2017 Previews

Press Release: Circle of Screams “Dark Circle” Special Event


Dark Circle is a Special Event for 2017! Only on Friday, November 3rd and Saturday, November 4th!! Limited space available!!!

22733186_1470046979715369_5623614733232898048_nYou’ve never seen this side of the Circle of Screams before! The Circle Goes Dark! No Hayride, no “safety net”, you (in a group) will take a self-guided walking tour of the entire haunt, and our creatures are waiting to slay! Followed by a DARKER “Delfino Manor and Estate!” Oh, did we mention your only light is a flashlight…

Due to the nature of this event and props/splatter used, we HIGHLY SUGGEST you do not wear clothing of value. It most likely will be cold, therefore please dress appropriately.


Participants are required to sign a waiver of agreement for the event Dark Circle, and this is a “contact” event (you can and will be touched!)