused on fear abandoning all sense of “family” friendly entertainment, for pure horror. Read on to see what was in-store for the “Dark Circle.”

Halloween is over, but haunt season continues as we prepare our schedule this weekend. One of the most surprising news announced today that the Circle Drive-In Theater, Dickson City, has ended its Circle of Screams attraction for the 2017 season. What makes this decision rather perplexing is the creative staff, actors and supervisors were preparing for an immersive, “extreme” experience this weekend, a special event called “Dark Circle.” Extensive planning and preparation have taken place throughout the season to bring to life this special event. “Dark Circle” was shaping up to be the extreme, interactive horror experience mature haunt fans have been yearning for, and a chance for Circle of Screams to make a statement in the haunt industry.

150959824155095“Dark Circle’s” unexpected, and slightly unexplainable cancellation is truly a travesty, as this special event was set to be a declaration that Circle of Screams had truly arrived.  It is no secret that until last season we truly loathed this attraction, as it was poorly run, and presented an embarrassing show that was in need of new life.

Over the past two year’s, the team at Circle of Screams has worked tirelessly to innovate and create an entertaining, at times scary and always professional show. The miraculous turn-around which occurred at Circle of Screams proved that attractions can be “saved,” and “Dark Circle” was planned to be a mature, adult-themed experience that would have brought this attraction to a higher level. “Dark Circle” was essentially a look into the future, a look into the intense, immersive horror experience that could be a massive step in reinvigorating the Circle of Screams brand.

22528488_2207912902768761_8357792117293581465_nWay back in 2013, we suggested that Circle of Screams add in a mature, immersive horror-themed attraction to differentiate itself from local competitors, and over the past four years, we have patiently waited. We have witnessed some of the most absurd shows one could think of, and until two seasons ago almost totally gave up hope that Circle of Screams even respected the industry. 2016 started the renaissance of this troubled attraction and “Dark Circle” was almost a long time haunt “dream” come true. While “unforeseen circumstances”, may have canceled the show this season, it is quite likely the only time we will be able to ever give you a special inside look as to what was planned for the “Dark Circle.”

Circle of  Screams “Dark Circle”-  The “Lost” Attraction

Circle-of-Screams-1“Dark Circle” was planned to be a complete overhaul of the traditional Circle of Screams show, an aggressive, interactive and genuinely terrifying immersive experience. Guests would enter the hayride pathway on foot, and be instantly hit with a barrage of new demented characters that were trained to create legitimate fear. Guests would have been brought into scenes, separated from groups and at the mercy of each scare-actor in this full-touch, aggressive experience. “Fake” blood and other liquids would have been added into the show as an additional sensory tool to create fear, and isolation would have been a key tool in immersing each guest into this new show. A brand new soundtrack was prepared to add to the immersive experience and the show was ready to go into production.

image2The more “family-friendly” aspects of the traditional Circle of Screams attraction would have been completely transformed into nightmares. For example; the “Cirque” clowns became cannibals, and in “Delfino Manor”, guests would be subjected to an all-out blood slaughter with twin demon babies having a “diaper fight.” “Dark Circle” dared to innovate, dared to bring a new level of mature horror to the Northeast PA haunt scene and dared to define a new future for this formerly dying attraction. The talented creative and acting staff have truly “saved”, Circle of Screams and we only wish these individuals had the chance to really perform on a whole new level.