The Haunt Spot Editorial 10/24/2017- Support Your Local Haunt!


After traveling across the tristate area, it is hard-pressed to find a haunted attraction that is as solid as those located in Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA). Halloween fans looking for their horror fix do not need to travel hours to experience excellence as truly this area shines in providing a wide array of horror genres. Below is a list of the top attractions right here in NEPA which are better than most “mainstream” events that seem to fail in comparison to these shows. Each of these shows deserves your support and sometimes it is best to sit back and realize what we have in this area. Some of the very best haunted attractions are located in NEPA, and we hope you get the chance to visit each this season.

Reapers Revenge Haunted Attraction


Attraction Type: Haunted Hayride, Walkthrough Attraction (Scream Park)

Location: 460 Green Grove Rd, Olyphant, PA 18447

Web Page: http://www.reapersrevenge.net

Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Attraction is quite possibly the best-haunted attraction not only in the tristate area but the country. No other haunted attraction has achieved a level of excellence in such a short period, catering to haunt fans of all backgrounds. Despite its popularity, Reaper’s Revenge never falters in presenting a first-class show fueled by incredible scene design and the finest scare-acting in the industry. Reaper’s Revenge’s success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of its talented team, who are all focused on creating the premier haunted attraction in the United States. Reaper’s Revenge is the premier haunted attraction of 2017 and stands above its local and national competitors!

Circle of Screams


Attraction Type: Haunted Hayride, Walkthrough Attraction

Location:  1911 Scranton Carbondale Highway, (Dickson City), Scranton, PA 18508

Web Page: http://www.circleofscreams.com/

Circle of Screams, presents an innovative, actor-driven show, that has vastly improved over the past two seasons. Circle of Scream’s multiple haunted attractions each takes on an innovative approach towards “haunting” by presenting themes not featured in many mainstream attractions. Talented scare-actors and unique set designs shine at the reborn Circle of Screams which is actively planning an “extreme” darker version of its show this November 3rd and 4th.

Dracula’s Forest


Attraction Type: Haunted Hayride, Forest Walkthrough Attraction

Location: 2828 Rock Rd, Clarks Summit, PA 18411

Web Page: http://www.draculasforest.com

Dracula’s Forest, while at times feels dated, is still one of the most haunting, impressive hayrides you can visit this season. A throwback to haunts of years past, at time Dracula’s Forest feels sometimes frozen in time, but it still does not hinder the entertainment value of its core hayride attraction. The legendary hayride still maintains a creepy, gritty atmosphere featuring scenes that are unique to this attraction. With minor efforts to modernize the attraction, Dracula’s Forest can truly shine once again and remain a staple in the Northeast Pennsylvania Haunt scene.

Horror Hall


Attraction Type: Walkthrough (Classic Design)

Location: 11 E Poplar St, Nanticoke, PA 18634

Horror Hall is one of the best designed haunted attractions you may ever see, and despite a lack of large-scale changes, features rather impressive set designs and an incredible soundtrack. Horror Hall is in position to grow if it can modernize its operations as well as address issues associated with scare acting. Despite these critiques, the attraction is built to entertain, is a long enough journey to justify its reasonable price and an attraction that haunts fans can appreciate.

Brokenharts Asylum


Attraction Type: Walkthrough (Funhouse Style)

Location:  PA-118, Dallas, PA 18612

Web Page: http://www.brokenhartsasylum.com/

Brokenharts Asylum implements an old-school approach to generating fear. The dark carnival atmosphere of the asylum, coupled with effective use of vintage set designs, and chilling special effects, creates a nightmarish experience. As guests search for the evil “Victor,” they will be forced to make their way through a lengthy classical haunted attraction which takes on a very dark, almost evil presence. Brokenharts Asylum employs sensory based scares to generate inner fear and uses its unique designs to create endless surprises.

Fear Hollow Haunted Attraction


Attraction Type: Walkthrough (Funhouse Style)

Location: 1600 Church Rd, Mountain Top, PA 18707

Web Page: http://www.fearhollow.com

Fear Hollow Haunted Attraction, is an interactive funhouse themed attraction that at times becomes legitimately terrifying. Disturbing characters such as a suicidal clown and twisted doctor, are featured in this relatively short yet entertaining attraction. Interactive rooms, and custom-built creative sets

Gravestone Manor


Attraction Type: Walkthrough (Theatrical Presentation)

Location: 1095 Highway 315, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702 ‎

Web Page: http://www.gravestonemanor.com

Gravestone Manor is a theatrical one-of-a-kind interactive horror show that has vastly improved its production values for the 2017 show. A compelling “murder mystery” based story, truly interactive set designs and first class acting bring to life an enjoyable haunted attraction. A charity haunt, benefiting the United Way of Wyoming Valley, Gravestone Manor is an entertaining take on the classical haunted attraction design and each season presents a brand-new fresh show. Gravestone Manor deserves your support as it focuses on presenting a quality theatrical show, with special effects that rival those featured in larger mainstream haunts. Each season an intelligent script and quality acting creates a memorable story that allows guests of diverse backgrounds to celebrate the season.

Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares


Attraction Type: Walkthrough (Adult Themed)

Location:  Cherry Valley Rd, Saylorsburg, PA 18353

Web Page: http://www.hotelofhorror.com

Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares is a mature, adult-themed attraction that uses psychological fear, and first-class acting to create fear. Incredible scene design and immersive acting create unsettling experiences that attack one of their psychological core. Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares are designed to generate genuine pure fear.

Halls of Horror

HoH Seal

Attraction Type:  Walkthrough (Extreme/Immersive/ Adult Themed)

Location: 320 Delaware Ave, Palmerton, PA 18071

Web Page: http://www.hallsofhorror.net

Halls of Horror, is almost indescribable in its ability to generate real “fear”, yet never crosses the line between an “extreme” haunt an all-out assault. “Extreme” haunts seem to be using violence and torture to garner their reputations, yet these experiences are not exactly entertaining. Halls of Horror is the perfect balance between “extreme” and “traditional/classic” haunted attraction design, and will once again leave a lasting impact on your psyche.

Massacre Mansion Haunted House


Attraction Type: Walkthrough (Vintage Funhouse Style)

Location: West Scranton Little League Field – Oxford St. & S. 8th Ave
Scranton, Pennsylvania 18504

Massacre Mansion Haunted House is a special place, a true representation of a 1960’s funhouse that will leave you amazed at the level of detail and innovation placed into each room. It is impossible not to have “fun” at Massacre Mansion Haunted House and be amazed at the level of passion placed into each design piece that resurrects a style of attractions unlike any in the tri-state Despite its vintage design, inside the mansion, guests will encounter a variety of immersive scenes, created using incredible sound and special effects. Talented volunteers bring to life a variety of horror icons and no other attraction captures the vintage, classical spirit of “scaring” quite like Massacre Mansion.

Demon’s Gate Haunted Hayride


Attraction Type: Haunted Hayride

Location: 70 Ridgeway Drive, Dallas, Pennsylvania

Demon’s Gate Haunted Hayride is by far the most improved attraction for the 2017 haunt season. An enjoyable thirty-minute journey through a variety of horror inspired themes, has set the foundation for expanded growth next season. Furthermore, Demon’s Gate Haunted Hayride has incorporated several scenes from the now-defunct Lulu’s House of Horrors, a legendarily haunted attraction outside of Philadelphia.

Northeast Pennsylvania features haunted attractions that cater to the diverse interests of those who love the Halloween season.Diversity in haunt design makes comparisons difficult to make, but NEPA is a treasure trove of haunted attractions. As we approach Halloween, we strongly suggest you take your time to visit these shows, support these haunts and if possible compare them to shows you may have visited outside of the area.